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Ilparone Wed, Aug 25, 2010
Gabriel, thanks for an inspiring post.

A couple of thoughts emerged: 1) How the time of a product as an industrial output can be over when we are aware that the continuously increasing industrial mass production has been relocated in the massive factories and sweatshop outside of the western world (also when it comes to non-material, virtual mass production as you mention yourself)? The objects produced in these assembly lines are still mere industrial output (naturally depending on the observer, e.g. the assembly line worker). How do you see that?

2) Objects are part of narratives and thus the objects themselves can be seen as discourses and the bearers of values/parts of value systems. Accordingly, the "value" and the values that the object contain are always negotiated and re-negotiated in a given context (e.g. the assembly line worker/the buyer). How do you see this affecting the object as a part of a narrative (object being part of multiple and multilinear narrative networks that might not be part of the same discourse e.g. the assembly line worker/the buyer)?