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ET2 Architecture?
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    ET2 Architecture?
    This research studio will focus on architectural horizon and ground in a new way; from the perspective of what was called the big blue marble in...
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    From LeMoyne's personal cargo

    Space Colony Research: Overview
    Project: ET2 Architecture?
    Colonization is the activity of a species populating a place previously unihabited by that species.

    Space Colonization:

    Space colonization has been proposed as the solution for: a life ending earth catastrophe, a means to long term energy solutions, and the ultimate goal of human settlements.
    Space colonization (also called space settlement, space humanization, space habitation, etc.) is the concept of permanent autonomous (self-sufficient) human habitation of locations outside Earth. It is a major theme in science fiction, as well as a long-term goal of various national space programs.

    Approches to Colonizing uninhabited space include:

    Ocean Colonization:
    - Surface:

    - Sub Surface:

    -Ocean Floor:

    Underground Colonization:
    Underground Cities:

    Underground People:

    Sky Colonization:
    Cloud City:

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