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    Reading, writing and future thinking
    Project: Polytopia
    During the last year, I've been discussing many times about the role of reading and writing in a creative process and future thinking. Does reading/writing lead to concrete actions (execution) or rather, make you just sink deeper into the world of abstractions and speculations?

    For me reading and writing are fertilizers for creative future thinking. Written words do not just connect us to ideas and abstractions, they connect us to people and actions. The pessimistic views that the web is making us dumber often ignore the fact that we can actively affect the evolution of digital environments and the way we communicate in them.

    Written words (either fiction or factual, digital or ink on paper) lead to constructive reflection and reflection leads to action. In the process, future thinking turns into concise thoughts and concrete actions. At the same time, opening our future horizon by reading or writing helps us to generate and nurture our personal future seeds.

    For me reading and writing are fertilizers for creative future thinking. Written words do not just connect us to ideas and abstractions, they connect us to people and actions.

    Everyone's creativity is different. We all have different ways to fuel our creative thinking. When reading a book about neuroscience, writing a tweet or watching a basketball match we take something in and turn it into something else that affects our thinking and actions. External turns into internal and then it turns into external again.

    Everyone has her own path to active creativity. Everyone has her own way to make her creativity matter. Those who truly embrace diversity as a condition for creative future thinking, are able to appreciate different practices and methods that support creativity. What are your methods that help you to expand your personal future horizon and find new ways to take actions that matter?

    Feel free to participate the ongoing conversation @ Futureful blog.

    2011 is upon us, let's keep our creative fluids going!

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    Wed, Jan 26, 2011  Permanent link

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    syncopath     Fri, Jan 28, 2011  Permanent link
    i find fertile and possibly creative advantage in the constant stream of interactivity (in my mind) between words & images. words as visual enhancing representations and images as metaphor igniters .... This, i find, is the dynamic needed for new sense-thought visions.
    Ilparone     Thu, Feb 3, 2011  Permanent link
    Many thanks for your comment syncopath. Like you say, when interacting, images and words expand our realm of visions, the horizon of possiblities. At the same time, reflection (as an integral part of creativity) requires moments of calm, moments without continuous stream of external stimuli.