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    From Lisa Sommerhuber's personal cargo

    Review with Assistants
    One station is basically one continuous space, differentiated into zones by the ceiling.

    I switched from bubbles that touch each other to spheres that intersect each other.

    The perspective view shows the continuous floor all around the station. Special situations emerge when there are gaps between the spheres that function as walls.

    A second level emerges, when spheres are stacked exactly above each other.


    The project is so simple that it is easy to understand and very clear. Now it is time to introduce more complexity!

    - Geometry: It is dominated by the appearance of the individual sphere - Erode the primitive geometry, e.g. by treating parts (joints, ceilings, crack-walls) in a special way to emphasize their relation. More variation in size.

    - Cutting with a plane perpendicular to the rotation axis is a simple strategy to introduce a variety of flat elements, that give a first approach towards fenestration.

    - Fenestration: In relation to the function, in contrast to the spheres and circles.

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