Comment on On the myths of Logos and the logic of myth

Rourke Wed, Apr 2, 2008
I think you've hit on a crucial point here, a point which philosophically is amongst the most interesting in all of human thought.

Without getting into an even more detailed account of what the problem is, it must first be acknowledged that we, the collective few who mediate this webspace, are far from likely to be able to quash a problem of reference which lies inherent in all Western models of reality. The Western concept of reality has been built, from scratch, on conflicting and infinitely refering postulates that lend the examination of those postulates an impossible character. The forms of language, of logical thinking that we use to examine the problem, are actually themselves the problem. Hence we stretch out our tendrils looking for varying models, perhaps from Eastern traditions or perhaps from exotic languages which appear to posit a reality of such vastly different composition as to be indistinguishable from our own. But in the end the problem remains, and will do, until the models we use to examine the problem are composed from outside it, looking in. A seeming impossibility.

I tend to think that the way the internet has evolved will, in time, allow varied models to construct themselves that we may refer to in our quest for a new genus of thought. Could it be perhaps that it is not what we think and ponder on this website which matters, but how we form what we think and do, how we interlink it and allow it to bubble and evolve into forms of its own devising?

I am not suggesting that some higher intelligence exists, or will ever exist, at the core of Space Collective, what I do think it is crucial we become aware of is the forms our meaderings take and the links that bind them beneath the surface. Space Collective is already growing into an interlinked web of projects about thought, language, perception, form, space, time and consciousness. We should let the model, the web of ideas itself, come to exemplify the new mode of thought we long for. How this will happen, I know not, but here's to setting our sights high enough. Form is as important, if not more so, than content in matters related to consciousness and reality. Can Space Collective become the mythos of itself?