Comment on universal communication

nagash Tue, Jun 16, 2009
well, this very site is an international gathering, right? I'm also from Brazil, and we are using the english language in this conversation... so, I think it's a non-issue. we can discuss about the best way to go, both moral and culturally speaking, but meanwhile, people all around the world will still use, adapt and pervert the english language, in a crescent scale.

I believe that in the future, this "international language" will deviate so much from the english of nowadays that it will become a different language, merged with foreign words and grammar. like it was proposed with the esperanto, but on a natural flow... or maybe we and up with a whole new generation of similar dialects, like what happened with the latin in europe.

but every language has it's beauty, charming peculiarities deeply linked with cultures and I hope we never lose this plurality. It's VERY practical and convenient that the whole world speak the same language.. but it would be catastrophically BORING if that's all : (