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    Point of Origin of The Big Bang?
    I asked myself if we can point to a general direction of where the big bang banged. My friend tells me that scientist can not do this for some reason.
    I did a search first on the forum Above Top Secret. Then I Googled my query and found myself here. What I think I read was that Space is finite but my gut tells me it is infinite. This concept of infinity is hard to understand with our puny brains.

    Here is what Jesse Babcock had to say from that article...

    The big bang had to have a point of origin, and even though this dense singularity might have expanded as a whole, the point of origin still must always be this same point. You can not go to the perimeter and say: "This is where it all started." The point I am trying to establish is that no matter what direction or distance you are seeing: that distance must always be multiplied at least three times to get the smallest possible diameter and age of the universe. It can be larger or longer, but under no circumstances can it be any smaller.

    Sat, Apr 5, 2008  Permanent link

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