Comment on On the revolution

Sophie406 Tue, Apr 1, 2008
I think that revolution will be more subtle over the next few generations. It will require a new means of schooling our children. Our educational system is largely based on Prussian modes of thought that required obedience from the populace. Until we get outside of the 'raise your hand before asking a question' type of teaching, we'll be stuck inside of the current system. The system we emulate was designed to give the government full control, and because it was always about 'war' and 'protecting the nation', it had to be a type of schooling where we ask permission for every little thing. You'll find that people who are in school for a very long time no longer have an easy time of 'thinking freely'. It's always about the 'teacher's needs and wants' over one's own. The Sudbury School is revolutionary in the sense that children learn what they would like- they are not told that they have to obey blindly- and they certainly do not have to ask permission every five minutes to do the smallest thing....