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    The Rising Crescent
    Did you see Her on her back last night, like a smile.

    I tried to snap a few flicks but she just kept dancing in the solar winds of the night.

    Love+Control= Indifferance
    when i push my earthly love to the boundaries....
    (i satisfy her)
    she must then control
    cuz none can satisfy but ALLAH
    to elude this control I must remain indifferant
    and remain near to ALLAH
    (my true love)
    - because in her attempt to control
    my earthly love will twist and turn me
    taking me farther away from my true love
    My problem ::: was bringing satisfaction
    to mankind
    (so i thought)

    Abdul Al-Hasan

    Thu, Feb 18, 2010  Permanent link

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    Hasan     Thu, Feb 18, 2010  Permanent link
    The snow falls on the house's chimney.
    Now, in the hall of mirrors
    There is a woman waiting
    For the man in her blood
    To plough her ripened body's fields,
    For a man to be born of her ribs,
    To live in her,
    To hide in her memory.
    Pulsating in the ravenous blood drops
    Ascending like a tree
    In her cells
    In her trembling limbs
    A man embraces her,
    Igniting the four seasons in her blood.

    Abdul-Wahhāb Al-Bayātī