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    [smallscreen] ▣ Collected Videos ▦ ( 03.10.10 )
    This post was inpired by the mysterious entity and video-linking extraordinaire
    ◊●TodayNow ⇆ smallscreen ⇆ circulate ⇆ InReverse
    who formerly inhabited Computerlove as well as SpaceCollective (identity "M").

    This growing collection of video links is intended to serve as a reference point for anyone with spare time and a curious mind (as well as for myself). It's relatively thorough, but by no means definitive and certainly reflects my own biases.

    Below this post are several loose categories to peruse, which I'll gradually be refining and expanding. Alternatively, for the bold or indecisive, each square below links to a different video (credit is, again, due to TodayNow for the original symbolism and some of the links). Many of these videos were first discovered through some of the fine websites listed on the right side of this page, so be sure to visit them when you have the chance.

    Be forewarned that my main criterion was simply that the videos be intriguing, either in terms of creativity or content presented. Beyond that, I just went wherever my mind and memory wandered. The only sort of videos I really sidestepped were purely comical ones. While there are certainly some humorous videos in the mix, they had to have some other major element of intrigue. Other than that, videos range between lengthy and short, old and new, live-action and animated, serious and not so much, simple and abstruse. From thought-provoking programs, lectures, and historical documentaries to unusual short films, visual delights, and musical eye-candy. *phew!* There are even a few cooking videos.

    Given the nature of online video, these links are especially prone to link rot. If you find a dead link, please notify me of the URL and I will fix it with my next update (the last update is at the end of the title ^). I also encourage other members to post further recommendations in the comments sections should you feel the urge.



    { Choice video libraries: Ubu, TED,, PopTech, Big Think, Vimeo Staff Picks, The Auteurs }

    ** note: ^ v = arrows which point & link to related videos, + = more/similar videos **

    Sat, Feb 20, 2010  Permanent link
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    oyahuasca     Tue, Feb 23, 2010  Permanent link
    a wonderful collection... you inspired me to start my own :)

    First Dark     Tue, Feb 23, 2010  Permanent link
    Fantastic, I'm glad you like it. Be sure to let me know when yours is posted!