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    Do schools Kill creativity? And the Hazardous views towards education.

    I came across this fantastic video the other day, unintentionally, and I was fascinated by it.
    It has solidified, in video format, views I have had towards education for about the last year or so. I was quite amazed that someone with the title of 'Sir' was coming out with the same shit I have been thinking for all this time.

    The video will take no longer than 20 mins of your time, and it is entitled 'Do schools KILL creativity?'
    If you are in any form of education as of present, or ever have been, this is THOROUGHLY recommended;

    After watching the video, here are some comments I have towards some certain points:

    ‘Education is supposed to train us for the future. The current generation of school kids, will be retiring in 2065. We the world over, have no idea what is going to happen in 2065, so how are we supposed to train these kids for it?’
    – Exactly.

    ‘Creativity is as important in education as literacy’ – They should both go hand in hand. Both require different sides of the brain to function and interact, so why don’t we currently treat each of these topics as equals?

    ‘If you are not prepared to be wrong, you will never come up with anything original’ – Mind blower.

    ‘We run our companies like this, we stigmatize mistakes’ – One of the millions of constituents of social conditioning. ‘We are now running national education systems where mistakes are the worst things you can make. The result is we are educating our kids out of their creative capacities’ – And what does this lead to? A nation / world full of ‘LIFELESS DRONES’.

    ‘Every (formal and state) educational system ON EARTH has the SAME hierarchy of subjects’ – Now isn’t that a COINCEDENCE? I think not. (This solidifies ‘theories’ of secret societies / behind the scenes planning for me, amongst other evidence).

    ‘I think you would have to conclude, that the whole purpose of public education is to produce University Professors’ – I think that’s a little narrow, haha, but it is definitely something to do with producing a specific type of result – A people that don’t think (or create) for themselves. A People that become reliant on what is fed to them from the spoon, a people that are of a specific brain-wavelength, a people that can solve the mathematical equations of fascination, and write a shit load of intelligent books that don’t really say fuck all, a people that cannot, as a majority, create and PROGRESS.

    ‘Our education system (worldwide) is predicated on the idea of academic ability. And there’s a reason. Round the world, the were no public systems of education before the 19th Century’ – This seems a little convenient to me that the forthcoming of such secret society activity came to light at the beginning of the 19th century.

    Even if the secret society thing turns out to be bullshit, read these next points:-
    ‘They (education systems) all came in to being, to meet the needs of INDUSTRIALISM’ – what is the underlying factor of industrialism? MONEY. What is money, or who is he who has the most money? The most POWERFUL and he has the most CONTROL. This can be related to secret society shit or it doesn’t have to be, but the fact remains that this education was DESIGNED for a purpose (to create people which could fuel the machines of industrialism with their intellect) the result – putting the control in the hands of the few / elite.

    Keep reading. It gets more obvious.

    ‘The hierarchy was written upon two points.
    Number 1: that the subjects viewed as most ‘valuable’ for WORK, were at the top of the hierarchy.’
    – Why do you need so many people to WORK ? So the few can control the workers. So the workers can earn the bosses money. So there are more workers instead of people with brains that think for themselves. This makes it ridiculously easier to control people if they are ‘trained’ to work for the early 12 years (minimum) of their life, does it not?

    ‘Benign advice’ – this is essentially what you are fed for your entire time at school. I was. And why is that? Why do you think they tell you, ‘Don’t be a musician, you’ll never make enough money doing that’? For the simple reason that you are setting yourself apart from the body of fuel for their machine. You are being creative, thinking for yourself etc. And that, ultimately, for any power, especially pyramid in structure (which is the structure of TODAY’S world, CAPITALISM), fucking DANGEROUS.
    My own family even frowned upon the idea of me wanting to pursue routes other than the path of academia, for quite some time. It is more ‘social conditioning’, and it even exists within our own homes as well as our school, work places and universities.

    ‘Today, degrees are hardly worth anything’ – Exactly. The trend of people that graduate university and have ‘that job’ that ‘sets them up for success in life’ is so fucking minimal, it’s ridiculous. I saw past this façade early enough, thankfully, and I didn’t want to spend all that time earning a degree which technically, in the present state of the real world, wasn’t going to be worth anything other than a sense of personal achievement.

    ‘It’s a process of academic inflation’ – And, just like the financial crisis of the west, do you think that academic inflation is just another COINCEDENCE? Just another CONSPIRACY THEORY? Please. The evidence is before your very eyes. This is DESIGNED to work this way.
    Why do you think the sub-conscious atmosphere of schooling in a child’s life, consists of thoughts and opinions promoting university so heavily. Why do you think that the link to success between school and your job, is labeled to every child as university? Why do you think the government invests MILLIONS of putting kids into university? Why do you think the time and effort your school gives to each child, asking them ‘what do you REALLY want to do?’ is SWEET FUCK ALL? If think this is all a chance, quite frankly you have some serious waking up to do.

    ‘Gillian Lynn’ – Prime example of someone who was told they ‘needed help’ to some extent by the formal education sector, and she is now a figurine in history, of achievement and success, and ironically, highly respected by the formal education sector now, so much so, that departments in schools even study her work and own videos of her musicals such as the famous CATS.

    ‘Our education system has mined our minds in the way we have strip-mined the earth, for a particular commodity and it won’t serve us.’ – Our creativity has been taken from most of us, unconsciously, from an early age. The commodity – CONTROL.
    Why do you think around 85% of the earth are clueless when it comes to truthfully ‘important’ topics? There’s no chance factor behind it, the way of the world has been engineered and designed rigorously.
    The way of your world, has been written for you before the days you were born, and you will sub-consciously live out this false-manifestation, action for action, if you let yourself.
    That’s what has gone on for centuries and is the reason the world is how it is today. The majority FAILED (not necessarily their own fault) to see that they were all on a path to nowhere. Just what the ‘doctor ordered’. It is no different today. The evidence shows we are set up to meet the same demands as we always have, and for as long as this is the case, nothing will change, history will repeat itself, and mankind will be no different to the herd of cattle led to the slaughter house, or more relevantly, than the 6 million Jews that were led to their horrific deaths.

    Another interesting and relevant point with regards to the education system globally, is actually how inefficient it really is. Studies have shown that if I talk to you for three hours and you just sit there, passively, no note taking or interaction, you will remember LESS than 10% of what I have said to you in 3 weeks time.
    If you take notes, you will remember 40%. If you take notes, listen AND have a MEMORABLE interaction with the situation, you will remember 90%+. Now let’s look at the patters of today’s education.
    Pre-school – the most interaction. Songs, games etc, so you don’t forget how to read or count in 3 weeks.
    High-school – Less interaction. Most just sit there. Some take notes. Even fewer ask questions.
    University – Even less interaction. You have lectures. Question asking is limited and note taking is probably your savior. You’re looking at about 40% memory, on average.
    Well, thanks, that’s really great for the average £15,000 + debt I’m going to be in to the government for going to Uni.
    Let’s be optimistic, and say that you will retain 50% of what you learn in class. Combined with your own learning, (and in current grade-trends, this is probably quite accurate) you will probably come out of your time at Uni, learning 65-70% of what you were required. In England, this will probably get you a 2:1 score. On average, the scores at Uni, for the majority will be a 2:2, because Uni isn’t JUST Uni after all. There’s plenty of distractions.
    So, my point being, EVEN if there was something I was DYING to learn about at Uni, something that really gave me a buzz in life, I would even fuckin’ bother under the current trend, simply because of it’s inefficiency.
    Science shows me that I won’t even come out learning 75% of what I want to, if I rely on the education system alone. Being pro-active for that last 25% is actually much more sacrificial than you might think, and for the most part, would require solitary confinement-style of learning. No going out, no fun, no nothing. Well, unless the distractions were reduced, it wouldn’t be worth the effort to undergo such a demand now, would it? Especially if we consider that you’re not going to learn everything (even if you have a burning desire to) in your first BA or first 3-4 years at Uni. The set up is designed so you go and do a MA, or a PhD to learn ‘it all’.

    Until what Sir Ken Robinson is talking about, is put in to play (and I honestly don’t know how long that will take with the force of solely intellectual people that take no real violent action) then I deem the educational system pretty inefficient and not a good use of my time. With my own study and organization, efficiency learning methods, etc, I could probably achieve the same level of knowledge of a BA degree, in half the time, or less, for a fraction of the cost.
    Something to think about perhaps?

    To close –

    ‘We have to be careful now, that we use this gift wisely (intelligence), and that we overt some of the scenarios we have talked about, and the only way we will do it, is by seeing our creative capacities for the richness they are, and seeing our children for the hope that they are. And our task is to educate their whole being so they can face this future. By the way, we might not see this future, but they will. And our job is to help them make something of it.’ – Enough said.

    This was taken from a blog I co-write; Hazardous Pioneers

    Peace and Rice
    Sun, Mar 1, 2009  Permanent link

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    Hello everybody on the collective, Hazardous Davis here, and this is my first (hopefully, of many) inspirational contribution.

    Essentially, it is something I came across today, and caught my attention. An ex-guard and some released prisoners from Guantanamo Bay talk about their experiences there.

    It's really worth a listen.
    It's interesting to hear Chris' (the ex-guard) perspectives on the place.
    Although somewhat limited to its discussion, this is first hand evidence on what went / goes on behind those walls.

    I was privileged enough to see Rage Against The Machine last summer at a Festival in the UK, and their opening song was performed in its entirety wearing costumes of the uniforms of Guantanamo prisoners, bagged-heads and all.

    Thus, it caught my attention to see that the people who have experienced this atrocity first hand, are now speaking up all across the UK.

    Embedded is the mp3 of a recent conference held by CagePrisoners.
    Some info -


    JARALLA AL-MARRI (Ex Guantanamo Detainee)

    CHRISTOPHER ARENDT (Ex-Guantanamo Guard)

    MOAZZAM BEGG (Ex-Guantanamo Detainee, Spokesman for Cageprisoners)

    Chaired by Victoria Britton

    An Ex-Guantanamo Bay guard and two former detainees spoke at Friends Meeting House on January 11th addressing an audience of nearly 500 people.

    Christopher Arendt, the first guard to speak publicly, discussed his experiences in Guantanamo and how he left the army and joined Iraq Veterans Against the War.

    He was joined by former detainees Jaralla Al-Marri and Moazzam Begg. Al-Marri just six months ago was shackled and caged in Guantanamo Bay and his brother remains the only “enemy combatant” imprisoned in the USA.

    You can also hit up this blog if you're interested further

    Hopefully you can take the time to listen to the Mp3. It should play with Quicktime automatically, and will take up about an hour of your time.
    Pretty priceless descriptions and evidence going on here.

    Also, I think it's interesting to add briefly that Obama is brought up here, and that he 'could have done better' with regards to the Guantanamo situation.
    ( reference )

    Thanks for reading,

    Hazardous Davis

    Wed, Feb 4, 2009  Permanent link

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