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    Music of the Night
    It looks as if the world was about to come to a complete standstill. Nobody knows that at this very moment, we are hurtling through space at an amazing speed. Hard to believe, since the stars don't look like they are moving. The Hunter hovers just over the horizon yonder, ready to shoot aimlessly at the vast number of bright gems studded on the black sheet of infinite depth. The moon was full tonight, instead of hiding elusively as it was wont to do. This is my favourite time of the day, the time when the Earth revolves quietly and cradles its people to sleep. This is the time where fantastical creatures of myth and magic in the sky look down upon us and say their greetings, though not often do we answer their calls.

    Unlike most self-professed "nocturnal creatures", I do not stay indoors during such calming times. I am not yet a scientist who can tell you everything that exists in the sky or elucidate much out of it; I am but a humble stargazer, who finds awe and inspiration in the sybilline structures of the universe, of which I can only be a part of by gazing into the sky. I see the stars coming out to play when civilization least cares about them. While most people choose to amuse themselves with mindless activities, I choose to see the subtle movements in the heavens, count the uncountable number of distant suns that paint our night sky. When I look at Orion, I don't just see a lifeless constellation, I see a man made of fiery flowers of hydrogen lost in a faraway world, scintillating ornately with piercing red Betelgeuse and young, blue Rigel.

    As I am out there under the mercy of the lords of the sky, I am not deafened by a silence which might haunt many. Instead, I am washed with the eternal music of the universe - the symphony of strings. Ideas pop out of thin air like quantum fluctuations that inspire me and cancel out the hectic humdrum of life, spurring some of the most creative thoughts I ever had. Even if it is raining and I can't go out, I lock myself up in my room and think. I think of the happy moments in my life and reminisce about those times I screwed up in life. It is during this time that I can finally take a step back from my consciousness and analyze situations without taking emotions into consideration. This exercise makes appreciating life as it is easier, and I begin to see that what were once thought to be isolated dots in the bigger scheme of things connect.

    Night. It is that time of the day when heaven comes a-knocking. It is the time of the day when the Gods lend their creative sparks to me. The darkness, the mystery, the ghastly shadows cast by the moon; these are the things that arouse me and hold the secrets to unlock my sometimes quixotic world. Not many will understand the deep affinity I reserve for the night, but nevertheless, it doesn't deter me from answering the call of the full moon. Night is when dreams awaken, and at times when I really lose it, I would dream of an alien civilization visiting, and they would take me to a place no one has ever dreamed of before.

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