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    Project: Epiphanies

    There is an evolving practice of manifesting intention via aeshetics. I would like to see an evolution in which we truly free our minds of controlling insight as if it were property and enable others to benefit from our vision of the potential futures we witness.

    In the spirit of this intention, I would like to assess the latent potential of the following entities/platforms as per my last post.

    Space Collective is running an exemplary platform for collective intention manifestation (cargo) which could be "white labeled" for use by similar organizations with parallel formal needs and divergent content interests.

    Junto is prototyping a radical telepresent communication platform that raises the ecstatic moment of connectivity to a new high of emergent conversation and collective thinking. Junto has the potential to serve as the backbone of a federated platform of telepresent services which would transform the web in a permanent fashion, adding a truly "real-time" component to social networks.

    Palomar5 is an evolving global network of innovators, artists, thinkers and doers who have intentions on bettering the world through creativity and exploration of collaborative spaces. Their model has the potential to evolve into a global movement/agency with the capacity to invert the traditional relationship between creative ideas and capital investment.

    Would anyone care to help me connect the dots?

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    CoCreatr     Mon, Jun 7, 2010  Permanent link
    One more dot, maybe a connection emerges.

    Re: real-time communication with video image, this is getting big as bandwidth and technology costs fall. Found and forwarded this today.

    RT @marshallk: Apple's Biggest News: Video Calling as Open Standard 50x in a few years #Junto

    In Japan, more cell phones come with dual cameras, the inner one for video chat. Even a "simple" phone for the elderly with big buttons has it.

    So far for one more dot, the connection feels close but has yet to pop into my mindspace.

    Disclosure: I am supporting Junto, the radical telepresence platform since alpha 0.01on a volunteer basis. I am totally new to Palomar5.
    johnrod     Tue, Jun 8, 2010  Permanent link
    This may seem obvious to someone. How will networks relate to education? What are the sources and sinks for intention flow in this area? Is this the new lens? Locally, there are the Scifi University projects. Students and grads still have campuses to fall back on, and socnets may be escapist for the overworked while internet of things handles routines. Many research projections seem to assume that there is still an academic structure in which post-humans are required to compete. Is this likely? Or are the utilities enough for knowledge diffusion, expert-on-demand, learning systems, ubiquitous computing, modeling, accessibility across demographics and reputations built on activities? Dependencies include the future professions and economics. Thanks.
    Gabriel Shalom     Tue, Jun 8, 2010  Permanent link
    @CoCreatr - thanks for the insights regarding the Japanese mobile market; indeed the ebullient joy over mobile video communication in the iPhone 4 promo video must be somewhat laughable to the Japanese.

    I am hoping someone from Palomar5 will take the opportunity to jump in and give some insights/background on their organization. I'm deliberately leaving a space open for that to manifest.

    @johnrod you might want to follow Basti Hirsch's Palomar5 education expedition project as it unfolds in its documentation.
    Gabriel Shalom     Tue, Jun 8, 2010  Permanent link