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product designer and brand development creative motivated by the promise of a utopian future. my products can be found in museum and fashion shops worldwide. bilingual english/japanese. adjunct professor at the parson's school of design. fellow of the royal society of the arts. sometimes fine artist.
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    universal communication
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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.

    The Singularity is the technological creation of smarter-than-human intelligence. There are several technologies that are often mentioned as heading in this direction. The most commonly mentioned is probably Artificial Intelligence, but there are others: direct brain-computer interfaces, biological augmentation of the brain, genetic engineering, ultra-high-resolution scans of the brain followed by computer emulation. Some of these technologies seem likely to arrive much earlier than the others, but there are nonetheless several independent technologies all heading in the direction of the Singularity – several different technologies which, if they reached a threshold level of sophistication, would enable the creation of smarter-than-human intelligence. the singularity institute for artificial intelligence

    the nooka philosophy also posits that universal communication can only help bring the planet forward in integrating the resources and technologies necessary to reach the singularity.

    we are thereby more than thrilled to announce that nooka will be one of the sponsors for the singularity summit 2010 on august 14th -15th – a gathering of thinkers to explore the rising impact of techno-progressivism. the singularity institute, founded in 2006, is an organization that exists to confront both the risks and opportunities of artificial intelligence.

    For more information, visit here

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    Mon, Aug 2, 2010  Permanent link

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    this really should've been my first post.

    i hope to use my posting space on spacecollective to expand the dialog on universal communication. some of the major obstacles to truly moving forward with technology and our future as a planet is communication. it is unfortunate that the dialog on this issue becomes an emotional one for many individuals. i find even educated people regress to emotional arguments as to why one must preserve language as intrinsic to individual cultures – which is valid to a point – but to them i always ask 'how can you argue that the range of emotions or intellect is limited by any one language?'

    these arguments get in the way of truly analyzing the economic and ecological impact of maintaining so many world languages when we can do so much more when resources are pooled [look how india has benefitted from outsourcing simply by having a large english speaking population. how many man-hours, ecological resources and electricity are used in translating documents, books, entertainment in the most basic of international interactions and what is the carbon footprint of this activity?].

    now, i know i am not the first person to obsess over this issue and i know i won't be the last. my argument is only more difficult by being an english speaking american with english [and america] being viewed as some kind of imperial force by many. to my own defense, i am bilingual in japanese and not a huge fan of english grammar. that said, japanese [and chinese] are have too complex a writing system to be a truly universal language and we all know what joke esperanto is. this does not mean the discussion on how important this issue is over, and i have many ideas on these themes which i will share here in future posts. i believe we can be respectful of all languages and cultures and still see that the need to choose one language for the planet is both logical and imperative.

    not to contradict myself but there is a wonderful word in japanese for "universality" and it is this i made into an image to illustrate this post. the definition translates as: things that are common to everything. example: universal human rights. universally accepted ideas/concepts.

    why let language get in the way?
    Fri, Jun 12, 2009  Permanent link

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    i live in an amazing city, although a frustrating one as a futurist – nyc – where 19th century infrastructure and poor social services are only part of the myriad problems. that said, it is still the only city for me and with the recent completion of phase one of the highline project and the restructuring of times square traffic, the city seems to moving in the right direction under the care of mayor bloomberg.

    but infrastructure is NOT the subject of my rant today, but rather the archaic features of banking in the united states as well as the lack of technical sophistication in all personal currency conveyances [i won't get started on how ugly US currency is because i believe we are moving towards a currency-free economy. but it could be well better designed]. every week my book keeper plants a stack of checks on my desk to sign and every day we receive checks to be endorsed and deposited physically at the local branch [i know will sounds quite quaint to anyone reading this in europe or japan, but i kid you not, american business, government AND individuals still run on paper cheques!]. now i know all about this thing called ACH payments but have not been able to convince neither suppliers or freelancers to utilize this convenience.

    in addition to cumbersome checkbooks, i also have to deal with stacks of plastic credit, debit and atm cards across 3 businesses and my personal accounts. it has been in the news recently how president obama will regulate the credit card companies to protect consumers but, more than this, credit card companies dictate how merchants access charges and chargebacks with little government oversight. it is impossible to remember company assigned passwords to access the online management features and this is especially frustrating knowing that all these issues can be streamlined with existing technology.

    until genetic or iris scanners are commonplace, i suggest we all need a new card – the nookard™

    the nooka card – nookard™ streamlines access to all your financial tools into one single magnetic strip. a comprehensive web interface allows you to link any one of your bank accounts or credit cards to the nookard™. when you use the card at a terminal with a screen, a menu with all your linked accounts shows up for you or the shoppist to select. want extra security, add a password of your choice unique to each account or one as a master, or better yet, choose the "check photo id" option. not at a screen terminal? the account you select as primary will be used as a default. more than just that, you can protect the card by registering thes ites you shop on into the system so the card can never be used by anyone else. you can even require the extra security steps you choose for the check outs on the sites you frequent. the AMAZING thing about the nookard™ is the technology used to make all this magic happen – it's all existing for well over 10 years! why go use a time machine to go to the future when you can go back in time for innovation? WOW, the nookard can reduce average thickness and weight of your wallet by up to 99%!

    someone make it happen and call me if you need my advise.

    different angle of same post here.
    Thu, Jun 11, 2009  Permanent link
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