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    From Hal2002
    "Pop! You Late": Ions de...
    From folkert
    On to the syntactical...
    Now playing SpaceCollective
    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
    It's not new but novel.
    Can't be undone but not completed.
    In the net I believe is already there.
    What's needed are guides to show the way.
    Shine a light on the path.
    Illuminate the missing links.

    The interest is to facilitate local economies. Developing connections and any other "interests" will be fully reinvested with the full disclaimer that this is Beyond Money and not about reinventing the whee!.

    Like I said: It's been done before but the novelty is still there.

    Project: Sustenance at the Bottom of the Market. (SATBOTM)

    I'm no bottom feeder but still looking at movements of underground roots . Keep it on the up and up and see the power to grow 'IS' stronger than pens and swords.

    Similar Interests (SI) is an idea of an organization that addresses the ills of society in order to pay the bills. The end goal is with a network of full information and transparency, there will be little need for bills of any kind. Only for wants will one have to stretch the body farther. Existence requires no down payment . Pay it forward and get in touch. Help figure the space out for what role governments, businesses, societies and you will play. Cutting strings and bridging gaps.

    This project aims to simply establish co net ions (connections without the double (c) or visions) It's all so amorphous, won't you pick up the memes and continue on to the frontier of reality?

    Thu, Aug 27, 2009  Permanent link

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    What is the difference in formulations for accounting forward and for accounting in the past. I understand accounting techniques can be dynamic, like Accounts Receivables. But if you identify what the difference is between the formulæ, by default, everything else is held constant...maybe chaos theory constant but we can intuit the majority-this is micro accounting over the long term. It is the differences that may always hold constant...? Those things we think need quantifying! Can't it be sufficient to say they are always changing? Too much talk about if a derivative is positive or negative. Can we quantum count and say it's both or -/+ while still tuning into that frequency?

    Abstract but specific: Spending money today on something that grows into a huge revenue cycle seems marginally profitable (although those margins could be huge), it could also require reinvestment and additional investments to continue the possibility that it would be a larger and larger return. Another way to consider the investment is to depreciate or expense the "investment". But where does that leave you? Again with a lot of expenses...requiring a lot of revenue. There must be something I'm missing in this game of profit and loss. It just doesn't seem interesting alone.

    So how, if possible, can we afford to evaluate a small investment from the beginning? It seems that the plan or formula for accounting could be arranged to be profitable with out requiring a large earning to expense ration / ratio?

    Out of the shadows you answers. Ready for a Sun Day.
    Sun, Jul 26, 2009  Permanent link

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    A ten tier poew. All depending on perspective, all ways Key pin touch.

    Knocked on the front door
    Entered by the back
    And found what I was told
    Where my interests lie cold
    Out through the clear window

    Power down
    Suspicions of those who framed the house
    Conditions to profit if things go south

    A dream: I could have dreamt myself
    A life: I could live with in
    Still here: On the edge but it’s not so high
    And believe I can stand on either side
    But I choose the line and watch the time

    Feel the angles of the edge
    Their cuts won’t end but rather tear
    Accept the periphery allows no one to stare
    Except blinding me there in the light
    Sleeping in my world tonight
    From the soft sharpness of this strife
    I go lay, warmed, by my wife
    Fri, Feb 13, 2009  Permanent link

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    There is no need for ‘pop u late ion’ control
    Death has a way of finding life out of balance
    Take the hands off the yolk and let her settle easy
    In the rivers and those who sea that an other will receive
    The energy will keep spiraling down until a resting place is found
    Fri, Jan 30, 2009  Permanent link

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    Final burn out is finished. I look forward to the quiet calmness of this newly acquiesced connection with the collective space. Now I'm here.

    Left all heaviness behind, now it is only the gravity of my consciousness that I carry. I am on my way with sufficient power to alter course and adequate knowledge to land softly.

    Maintaining contact is of utmost concern. Some may see where I'm coming from but not where I'm going with IT. I don't mind leading but have never enjoy being followed.

    Meanings have always had doubles, and quantized multiplicity only depends on one's interest.

    I may appear to ride weird on weirdly wired waves, but preparing for the worst and planning for the best creates some unrest, so I am. Getting comfortable for the long journey, expecting bumps in the flight and surprise from the light that might alter my sight.

    So here I search for chutes where seeds produce and lay bare fruit so we may shoot between the space in the lerch.
    Mon, Aug 11, 2008  Permanent link

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