Comment on An open question to the SpaceCollective community concerning a Polytopia

notthisbody Sun, Sep 14, 2008
I agree with what you said about transparency and the ability to see the "contents" of other people's mind habitats. And also a way that those can connect effortlessly. I think this can be based off a semantic system. I'm doing some thinking on that, and it'll be up on this wall soon.

About the medias and mediums changing, I think they definitely have to transform. But we're still being born and kids are growing up going to the movies (sometimes). I'm in film, and I see a not-so-old establishment resisting adjusting to the change that's coming (these same people who just got used to the last one). Participatory experiences - a transformation of the collective experience. I believe that there will not just be a virtual one - the physical will hold its importance. I also think there's still importance for the passive experience. I think there's a mix of those desires in most people.

The Polytopia, it seems to me, will encompass all existing mediums, or rather, you will have access to them through it. I do not think they'll be left behind - just absorbed, added to, expanded upon, mixed and blended.