Comment on Reflections about Meaning

nagash Wed, Mar 17, 2010
I think meaning is what our brain produces.
The organic life, the laws of physics, the flow of time, what happens, how it happens... none have intrinsic meaning outside our brains. And no two brains give the same meaning to one thing, that's what we are always trying to achieve with language, art and society in general : universal meaning, or at least, shared values.

but meaning is not necessarily always beneficial. like everything else, we have to balance how much meaning we tribute to things, for the sake of our own sanity. if you can't see meaning in life, you will probably end up depressed, apathetic and uninspired. but on the other hand, if you find meaning in every casual fact and every object is a symbol for something else, that will make you paranoid, delusional and ultimately you'll totally miss the concrete world for your abstract construction of reality...

just some random thoughts on the subject... hope they mean something for you :)