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    Future seeds and discoveries (part 2)
    Project: Polytopia

    Every thread sings singularity, together they make a melody...

    Some short reflections and thought sketches (or the micro-evolution of ideas revealed part 2, if you will).

    * In the real-time web perception becomes reality. Information and experiences have to be provided in snack-sized portions to catch the attention of "infoholics". There is less and less time to digest things, to synthesize knowledge, to delve deeper into anything. Or is this just an illusion caused by still undeveloped yet constantly evolving methods, techniques and practices?

    * Intentional + Personal + Social + Real-time + Predictive + Ubiquitous = Your-time Web

    * The continuous information flow and demand for continuous multitasking can become stressful, even depressing. How to make sense of the world, how to detect the signal from the noise in one's own rhythm?

    * Real-time web has been driven by technological innovation. Now it’s time to put human being in the center of things. Continuously generated personal data should be used to enhance an individual's digital presence - making it flexible, adaptive and "organic". Your-time instead of Real-time.

    * We learn about the world to predict the future. We learn through play. We play to predict the future. We learn by predicting and continuously testing our predictions.

    * In the past the internet was about information. Today the internet is about relationships. In the future the internet becomes us.

    * When considering our existence as a whole, "virtuality" and "reality" are united. The border between the two, when it comes to digital realities, remains in tact as long as we will have "interfaces" between our minds and digital virtualities (that are designed by other than ourselves). Thus we are today (and tomorrow) dealing with entities (e.g. companies, non-profit-organizations, individuals) that create these interfaces to digital realities (according to their own intentions, values etc.). These mediators affect the current representations of our multilinear selves (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, WoW) and the ongoing transformation in a significant way. The interesting question is, what are our true possibilities to affect our own digital representations and emerging realities, that is, our future selves.

    * An individual’s digitized and networked existence - as multilinear narratives - is exposed to her own interpretation and to others’ interpretation in multiple environments simultaneously. The process of self-reflection is affected by the individual’s own perception of herself and her activities... in addition to her perception of others’ reception of herself.

    * At first, collective intelligence is an attitude - and then it transforms into a state of mind.

    * Memories of past are fiction, always fabricated. The future is fiction before it actualizes and immediately after it has happened.

    * We actively create meanings for the things and systems. Simultaneously, we create meaning by creating things and systems.

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