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    Mathematics and the Holographic Universe
    Project: Polytopia
    Are we able to develop holographic mathematics to describe the holographic universe?

    Is holographic mathematics able to describe quantized processes?

    Can we set quantized markers to reidentify time periods (entropy) like neuronal quantized fingerprints?

    Is the Einstein-Space a special case in the holographic universe?

    Time may be a subjective phenomenon - is our brain creating time as an equivalent to entropy change?

    Is the known mathematics a special case in the Einstein space - and will we have a new mathematics to apply the holographic universe?

    The like Poincaré adaption of mathematics - is the holographic mathematics like the complex quantized numbers of the 'classic mathematics'?

    Is matter a condition of an Einstein special case - an energetic condition of a dimensional partitioned convolution of the metastructure of space?

    So is matter just a condition of the Einstein space?

    The Maxwell Equations - a special case of electro-magnetism in the Einstein-space? And what about the light? Monopol Magnetism?

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    Autotelic     Mon, Apr 11, 2011  Permanent link
    what if its not a holographic universe, but more of a "supercomputed version of The Sims" where theres another place users are playing the game and being played on some sort of supercomputer that could "simulate" things as elaborate as our senses. there is even research that suggests our decisions may perhaps be "inputs" from somewhere else without us even knowing it....

    here's the story im talking about

    [T]wo specific regions in the frontal and parietal cortex of the human brain had considerable information that predicted the outcome of a motor decision the subject had not yet consciously made. This suggests that when the subject’s decision reached awareness it had been influenced by unconscious brain activity for up to 10 s. 
    Hixgrid     Wed, Apr 13, 2011  Permanent link
    @Autotelic Thank you very much for that helpful and very interesting comment. I am open to this hint and I am fascinated by the video provided in your link.

    It is not impossible that we recieve external data for our thinking or decision process. That does not mean that we are steered externally, but that unconscious data are envolved in our brain's activities and that we are using quantum physics for e.g. orientation or evaluation processes.

    Decisions are made unconsciously 6 seconds befor we are aware of it - thats an extremly brilliant realization - I wasn't really aware of that.

    I am really thankful for your comment :-)
    Hixgrid     Sun, Apr 17, 2011  Permanent link
    Interesting Theory (in german, sorry :-) Wirbelphysik, Skalarwellen

    Prof. Konstantin Meyl

    Autotelic     Mon, Apr 18, 2011  Permanent link
    uh... ich habe keine Ahnung? that's about all the german i know, but ive still been bouncing around the idea of our universe being some sort of supercomputed version of the "sims"....

    the direction technology is heading toward a day where "mind uploads" will be possible, then what will you do with it? if you could upload your mind, there could be an artifical universe simulated on a massive supercomputer set to "run" at a rate of 500,000years/1second or whatever rate we determine, but the point being that if your mind is in this simulated universe you could do 500,000 years of "simulated" living for levery 1 second of real life

    the "run rate" of the simulated universe we are stuck in happens to be set at 186,282 miles per second... if we can "upload" our minds, thats when we will win because we can set the 'run rate' of own universe
    Autotelic     Wed, Apr 20, 2011  Permanent link
    perfect timing, this is what im trying to describe- simulated senses, we just need bigger computers 
    Hixgrid     Thu, Apr 21, 2011  Permanent link
    I know what you mean - In my opinion, it may be that the brain is creating a reality of its own - creating space, time and dimensions in the way we perceive the data - but it is unlikly that it is a simulation.This is so because of the degree of complexity. For example the complexity of a liver cell or quantum mechanics - and I do believe that our neurons are working also with principles from quantum mechanics - or the nano-biology - nano-medicine or at which area of nature we are looking at - its that amazing complex - we are even not able to simulate nature to repair ourselves at a certain degree - or to retransform matter - I do not believe that a digital machine will ever be able to analyse nature entirely - nomatter which part you take - digital machines are also part of nature and would have to go to an analytic degree that is more precise than they are - you can compare this to Heisenberg Uncertainty principle - in order to understand nature (and space and reality) our brain may use a holistic perspective and reduce complexity by emotional pattern recognition: intuition. A super-computed version of reality does, in my opinion, not depend on faster super-computers, because we will never be able to build super-computers which are able to simulate nature perfectly. I hope that I am wrong in this point :-)
    Hixgrid     Thu, Apr 21, 2011  Permanent link
    Concerning the last sentence in this post, there is an interesting discovery:

    Scientists Discover Strong Magnetic Effect Of Light

    Autotelic     Sun, Apr 24, 2011  Permanent link
    about "simulating nature perfectly".... there will never be a need to, whatever "simulation" you are in will be your "reality'

    very good article explains both of our arguments, looks like we aren't the only people who can't seem to agree

    "If the brain turned out to be a quantum computer under our very noses, that would be fantastic and we could then emulate the brain states very well on artificial quantum computers. In this case, assuming that the universal quantum computer itself has little overhead, the quantum states of the upload could very well closely resemble the original" 
    Hixgrid     Mon, Apr 25, 2011  Permanent link
    Thank you for your comment, I will answer later.
    Until then this is worth your time :-)

    Scientists suggest spacetime has no time dimension 
    Hixgrid     Wed, May 11, 2011  Permanent link
    I assume now that light is the origin of life - and not amino acids. In the light and in water is such an unkown potential, like the magentic effect discovered in light.
    Ronan Whitteker     Sun, Jun 12, 2011  Permanent link
    I agree completely.

    water plus light equals ...
    BenRayfield     Sun, Jun 12, 2011  Permanent link
    Can we set quantized markers to reidentify time periods (entropy) like neuronal quantized fingerprints?

    You can use Noosphere's data as an approximate identifier for this reality or any similar parallel Earth. If you are going to travel through the multiverse, I suggest you take a copy of Noosphere's data so you can find your way back. 1 megabyte from each month for the last 10 years should be good enough.
    Years old and realtime data is available here.
    We collect data continuously from a global network of physical random number generators located in 70 host sites around the world. The data are transmitted to a central archive which now contains more than 12 years of random data in parallel sequences of synchronized 200-bit trials every second.

    Our purpose is to examine subtle correlations that reflect the presence and activity of consciousness in the world. We predict structure in what should be random data, associated with major global events. The data overall show a highly significant departure from expectation

    You would need to do some statistical analysis on the data to use it to find the multiverse direction toward any specific destination, since it is mostly random numbers. The simplest way would be to use their "main results" data page as a vector and use "gradient search" (for example) as you slide from one parallel Earth to the next, each time adjusting your target multiverse direction. Here is an example of 4 dimensions in that vector:
    ~349. Indonesia Quake Volcano, 20101025 Roger Nelson 68+ 1-sec -0.601 0.726
    ~350. US Elections 2010, 20101103 Doug D'Elia 74 1-sec 0.487 0.313
    ~351. 10.11.11 Meditation, 20101111 Many people 69-71 1-sec 1.892 0.029
    ~352. Cambodia Bridge Tragedy, 20101122 Wendt, Nelson 70 1-sec -1.911 0.972
    Hixgrid     Mon, Jun 13, 2011  Permanent link
    @BenRayfield Thank you very much for this interesting comment and link! This fits perfectly into my science portfolio and understanding. I didn't have the time to evaluate all the information given there but it seems to be a very promising approach.
    By the way, I am convinced that quantum mechanics plays a still nearly undiscovered but important role in our neuronal network and decision making processes. Even in cells or in any living organisms, I assume that it works with quantum mechanics and by that with the principles of superposition and quantum entanglement. Consciousness is working with the same principles, I guess.

    @technocr8 thank you for your affirmative statement, but could you put it more precise and in more detail please? I am not quite sure what you mean, thank you again.
    Ronan Whitteker     Fri, Mar 2, 2012  Permanent link