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    Beauty blogs?
    Has anyone noticed the avalanche of beauty and make-up products related blogs that's been drowning the world wide web? Not just blogging platforms, but youtube also, and some other social media websites.

    It simply baffles me.

    There are so many girls out there who spend their days buying make-up products, using them, and writing about their latest purchase. I've read a few blogs and some girls even mentioned spending all their money on make-up, or wasting hours doing some complicated, rainbow-like, "who-would-ever-wear-that" make-up, and for what? I mean, it's alright if you're a make-up artist, and that's your job, but these girls are not. They go to school, or they have a job, and in their spare time they just do make-up. What ever happened to reading a book, watching a movie, hanging out with friends? Is really a closet filled with lipsticks and eye shadows necessary? I mean, I only own three lipsticks, and I'm pretty sure I have enough. Some of these girls are really proud in showing off their impressive make-up collections, while admitting they could never use it all up in their short life-time. So why waste money on stuff you really don't need?

    Somehow, they remind me of mid eighteen century girls, who spent their time gardening, or mastering the art of embroidery, or decorating the house, while men got to do all the fun stuff and lived adventures. I'm sure that if they had shopping malls back then, girls would have traded gardening for make-up. I know, all those Jane Austen novels got to me.

    Is this in any way related to the whole "anything goes" postmodernist trend? I mean, it's alright for girls to just stay at home and do make-up all day long, because that's just the way they express themselves. I find this annoying, and if postmodernism is so keen on deconstructing everything, I'm sure it can be deconstructed as well.

    Sun, Jan 2, 2011  Permanent link

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    nagash     Sun, Jan 2, 2011  Permanent link
    I noticed this trend and it baffles me too...
    a friend of mine started a beauty-blog a while ago, and now it became a business. She receives a lot of products to feature or review, and buy even more! I always saw it as pure insanity, but it worries me how many girls are jumping into this crazywagon :(