Comment on The rise of the multilinear existence

klaitner Sun, Jan 10, 2010
"In other words, in a multilayered, multilinear existence what is the glue that holds this vortex of information together?" (if at all)

The rest of us. Using the tools at our disposal to enhance collective memory (oral tradition, records, digital representations over history).

A human being is an expression of the ephemeral self-reflective universe.

Posthumously, a named conscious existence (a person) becomes nothing more than a grouping function, to the extent that it is useful to retain. While alive the label is incidentally tied to a piece of flesh but useful as a label for its predictive qualities due to the constraints of our current existence (per Xaos: "influenced at each stage by the finite composition of possible paths").

The technium is currently allowing the fragmenting of identities, culminating in the singularity proposition, whereby human conciousness transcends its physical form and becomes thereby infinitely fragmented. In this case hopefully my first answer holds.

Now from the point of view of the information. Artifacts now can be disjoined, co-opted, reinterpreted, recontextualized and inspire something entirely different from what they began as. In this infinite recomposition with multiple actors, does the continuing use of a self make sense at all? Or as in chaos theory do we replace self with attractors, representing stable forms in an otherwise chaotic system?