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    what is consciousness? OR what is the sameness in all moments of experience?
    In order to identify the sameness of all instances of x – to distinguish the common thread that runs through - one would naturally, often unconsciously, identify how x differs from non-x. This would at least provide a dualistic understanding of the sameness of x. When x = experience, however, this dualistic method of understanding does not suffice: in fact, it falls flat on its face. I am forced to abandon this method of understanding that is so familiar and with which I am comfortable, for I cannot “step out” of experience, and even if I lived in some strange universe where I could, I could not experience non-experience, as this itself would be an experience. In other words, non-experience is impossible because it could not be experienced [as such].

    Non-experience cannot exist outside of experience, that is, it cannot exist independently of experience. Non-experience is the most unfathomable concept imaginable, yet experience penetrates it, [turning it into itself and thereby] negating it as non-experience, as independently existent. (If experience penetrates non-experience, we can say securely, in case we couldn’t earlier, that experience is capable of penetrating anything.) In its subsumption, experience negates the independently existent. Experience is thus emptiness, which is interdependence, and emptiness is experience. Coming full circle…the sameness in every moment of experience is that it is experience! Excuse the tautology. In other words, experience, or consciousness, does not possess any inherent form. It is capable of taking any form imaginable - literally. Keep dreaming, futurist friends.

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