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    What is your problem?
    Keep writing. Keep writing, and don't stop. No matter what happens to you, just keep writing. Write on paper, write on wood, write on walls, write on clothes. Write on everything. Continue to write, and don't even think of ceasing. Write until your hand hurts. Write until you don't have any idea what you are even writing about anymore. Write like you plan to showcase it to the world. Write like no one will ever read it. Write like you don't care what people think. Write to make other people happy. Spend your time writing; and when you're not writing, spend your time reading. Read everything. Read magazines. Read pamphlets. Read journals. Read articles. Read the biggest book in the library. Read the smallest book too. Read to the elderly, and read to the children. Read books like no one else does. Read books that no one else does. Read the thesaurus. Read the dictionary. Read textbooks. Read billboards. Read CD booklets. Go ahead, read the Bible. Read the Qua-ran. Read the Book of the Dead. Read your own words, and make your own decisions only thereafter. Understand, we have much to learn. And never give up...

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