Comment on Interactive Performances: A call to action

richard Fri, Jul 18, 2008
This is great. Thanks for sharing. It reaches towards an ultimate, which is dirt cheap manufacturing of useful electronics. Before this, I had thought that the Loud Object Noise toy was impressive - a minimal battery powered microcontroller circuit - but this blows it away. It reminds me of experiments with RFID tags. I know Beatriz Da Costa has done some work with these before - 

On RFID cards are $2 and the readers are about $30. RFID cards can be used to detect presence. I wonder if they could be used in some sort of performance too.

Back to the device you posted though, there is a lot of potential for uses and expansion. If for example, the resources to reproduce the exact design are not available, an alternative maybe slightly bigger device could be created. Perhaps this alternative bigger device would strap the the waste of the user and have a wired external sensor. If the resources are not available to produce 1000 of these for X cents each, maybe 10 of them could be created for 5 dollars each, which would still create an interesting situation for performance.