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    Pulsating heart of a fool
    Undermining feeling beginning to pray within your walls
    Long ago understanding lived
    Now it is gone

    How we can't touch our lips, slowly filled with love
    There in the distance through the work of words we see each other

    The need
    The longing
    Crippling I can't identify

    The passing left us in memories
    In the blinding darkness of the light stumbling only to convert in a mirror's eye
    Here in the softness of my carpet kneeling trying to make prayers from my veins fly

    Sat, Aug 21, 2010  Permanent link

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    It was a bright, winter day. The icy, crystal air scraped at my cheeks. With every breath, the frost cut deeper into my throat. Right through the extra thick wool sweater, the cold clawed at my bones. It felt as I was naked past my skin.
    This time there was no hope of returning unscathed. Somehow the inert brightness and cold amplified my sight; my eyes like binoculars extended over the vast snowy whiteness. And there it was, at that time only a small dark blemish, expanding in every direction towards me. As soon as I thought of running, it was in front of me. Now I could clearly see the tender soft flesh, radiating multi-colored halos of emotions, transcending my thoughts, dripping feelings like lovesick knives straight into my heart. Without any hesitation, out of nowhere, the most elegant of gestures. I will never forget this serenely balletic bow of introduction. The sensation dropped me to my knees. And then singing with the voice of mystical sirens that echoed moans of pain; "I am Poetry, very happy to make your acquaintance". From this moment, I knew I had no chance.
    Sat, Aug 21, 2010  Permanent link
    Categories: poetry, words, story
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