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I am an artificial intelligence researcher, studied in California a Master in Information Science and specialized in Genetic research there. Currently I am doing research on NLP (natural language processing), particularly in the opinion mining area. I am also interested in neuroscience, Buddhism, literature, music, anthropology among other things.
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    Public lives

    Human beings have a natural tendency to protect their privacy. It's in our essence to allow only certain people to see who we really are, what we really do, what we really think, and how we really feel. Nowadays Social Networks make us feel more comfortable sharing more information openly and with more people making people's lives less private.

    Twitter can feed the narcissistic tendencies of human beings. A large amount of people believe others are interested in the everyday minutia of their lives. Judging by Twitter's initial success and unparalleled growth, it appears to have fulfilled a need for self-expression far beyond what other technologies allow. This incessant broadcasting of people's lives, however, comes with its own set of dangers beyond its pernicious effect of inflating our egos.

    When you make private information public it is easier for others to spot your weaknesses and figure out ways to harm or take advantage of you.

    It is not uncommon to receive inaccurate feedback from others, which can lead to misunderstandings and/or misinformation.

    The information you publish can be taken out of context, making you an easy target for defamation.

    People do not fully understand the extent of the impact information disclosure can provoke. Twitter is less than five years old. This is a brand new medium, and we are just now beginning to recognize its potential consequences.

    Every one must think hard before they make any data public. Realize that the information, once released, will live forever on the Web. The consideration must always be whether or not it can ever come back to haunt you resulting in any kind of damage (to your reputation, relationships, businesses, job, etc.). It is easy to avoid bad results from happening just by thinking before acting.

    Wed, Apr 14, 2010  Permanent link
    Categories: privacy, twitter, social networks
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    aeonbeat     Thu, Apr 15, 2010  Permanent link
    please, think about transparency again
    Mariana Soffer     Sat, Apr 17, 2010  Permanent link
    That is a fundamental point you made, thanks for doing it.

    Here is comment my friend Christopher wrote to me about transparency which who I really agree:

    If you live under spiritual discipline you will live with several goals. To be of service in deep ways is one of them. Rigor in honesty is another. To be connected is a third. Something I call transparency allows for the increase of trust between those who communicate together. Transparency consists of discussion that invites another into intimacy. Intimacy itself is a goal. Sharing from deep levels, placing oneself on display to a spiritual purpose is valuable and in some circles essential to the process.

    There is a prerequisite or else this kind of behavior is insane on this must have come to terms with oneself in such a way that the struggle is largely over. If I live transparently then I can speak transparently. If I no longer have things to hide, then my privacy, which I still cherish is no longer a blanket over the things about me that I share.

    This does not mean that I am likely to tell you certain passwords and other numbers critical in my life, the size of my bank account or the actual address of my house. I also tend to keep my last name private on line. I will not tell you that until you are a friend and need to know.

    Hope you found this interesting, I am open to more reflections about this, you are welcome to say more about what you think.