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    So...I love starting a conversation with 'So', it suggests an air of awkwardness.. so, let's pretend we know one another and that you don't require an introduction.

    After recent turmoil in my life I'm off to Edinburgh in Scotland to make art with a group of girls I met doing art workshops at WoMAD festival last year. Very excited! But not just to explore a new city, country and new creative ventures, but because these girls are bloody lovely.

    I set off Saturday, I will arrive Saturday. A month away in a cousin country that I share blood with will do me the world of good. Let's hope there I will produce the works I have rattling around my skull.

    Nice to see you, don't leave it so long next time xx

    The Fruits That I Bear, 2011
    Wed, Nov 16, 2011  Permanent link

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