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There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore, There is society, where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar: I love not man the less, but Nature more. ---Lord Byron
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    The Human Entropy
    What makes us who we are, as individuals? Our perceptions of the world, caused by our surrounding environment and the people who have influenced us, and continue to do so since our births, through their ideas and creations, are the reason why we think and act the way we do. This is our culture. Our memories are just stored information based on our perceptions and restricted by the limits of the human brain. There is no escaping from this foundational story, built upon choices made by others, without going through some sort of life-changing, or rather life-shattering experience. And even if one does have such an experience, some form of that old perception will always exist in your mind, just below the surface.

    How far does this inherent perception, or ancestral memory, go back in time? How many of your ancestors, and what influenced them, ended up affecting your biological outcome? The more we learn about our DNA and how our very decisions and surrounding environment affect it, the more bewildering life becomes. My paternal grandfather, born in Italy, ran away from home and stowed away on a ship to America because he did not want to be associated with a corrupt religious order and institution that his family was slowly, but surely, being pulled into. If it weren't for the leaders of that church, my great uncle's desire to be a monk, and the captain of that ship, I would not be alive. Even more fascinating is that I was compared to my grandfather in regard to how I acted, or should I say reacted, and I have never met him; in fact he died before my father was even five years old. I hope this brief story gives you some perceptive on what I am attempting to communicate. Just imagine the seemingly infinite amount of choices that had to be made for any one of us to be doing what we are doing and to exist at this point in time.

    We are all so different but are so much alike at the same time. The difference is just a sequence of occurrences built upon a previous sequence of occurrences, and so on and so forth. Human and cultural evolution is just like the thermodynamic law of entropy, except that as it complexifies, it seems to be heading towards a collective state of utter disorder. Who knows how many paths crossed in the past, but one thing we know for sure is that as time goes on, paths will be crossing at an even greater rate. There are more and more people everyday. We are all learning and experiencing new things all of the time, all of which are somehow connected to someone else's thoughts. This greater rate of occurrences is creating an eventuality of something. But what?

    Looking back to the past, some people stick out more than others, just like some events were more major than others. These people and events were caused by a sequence of occurrences while they also caused a completely new set of occurrences. Let's look at one of the most influential people in human history, Jesus. He was the eventuality of a series of events and influences, the ultimate manifestation of a series of accumulating and overlapping circumstances. The Roman government present in those days, the people that made his birth possible (strictly speaking biologically), his friends and followers and the environment of that day allowed Jesus to understand the world the way he did, and therefore gave him the reasoning to be able to change the world in the ways that he did.

    These circumstances hold true for everyone in the world, but it's a matter of being influenced and allowing yourself to be influenced that will ultimately cause you react. Your reaction may be to start a company that invents the first AI, design the first interstellar spaceship, create a new philosophy or even assassinate a world leader. You are a product of your environment and the future environment is an ever-evolving product of yourself and your fellow humans.

    We are part of something major and most people do not realize it yet. We all contribute to some future eventuality that will change the world as we know it. There will be major milestones, positive crests that are considered beneficial, and negative troughs that still further push the world but in a corrupt way. The Singularity is the culmination of both of these and everything in between. Everything that happens has to be balanced out in some fashion and at some point. It is obvious that our world is out of balance, so while events unfold unequally, remainders are created in the system. The unbalanced portions, the remainders, have an accumulating affect and eventually something monumental has to happen to balance and reset the system to generate a state of temporary non-remainder, which is the Wholeness, God, the Universe in all of its infinite magnificence. This will be the dawn of a new age, which will eventually, again, succumb to an unbalanced mess.

    I am still a very young man, learning more and more everyday. Experience coexists with time, so while time progresses and I experience, my old thoughts evolve into new ones, finding connections to other ideas. Since I first found myself in this state that most of you also seem to be in or recognize, I quickly and unconditionally adopted the idea of freewill. It makes perfect sense. There is no point in debating about the future or fate, because we have not yet experienced all of the connections that lead up to it, right? But what doesn't make sense is that all of my experiences and connections, seem to be specifically leading towards something fateful.

    It's just like what Haruki Murakami's character, Nutmeg, in The Wind-up Bird Chronicle, says:

    All these inexplicable events that have occurred in my life so far, it's as though they were all ingeniously programmed from the start for the very purpose of bringing me here, where I am today. It's a thought I can't seem to shake off. I feel as if my every move is being controlled by some kind of incredibly long arm that's reaching out from somewhere far away, and that my life has been nothing more than a convenient passageway for all these things moving through it.

    How can freewill coexist with fate!?

    What really sparked me choosing to write this was my most recent viewing of The Matrix trilogy. I've seen it countless times, but I still seem to learn something new each time. A light bulb went off during The Architect's speech:

    Your life is the sum of a remainder of an unbalanced equation inherent to the programming of the matrix. You are the eventuality of an anomaly, which despite my sincerest efforts I have been unable to eliminate from what is otherwise a harmony of mathematical precision.

    This behooves me to question whether or not there is an underlying trend that governs the world; is there a mathematical formula or algorithm that accounts for the subsequent occurrences that ultimately lead up to something world-changing, or more precisely, someone or some event world changing? A way for humans to not only know the up and downs of their personal futures, but for the future of the entire human race? Of course we won't know if someone is world-changing until after the fact. But if something could be construed, could it be a gift of foresight to all humanity?

    Any thoughts?

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    collective matt     Sat, Mar 13, 2010  Permanent link
    I've recently discovered the Taoist view on infinity, and existence. (As It Was, so It Shall Be, Forever)

    Tao Teh Ching, Ch. 42:
    World: Infinity is oneness. Infinity is the potential of all things. All things are one with Infinity. Distinguishing creates the two. Wu: Tao gave birth to One, One gave birth to Two, Two gave birth to Three, Three gave birth to all the myriad things.

    Personal Reinterpretation: First Came the 0, the nothing, the void, the creative potential, the dark (or absence of light?), then came the 1, the light, the pure, the undivided whole. The one was conscious, the zero was not. The one tried to add itself to the zero, and nothing happened, and it remained. Then the one tried to subtract itself from the zero. This created the negative or opposite. Yin and Yang are born here. -1 and 1.

    Then the one divided into the void, into zero, into the darkness. What if the one were to divide itself by the zero? then infinity, and along with it all of the other numbers were created, including our existence.
    txnm2015     Sat, Jul 30, 2011  Permanent link
    in some parts of what you write i find some of my own thouths.
    nature create people who think the same things but from diferent experience. we are the spark that must create a new rule in the entire entropy with some kind of comunication.
    as the univers gets more and more complicated new rules for small parts modified a little by the adpatation apears.

    this is the most beautifull thing.we must find few rules of the univers.some intervals of number actions events and we will can predict a better future for this place by knowing how it acts.

    probably the new rules in this human entropy are the grups of people that think the same and act as a single cell.but this cell have new property that a single individual peson can never get.

    love is the answer....i don't want to look like a religious fanatic person but Jesus told us this some 2000 years ago and we keep to don't understand this.

    probably we will evolv in something grater when every single person will integratate in one cell with more other persons that is conectet with other cells and make a bigger cell and so on....

    people have stupid rules that they follow...the thime of that rules has passed....inadecvate rules from and inadecvate sistem that will crush down over his own wheight of bad karma.

    we are powerfull....we just need to follow the nature rules as a balance with our free will...and unite like little healthy cells in God's body.