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    Future seeds & discoveries (part 1)
    Project: Polytopia
    Here comes a collection of thought sketches (or the microevolution of ideas revealed, if you will).

    Everyone has their own personalized “interface” to the reality. It’s build through the personal interpretation of it. In the future, the information interfaces will adapt to one’s personal interpretation of the reality.

    At the moment we are mapping connections between people, things, events, places and times in real-time. Soon we will be predicting connections between people, things, events, places and times in real-time.

    Discovery is not about perfect relevancy. It is all about making sense of the world at a given point of time. Discovery is an insight or a revelation about something that exist or will exist in the future.

    Through real-time connectedness – or hyperconnectivity – even our personal thoughts and actions become networked actions. Our identity is constructed by our networked interactions. However, at the same time everything cannot be conveyed to others – and also those things make us who we are.

    Hyper-personalization paradigm is flawed. We want to reach beyond what we know, anticipate or understand. We want to reach beyond ourselves, continuously widen our future horizon.

    The meanings of probable, possible and desirable futures are negotiated with one’s social sphere in a given context. We can make our futures shine through the shared imagination.

    Without the cultural and semantic metastructures we would have formless forms, colorless colors, meaningless meanings… Any (intentional) social action – taken out of its context of collective social activity – loses its meaning and intention.

    Personal and collective futures become stories. Personal and collective stories become realities.

    Futureseeds do not grow in isolation. We make them happen, we make them thrive.

    I want to thank @wildcat2030, @notthisbody and @VenessaMiemis for interesting and inspiring openings.

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