Comment on Points on a new Internet

HackerLastPip Thu, Oct 22, 2009
I am familiar with IPv6, the Internet Protocol is a brilliant protocol (even if it wasn't the first packet based protocol invented), and there is nothing fundamentally flawed with its design (DNS, which is a de facto requirement for IP, is an entirely different matter, and may certainly introduce constraints, censorship, and reliability issues in the future).

The points were mainly focused on the Application and Transport Layer protocols (you can see them in the box on that Wikipedia page). Things like FTP, SSH, HTTP, and to some extend TCP/UDP. After all, everything I've mentioned can and has been achieved through isolated applications and website hacks, but they lack cohesion (World of Warcraft, Second life to some extent provide good examples of this convergence), and all of those systems lock out amateur developers or artists from quickly making advanced, social environments (a Polytopia should be as easy as making a text web page [ie <html> hi <\html> ]). This will be necessary if we want to see as diverse a community of Polytopias as we see websites in the World Wide Web.

It's the protocol of HTML/HTTP that allows simple text web pages, FTP that allows simple file exchange, IRC that allows simple chat, etc. If we were to try to make a protocol for the Polytopia, what would it make simple?