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I am an artificial intelligence researcher, studied in California a Master in Information Science and specialized in Genetic research there. Currently I am doing research on NLP (natural language processing), particularly in the opinion mining area. I am also interested in neuroscience, Buddhism, literature, music, anthropology among other things.
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    Mind, cognition, space-time (and math?)
    Project: Polytopia
    Minds might base cognition on 4d(space-time) representation. All conceivable things are located at a certain place, which can vary with time.

    Ex 1: Tools main function similarity can be measured by 3d distance at the same time.

    Ex 2:The same idea can be expressed with 2 different abstraction levels, their distances can be measured by the time that separates the 2 expressions from being in the same 3d coordinates in space.

    Ex 3: A feeling can be expressed by describing an emotional state, or by a metaphor that represent a similar emotional state trough the description of a scene from nature. Their distances can be measured by the time that separates the 2 expressions from being in the same 3d coordinates in space squared.

    Instead of thinking of math as the language of the mind, and metaphor as the language of the soul (By the way what is soul?). Why don’t we think in terms of a single and indivisible entity we can described as mind-intuition-awareness-feelings-thoughts-life-universe.

    We can see math as a framework that can be used to evaluate examples like the ones described before. We can only obtain mathematical results from it. One of the many artifices, that are part of our culture.

    Language is defined here as something that can be evaluated in isolation from life-culture-society-..-universe which is another fallacy. We live in a complete and indivisible universe(multiverse) fully interconnected. Isolated systems do not exist, everything influences everything else.

    All frameworks, which are considered true, limit the range of awareness which allows us to understand/perceive/be/flow-with the universe. They also get us closer to the ideas that we can predict/control reality, which are really dangerous ones.

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    CoCreatr     Fri, Aug 24, 2012  Permanent link
    "By the way what is soul?"

    Easier to say what soul is not: not your body, not your brain, not your mind, not your name, not a thing, not imagination, not part of 3D space-time, hence outside the domain of most science. Yet observable as a presence, awareness, I am who I am (who, not what).

    If you imagine a dear flower, animal, person, planet, soul is not the image, soul is who is looking at that image. Not my soul (whose?) but I, soul. Me. Without anything else.
    Mariana Soffer     Fri, Aug 24, 2012  Permanent link
    I belive soul is something so misterious, and impossible to frame that words can barely help grasp it's definition. Unfortunately my friend, I dont have those words now.