Comment on The rise of the multilinear existence

Wildcat Fri, Jan 8, 2010
Thank you for a very good and important post, we definitely share some of the insights you have elaborated upon. I think this is an overwhelmingly underappreciated state of affairs at present and the propagation of these thoughts should be a paramount activity.

You wrote that:” Different types of narrative patterns become intermingled in this huge dynamic jigsaw puzzle, in which every piece can change in form, style, meaning and function.”

The question in this respect concerns the different types of narratives, and more specifically the coherency of these narratives, if a change in form , style, meaning and function occurs, what keeps the narrative together? In other words, in a multilayered, multilinear existence what is the glue that holds this vortex of information together? (if at all)
When describing the future self machine on your site you write:” FutureSelf creates future simulations using the digitized information about the individual and her surroundings (e.g. social data). The system utilizes automatically the available information that is stored and processed in digital networked environments.”

If you could elaborate on how these simulations are created (reminds of Caprica- the movie) and to what extent can the user integrate these simulations as a tool of self-reflection on possible future actions. The analysis part appears to me to be the most difficult issue here, are there any metrics for this?