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    Dream Teacher, Many Theories

    Rapid Eye Movement As It Relates To Lucid & Vivid Dreams And Their Remembrance
    Chapter 1 The Idea Of Where I'm At

        You see this is why I dont sleep. First I stay up way too late playing my guitar stoned watching trash reality shows, until finally as the sun starts to come up I decide that I might be tired enough to burn out. It wasn't this bad before but slowly my sleep cycle has shifted quite a bit later than most. I guess you could call me a night person. Some nights are worse than others, but I cannot for the life of me seem to get it back on track like the average person. Some Doctors might even call it insomnia. Sometimes I don't sleep at all, and that can be a strange trip some times on that second day. Stretch it longer and you start to feel like Alice in Wonderland. Mostly what I have been working on figuring out lately is that If I ever want to study other people's dreams and get in their heads to see what makes us all tick, then to be taken seriously I should probably get in my own head and figure this stuff out first. That felt like quite the run on sentence but whatever. The Idea for this theory or what you want to call it of course comes to me right in that stage before sleep where your getting pretty drowsy, but still cognitive. It's during this time I feel that you are at your most creative peak, but because of modern conditioning we never really seem to hold on to these genious ideas that we all have right before we doze off at night and then in the morning when we can hardly remember anything, or if at all just small details we only say "oh well" and claim we can't remember our dreams. Well I want to change that. I want to teach you to dream.

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