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    In our future there should be no more masses and no more herding, only free thinkers and reasoning opposers. There is only one stance that threatens the ascent of man, and that is ignorance...and what is infinately worse, collective ignorance.

    I think we are witnessing a major backlash of religious fundamentalism in Western society today, typically America, due to the continued infringement of technology upon the human being. Naiively this is said to take away from the essence of man, and that silicon and plastic have no place in heaven...These arguments are really about Materialism but a dogmatic mind will use the latter to disallow the former.

    It is true that the Industrial Revolution has made slaves of men, but it is not to the task of making ever efficient drones to which our scientific minds endeavour. This may just have been a preliminary phase to amass physical resource, but now the nature of that resource has changed and it goes by the name of INFORMATION. We've set up the assembly line, now robots will do our work. We must move to a model where man's sole responsibility is to think. Every action based on that should be in the service of himself and towards the sustainability of those he effects. He should not worry about food and energy for it is upto the infrastucture, now automated, to seek and deliver these resources.

    Religion inhibits because it has preconcieved ideas about our future. If any thing, it will only help us self-prophesize our way to failure. I believe the root to revolt is not conversion; the religious are too dogmatic, their scheemas far too rigid. We must look to the future, to our children, to education, and to learning that spirituality is not to be institutionalized or generalized by fables of human nature. We create our destiny...and there is still room for GOD.
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