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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.

    Expressing an alternative view of reality was necessarily a secret pursuit until recent times. Only 227 years ago, in the apparently cultured and enlightened lands of Europe - Anna Göldi was executed for witchcraft in the village of Glarus, Switzerland. She was beheaded by the blade of a state-sanctioned executioner. This brutal killing represented the final chapter in a centuries long tale of deranged witch-hunts that beleaguered Europe for centuries.

    In 1682, in Devon, England - Temperance Lloyd, Mary Trembles and Susanna Edwards were tried for witchcraft and hanged at Exeter jail. The same year, Guenevere Damascus, her lover and their spiritual teacher, were accused of speaking in unknown languages, practicing knowledge beyond their natural abilities and acting in peculiar manners. They were burned at the stake. In 1684, Alice Molland was sent to the gallows at Exeter jail, becoming the last witch to be executed in England. In 1692, Salem, Massachusetts, 150 people were arrested and imprisoned on charges of witchcraft. 19 were hanged, one was crushed to death under heavy stones. At least 5 more perished in their prison cells.

    Opposing official religious doctrine, on any spiritual matter or common natural law, and often simply just upsetting the wrong people, would see you branded a witch. A few allegations of supernatural powers, and in particular communication with spirits and animals, was usually sufficient to secure a guilty verdict. In every case I’ve looked through, the evidence against the accused was truly pitiful and in some instances quite non-existent, most data being either pure hearsay or entirely circumstantial.

    So why the extraordinary and lethal hysteria? Where did it all begin?

    Hand Of The Host

    The origins of the madness are to be found with Pope John 22nd, who in 1320 formalized the persecution of witchcraft by sanctioning the explicit prosecution of ‘sorcery’ in the shape of the now infamous Inquisition. This was an appalling social manipulation designed to separate man from his spiritual heritage - from his transcendent connection to the universe. It was not a theological mistake or ignorant lunacy, it was a fierce campaign to destroy all indigenous European shamanism by exploiting the supernatural fears of an uneducated populous. Though this was specifically channelled through the dominant religious apparatus, I would suggest that few, if any, of the senior religious and political leaders, knew anything about the true purpose of the coming massacres.

    In 1484, Pope Innocent 8th issued a papal charter authorising two inquisitors Kramer (no relation) and Sprenger, to systemize the persecution of witches. Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger authored the infamous treatise on witches, Malleus Maleficarum (The Hammer Against Witches, or Hexenhammer in German). So began centuries of Church-sanctioned massacres of hundreds of thousands of men, women and children. A fully intended pandemic of witchcraft hysteria swept across the peoples of Europe and across the Atlantic to America. It’s hard to imagine the savage terror it brought to many rural areas in particular, with many thousands of accounts of inconceivable cruelty.

    The Romanist machinery was determined to despiritualize the sacred lands of Albion. Man was pitted against himself. The unknown was setup as the enemy of the known, hurling the consensus psyche into a regressive vortex of self ignorance. Anyone who dared to express their own personal spirituality or undertake transcendental exploration was in mortal danger. The emotional fallout of this sweeping perfidy is still with us today.

    Understandable then that any victims of centuries of irrefutable Christian/Catholic aggression would disregard the entire canon of Christian scripture as poisonous rubbish. Yet this would be a mistake. For even in what has now become a confusion of neutered allegory, we can trace the roots of something far more profound and spiritually animate.

    Spiritual Heretics

    The enduring veracity of truth has a habit of surviving even the most ruthless and systematic campaigns of repression and extermination. It can be good to remind oneself of this, especially when things look a little bleak.

    Early European Christianity was penetrated and compromised by a bloodline of ancient Solar Cultists, who speedily diluted and edited the existing holy texts to fit their own oppressive ideologies. The formula of control is simple. First, kill those who stand up against you, then either destroy or rewrite the spiritual and cultural heritage of their people. Certain groups who had foreseen the coming genocide, such as the Gnostics, fled to foreign lands and took their sacred texts with them, in the hope of preserving their spiritual wisdom for future times.

    It worked.

    In 1945, twelve leather-bound papyrus texts were discovered in an earthenware jar in the Egyptian town of Nag Hammadi. The 52 Gnostic tractates were written in the Egyptian language of Coptic, these already likely being translations from Greek originals, so the purity of the original works has no doubt been somewhat diminished. Even so, a very different understanding of the origins of Christianity and the mythic figure of Jesus began to unfold to a modern audience as the texts first became available in an English translation in 1975.

    The most explosive Gnostic material told of a lesser god who created Earth and its heavenly neighbours and who has incorrectly come to think of himself as the one supreme creator. In The Apocryphon of John we learn more about this extraordinary ‘demiurge’.

    “Now the archon (ruler) who is weak has three names. The first name is Yaltabaoth, the second is Saklas (“fool”), and the third is Samael. And he is impious in his arrogance which is in him. For he said, ‘I am God and there is no other God beside me,’ for he is ignorant of his strength, the place from which he had come.”

    In Gnostic lore, salvation from the energetic emanations, the false world of the Demiurge, is attainable in the form of gnosis, self attained and imparted by certain redeemers, most notably Christ, a figure sent from the higher God to free humankind from the Creator God Yaltabaoth. Gnosis involves an understanding of our true nature and origin, the metaphysical reality hitherto unknown to us, resulting in the Gnostic's escape from the enslaving material prison of the world and the body, into the transcendent dimensions of spirit. However, in order to make this ascent, the Gnostic must pass by the Archons, who are jealous of his/her luminosity [soul] and who thus try to hinder the Gnostic's ascendant voyage. The Gnostics state that the Archons are servants of the Demiurge. They are interpreted in the Old Testament texts as angels and demons, as indeed the Demiurge is cast as the old wrathful God, jealous and vengeful.

    The Matrix trilogy of films are sleek modern representations of the principles of Gnosticism; basic coursework for any alternative researcher and student of esoteric knowledge. All the main ingredients are there in the films: the illusory world, the path of awakening, the false God (the Architect), good and bad Archons (the Oracle, the Merovingian, Persephone, Seraph, the Trainman), slick propaganda, beautiful delusions, repressive control, divine resurrection, awakening and transcendence. Look out for the quintessential Gnostic sign above the Oracle’s door in The Matrix, where (in rather non-traditional Latin) we see the words temet nosce - "thine own self thou must know" - translated in the Matrix as “know thyself”.

    Nosce Te Ipsum

    These are the secret sayings which the living Jesus spoke and which Didymos Judas Thomas wrote down. And He said, "Whoever finds the interpretation of these sayings will not experience death."

    These are the captivating words that begin The Gospel of Thomas. Whilst a high degree of astute interpretation is required to get to the core of the teachings, many aspects of the text are so evocative, so profound, that the wisdom still radiates out from the crumbling codices with little effort on the part of the reader.

    We can posit several things. Firstly, the word secret (or ‘hidden’ depending on the translation) suggests that the words were not necessarily for the uninitiated; they were meant for those on the path of transcendence. Secondly, the term ‘the living Jesus’ seems purposely used to distinguish between the divine Christ energy, or Logos, and the actual mortal man who was Jesus of Nazareth. The living Jesus is the transcendent spirit - the pathway of the divine spirit, the route back to the creator.

    Jesus said, "Let him who seeks continue seeking until he finds. When he finds, he will become troubled. When he becomes troubled, he will be astonished, and he will rule over the All.”

    My interpretation: The student of the transcendent path will pursue his own gnosis. He will become engaged, he will unveil and he will encounter an inner psychic disturbance, a deep cognitive dissonance. But he will break through this to true gnosis and wisdom; and this will permit him to penetrate the illusory construct, the world of Maya, the All.

    Jesus said, "If those who lead you say, 'See, the Kingdom is in the sky,' then the birds of the sky will precede you. If they say to you, 'It is in the sea,' then the fish will precede you. Rather, the Kingdom is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty and it is you who are that poverty."

    My interpretation: The leaders who talk of a heaven above, or below, or indeed only in the afterlife are wrong. Jesus is saying that self-gnosis connects you to the field, the eternal spirit, the spiral of universal creation that reaches into all things, to God. It is inside us. Those with gnosis become aware that in a sense they are God, they carry his divinity within them. They are inextricably linked to the living father. Whereas those who choose to hide from their truth, from who they really are, who decide to refute their own sacred path of transcendence, and instead choose an inauthentic existence of distraction and pleasure - they suffer the ultimate shattering separation from him, becoming absolutely lost and alone.

    This is remarkable wisdom. Quite refreshing compared to many of the condescending platitudes found in the modern canon of Christian texts, represented in the bible as we know it. You can see why the hijackers of Christianity wanted this stuff out and why they relentlessly pursued the Gnostics across Europe to the point of extinction.

    The Many Sons Of God

    Most are unaware that the King James version of the bible, the main reference work for modern Christian scholars and worshippers, was only put together, collated and edited in the 17th century. This being just one of many revisions. Every time the bible underwent an edit, throughout its several dozen editions, it was subject to the various ecclesiastical notions and changing political ambitions of the day. To put it bluntly, the authorities regularly changed it to suit their needs. So the bible we see in our churches, schools and universities today, is not a balanced representation of the incredible and empowering spirituality from which Christianity originated many aeons ago. Of course, it is not meant to be.

    As one example, let us see how the real personage of Jesus was mutated into much older deities by the Christian scripture editors.

    Consider these characteristics of the ‘son of god’:-

    * He was born of a virgin mother on 25th Dec.
    * His birth was announced by three wise men.
    * His earthly father was named Joseph.
    * Had 12 disciples who were his ‘witnesses’.
    * He performed miracles and raised people from the dead.
    * He walked on water.
    * He was crucified between two thieves, buried for three days in a tomb, and later resurrected.
    * He was also variously known as: The Way, the Truth, the Light / Messiah / The Son of Man / The Good Shepherd / The Lamb of God / The Word made flesh / The Word of Truth / God’s Anointed Son.

    This is also interpreted by some researchers as a description of the ancient Egyptian deity Horus, God of the sky, (pronounced Ḥāru, "Falcon") son of Osiris and Isis, worshipped from around 4000 BC. Horus. That is, several millennia before Jesus appeared.

    Many of the saviour characteristics apply to other deities too. Like Attis of Phrygia, Dionysus/Bacchus, Krishna, Mithra and Zoroastra. One thing is for sure, they are most certainly nothing to do with Christianity or Jesus.

    For those uncertain of the Solar Cult link to Christianity, it is most patently observable in the latter’s adoption of Mithraism, dedicated to the worship of the sun god Mithra. Prevalent in Persia (Iran) in about 400 BC, Mithraism was the most wide-spread religion in the Western World, with its teachings, art and temples scattered throughout Europe (including Britain), which then comprised the known civilised world. Even in the early centuries of Christianity, it thrived.

    After a few hundred years of the two systems of religion running somewhat parallel, in around AD 377 a decidedly rampant Christianity decided it was powerful enough to suppress its former rival. It achieved this using the Borg method of assimilation - absorbing the enemy, keeping the good bits and discarding the bad (or inappropriate) bits, until the enemy is no longer existent. And so, Mithraism disappeared; though its rituals, festivals, iconography and symbolism were determinedly co-opted and rebranded until they became part of the Christian theology.

    In AD 325, at the Congress of Nicaea, Emperor Constantine gathered together a bunch of bishops to help consolidate Christianity as the official state religion of Rome. From this quasi-political assembly, Jesus was formally declared to be the Son of God. The new Mithra. The new Horus. Erasing the real Jesus and replacing him with an archetypal Solar God, thus doing away with the real liberating teachings of Jesus. This was not a profound theological battle, it was not a complex study of ancient mystical traditions - it was a colossal psyop.

    Constantine himself was a conceited and disturbed man. He had several members of his friends and family butchered in the most vicious ways, as well as being responsible for countless military and civilian deaths. Constantine knew that Christianity forgave repentant sinners and permitted them passage to the higher world, unlike Mithraism. As Constantine had committed some truly monstrous crimes, he felt he must do something to quell his deeply tormented mind. When he became sick, knowing he may not recover, Constantine summoned the Arianizing bishop Eusebius of Nicomedia (the city in which he lay dying) as his baptizer. He delayed his own baptism to the last minute, so as to be absolved from as much of his terrible sin as possible. He died on 22nd May 337.

    Return Of The Shaman

    Indigenous shamanic traditions in Europe, and particularly England, are rarely equated with the archetypal south American, native American or Siberian shaman. Yet, each land has its own traditions and tonalities. The fact that shamanism now only exists ‘natively’ where the military industrial complex does not have an active storefront, speaks volumes of the strategies of eradication that we have examined above.

    As the dimensional shift quickens, and the polarity between conscious and unconscious, light and shadow necessarily widens - the primal instinct of shamanism is being re-discovered, honoured and practiced as the principal means of growth and transcendence. Much of this renaissance is personal, intuitive and natural. The tonalities of each system depend on the land, the people, the resources and the needs of each community. What is perhaps changing is that the shaman's traditional service to his community is becoming ever more transcendental. That is, as well as healing, locating resources, resolving disputes and recovering lost objects, an increased focus on the experiential spiritual teachings of the higher dimensional realms is gaining significance.

    Only the very dimmest of minds still believes that focusing one's energy on the inner journey and evolving one’s own consciousness is somehow a selfish activity. Only the catatonic ignoramus believes that expending mental resources on improving authentic unegoic spiritual growth is somehow terribly self-centred. Simply put, considering the self separate from the whole is a deep error. This heavily promoted Control System containment meme is coming to an end. It just doesn’t hold up anymore.

    The most delicate stroke of the archaeologist's brush reveals that, even at the very uppermost surface layers of reality, there are no separate things. Chairs, tables, shoes, apples, grains of salt… all merely temporary configurations of energy arising from the same ultrasoup of potentiality. Everything is connected to everything else at the deepest level. This is now basic knowledge, not abstract, fringe supposition. It’s simple physics, day one coursework. So if everything is one system, undivided and intimately co-existent, if a single being becomes more conscious, this inevitably brings awareness into the entire system. The shaman understands that to affect the apparently external world (a mind projection), one must familiarize oneself with the inner landscape to make any real progress. They are one and the same.

    It is natural to want to understand the relationship between oneself and the universe. I feel it is the primary purpose of being alive here on this Earth. Hiding from such a truth, denying the sacred journey, is like trying to run from one’s own shadow. Not a wise move. The ancient systems of indigenous shamanism allow this mysterious connection between the personal and the supra-personal to be brought into one’s own felt presence of experience. The teachings are there. They show us that the seemingly intimate and inseparable component of our own identity, can be placed carefully to one side, from where we are then more able to fully embrace the whole - safe, harmonious, connected and deeply aware. From here, we may glimpse the true creative nature of our being. 
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    At 9:45pm on Wednesday (03-Jun-2009), I was pondering the manifestation of crop circles and how their remarkable glyphs might occur in other mediums/substances apart from cereal crop. I recalled there have been formations in snow, ice and water. I thought about sand. Earth. Like the Nazca lines. What about the sky? Air? As if to seek further inspiration, I looked up into the sky...

    A massive serpent hung in the air above me, composed of a stunning twist of deep orange vapor. It remained motionless as I watched it, until the sun finally set over the horizon and nothing more could be seen. One word echoed through my mind: Quetzalcoatl.

    Quetzalcoatl (pronounced ke.ʦal.ˈko.waːtɬ) is a Mesoamerican deity whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and means "feather-serpent". To the Mayans, the feathered serpent was known as Kukulcan or Ququmatz. To the Aztecs, Quetzalcoatl was related to gods of the wind (!), of Venus and of the dawn. He was also the patron god of learning and knowledge, this being reflected in his significance to the priesthood.

    The first depictions of the feathered serpent can be seen on Stela 19 at the Olmec site of La Venta (Tabasco, Mexico), showing a serpent rising up behind a person. Though the customary explanation suggests a symbolic shamanic ritual, it has always looked to me like a pilot in a cockpit, with various instrumentation.

    A consistent narrative of the mighty cosmic figure of Quetzalcoatl weaves its way through much of Mesoamerican history. All notions of unpleasant snakes and negative Christian satanic emblems can be discarded. The serpent form radiated knowledge, erudition, flight and transcendence.

    In Summer 2007, chemist and researcher Dr. Horace Drew proposed a connection between crop circles and Quetzalcoatl. He demonstrated how many crop formations frequently depict the serpent motif or signature, together with striking star maps laid down in the fields that indicate a possible home star location in close proximity to Epsilon Herculis (near the head of the Hercules constellation of stars). Drew feels that Quetzalcoatl is potentially a galactic traveller who visited ancient central America, but intriguingly, was perhaps based at that time in England or Europe. Drew also gave mention of Daniel Pinchbeck, who in turn had focused his attention on the feathered deity a few years ago, even indicating a personal connection with him.

    The appearance of the Qloudacoatl over my head got me thinking about the huge galactic jellyfish crop circle that was reported at Waylands Smithy, Oxfordshire, England on Friday 29th May 2009. This followed recent tales in the press of a giant jellyfish in Devon and thousands of jellyfish washed ashore in Cornwall. The macro resonating the micro.

    The media also recently published a number of stories concerning UFO sightings, particularly in Liverpool [1], [2] and Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. The Liverpool incident was quickly followed up with a dubious military explanation, which was cleverly criticized in a humorous piece by The Register, which nevertheless contained some key facts. Come what may, these things don’t often make the headlines at all, let alone in so called quality newspapers like the Telegraph. It is a reflection of an emerging transpersonal meme.

    Taken together, these seemingly divergent experiences and observations serve to reinforce in me the idea that the external world IS the internal world. Or put another way, the division between what we perceive as 'out there' and what we consciously experience 'internally' is becoming less defined with each passing day. The two represent each other so closely, that such internal-external harmonics invite a healthy and timely upgrade of our perceptions. This is the dimensional shift in action. A convergence for some, a divergence for others.

    If we consider that the numerous dimensions are nested inside each other, like Russian dolls, we can then see how an event/pattern that occurs in one dimension, may necessarily emanate out into the others - fractally, so to speak. This is perhaps why our seemingly chaotic dustball is of such cosmic interest and importance; why higher intelligences still give a shit.

    The more we engage with the wisdom of fractality, non-locality and multi-dimensionality, the more it begins to sink in that we aren't really dealing with lots of objects separated out in space. Potential life harbouring star systems are not separated by trillions of light years when perceived from a fourth dimensional perspective, as time ceases to exert an influence in the 4D. Lots of time = lots of distance. Less time = less distance. No time = no distance. So it follows that advanced space travellers will also inherently be time travellers. Faster than light travel or space-folding (see Frank Herbert's novel Dune) involves the collapsing of the three customary dimensions into a single fourth dimensional plane, in which, when properly mapped, two points can be linked together and traversed instantly, regardless of distance. This may explain (a) how visitors can zip in and out of our space with relative ease, (b) the physics-defying movement and disappearance of UFOs, (c) why our chronological understanding of time (both subjectively and objectively) is so often messed up when dealing with off-world folk.

    Serpents in the sky and jellyfish in the fields seem less problematic to me in this context. Powerful consciousness can imprint its signature and narrative (its fractal impression), through any living energy system, articulating itself creatively according to the characteristics and properties of each particular system. At root, each energetic configuration - whether ice or wheat, stone or vapor - experiences consciousness and expresses life. This is the connectivity. This is what links the micro to the macro. The shaman sees life effortlessly flow through both man and beast, plant and rock, stream and mountain, sun and sky. An unbroken field of luminous sentience.

    In allowing consciousness to flow through us, we become connected and energized - we collaborate in the unfolding process. We are part of the art project. Doing our own unique thing in our own unique way, helping to articulate an expansive networked expression of growth. We manifest our art around us, in whatever meaningful and inspirational symbols are most appropriate. Everything is embedded with universal meaning, yet remains strangely personal to each percipient. The stronger the flow of consciousness, the more resonant the manifestation and the more beautiful the art.
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    A kōan is a question, statement or story, that on the surface, defies logic. It operates by confounding customary discursive thinking, forcing the intelligent student to use other faculties of awareness to shed light onto the seemingly bizarre linguistic conundrum presented. Only by bringing deeper, non-dualistic consciousness to the matter, can the gem of gnosis be uncovered.

    The kōan is a teaching device that has become synonymous with the Zen Buddhist tradition. Though its roots are much older, there is a unique simplicity and a lasting effectiveness in the Zen expression of this mind quake that is hugely relevant and instructive today.

    Famous kōans include:- (1) A Zen Master said to his student, “Two hands clap and there is a sound. What is the sound of one clapping?” (2) A student asked Zen Master Wenyan, “What is the Buddha?” Wenyan replied, “Dried dung.” (3) A monk asked Kegon, “How does an enlightened one return to the ordinary world?” Kegon replied, “A broken mirror never reflects again; fallen flowers never go back to the old branches.”

    Take your average matrix dwelling noodle and present them with a kōan - and they won’t know what the hell you’re talking about. Whether they’re a senior vascular surgeon or a trainee burger flipper, any data that falls outside of their habituated mental operating system, is tagged as an irregularity and consigned to the furnace of the extraneous. From their perspective, data that threatens to compromise the foundations of their living database is not granted an audience. Understandable. So, if the Control System can manage to prep someone’s core database parameters from an early age, the rest of the process of perpetual self-limitation will take care of itself.

    They’re Not Here, This Isn’t Happening

    It was only when I first walked barefoot through a beautiful wheat field, my feet pressing into the warm cereal grass, that I realized that the crop circle I stood inside was a kōan.

    Though I’d been aware of crop circles for many years, it wasn’t until I developed an actual physical connection with them that I began to conceive of their true nature. The experience was far more illuminating that I could’ve foreseen. Before then, thumbing through books, comparing photographs and reading various research texts, I was unavoidably consumed with the primitive enquiry: who makes them and how? It took some time for me to move beyond this initiatory red herring.

    Crop circle micro-history. Reports of crop formations circa 815 AD in Lyon, France. First recorded illustration in England in 1678. Gain modern prominence in 1970s and 1980s. Particular media coverage in the late 1980s/early 1990s. In 1991, old geezers Doug and Dave revealed themselves as the men who hoaxed the world with rope and board. Whole phenomenon disappears from the public eye. Increasingly extraordinary circles continue to appear each and every year.

    For those who care to trace the sequence of events and filter out the historical sediment, Doug Bower and Dave Chorley were yet another absurdly obvious PSYOPS in a long line of government sponsored ‘nothing to see here’ propaganda that has successfully steered consensus focus away from anything unorthodox. The purpose of the crop circle blackout was to defuse any mass public engagement or exploration with this wholly unexpected phenomenon that lay well outside the Control System syllabus. This was achieved, quite simply, by binding the word “hoax” to the term “crop circles”.

    This word binding trick, predominantly used within the broader methodology of predictive programming, was most famously employed in 1963, when a shadow intelligence group successfully associated the term “conspiracy theory” with any unconventional alternative scenarios relating to the assassination of John F Kennedy. The controlling agency actively managed both sides of the debate by setting up fake dialectic polarities of (a) the official story, and (b) absurd paranoid conspiracy theory. It’s a multiple choice question, with no correct answers.

    After the 1960s, the derisory connotations of “conspiracy theory” would forever more evoke notions of anti-establishment wackos and half-baked obsessive fantasies. Look up the JFK assassination on Wikipedia and you get 14 pages of official story and 1 section on “assassination conspiracy theories”. The juxtaposition of this against the rest of the entry, together with the pre-loaded terminology itself, erodes the value of any alternative scenarios, analysis or consideration, well before the average reader even begins to engage their own apparatus of perception.

    All it takes is a few dozen front page headlines containing the words hoax and crop circles, together with token pictures of a crop formation and some guys stood in a field, and you have your hardwired mental association. The crop circle hoax meme is firmly established.

    Today in England, say crop circle to the man in the street and he will reply, “Mmm. Aren’t they all hoaxed?” with a smile on his face. 20 years on and the bogus association is now a normal component of the default human database.

    The Projection Room

    It is in the contemplation of the irrational presence of crop circles, so incongruous in contemporary industrial Britain, that their teaching slowly begins to dawn on you. This process is best accelerated by actually setting foot inside one, feeling it, smelling it, allowing it to dwell within your felt moment-by-moment experience of consciousness.

    Simply put, the kōan of the crop circle challenges the binary logic of this or that, true or false, by whacking you over the head with a bamboo stick and saying, “Hey asshole, this isn’t about logic or language”. As these are the two default tools that most humans use to navigate their way around, this leaves the investigator in an ontologically sticky situation. How can one acquire knowledge about something if the customary methods of acquiring knowledge are useless? One cannot.

    High-res cameras, laser tripwires, light amplifying devices and thermal imaging equipment only ever find epiphenomenal traces, logical glitches and geometrical echoes. Intriguing, but not effective methods of discovery in understanding crop circles. It’s not about acquiring knowledge at all. Whilst there is indeed intriguing information and geometry embedded within the glyphs, this is potentially a very surface level of data, or even a joke - designed to divert a certain unprepared mindset away from the real game. Only when all systems are taken offline and you walk in with the purest, lightest resonance of being possible does the primary teaching begin to unveil itself… paradox.

    A paradox comes along when the habitual mental operating system repeatedly bumps up against the walls of its own limitations. An upgrade is needed to allow the new consciousness to run in more dynamic and multidimensional ways. This emanates from deep within the galactic centre, via the sun, offering a subtle yet profound universal upgrade for the individual expression of consciousness. The kōan is an invitation to accept such paradox, to let its tides rise within your mind and transform the entire psychic landscape. Old materialist concepts are submerged, whilst new dimensional reflections glimmer in the opalescent waters.

    Paradox ain’t for everyone. For those unable to imbibe such a heady brew, those who are simply not equipped for galactic emanations, we see that they are safely excluded from any fried circuitry by virtue of their inability to find a place for crop circles on their scientific nuts and bolts game board. They just don’t fit. So this quandary is resolved by using the squares and the pieces that do fit. Therefore, in such circumstances, the circles are required to be man-made. And so that is what they are. They are man-made.

    For the aspiring but equally dualistic investigator, armed with an appetite for discovery, a bag of technology and a penchant for the mysterious, all that can really be discerned is the labyrinthine corridors of their own binary delusion. One chase after another. Never finding the answer. Indulging in the escapist adventure. Scraps and clues. This is not the way forward. The kōan repeatedly hints at the external world being no more than a fictional movie from the projection room of the mind. So the manifestation of the circles is not to be scrutinized on the movie screen, but in the place from which the movie originates.

    Personal beliefs, narratives and reflections must be suspended to embrace the circles. The thinking, walking storybook of the chattering human cannot enter. Clean, still, open consciousness. Only with such integral awareness can the fluid individual penetrate the old morphic fields of the binary and the linear. Then, something new is brought into being. Field uplink occurs. The upgrade downloads and installs. The local reflection of consciousness evolves and expands. Connection. Gnosis.

    One of the major contributing factors to creatively engaging with paradox and letting it rest easy upon the shores of mind, is maintaining a healthy, high frequency of consciousness.

    Imagine a dial, like the tuning dial on a radio, that ranges from unconsciousness to super high consciousness. Everything the Control Systems does is aimed at keeping that dial at zero. Keeping the proletariat as cogitating, productive beings - yet totally unable to conduct high consciousness. Keeping them despiritualized is another way of putting it. Most people are unaware that they even have a dial and are able to retune and raise their consciousness. It’s not very well publicized.

    Going into nature, laughing, exploring, feeling, resonating integrity, and just being - all these things raise the vibration rate and keep the frequency high. Then you come back inside, switch the TV on and it plummets back to zero. It is the most reliable, effective and ubiquitous tool of propagating ignorance at their disposal. You have to have a titanium psyche to be even half impervious to its deleterious effects. Everyone else is at its mercy.

    The Burning Of Sodom

    The dehumanizing abasement of television relentlessly conditions new levels of obedience into the proletariat - siphoning out the integrity and consciousness of all who watch and are being watched. Billions worship the screen, kneeling to bring forth the burnt offerings of their own emotional turpitude. This is pandemic self-harming; whole nations slicing into their viscera to momentarily escape the agony of a deeply inauthentic life.

    TV is pornography. There’s no other word for it. Talent Porn, Grief Porn, Freak Show Porn. Sordid voyeuristic thrills that masquerade as game show, drama or documentary. The poisonous sacrament is marketed squarely at women (as previously observed at The Cleaver in June 2007). Why? It seeks to neutralize the profound connectedness of woman, which in its natural unbridled magnificence poses a considerable threat to the masculine reductionism of the Control System. So once more, they move in, co-opt, rebrand and defuse it. The organic is replaced with the synthetic. The frequency of consciousness is lowered, lowered, lowered.

    This enduring fashion for grotesque television is a revival of the infectious greed of mid-1980s Reagan-Thatcher politics. A hell world of human slaves, money, hierarchy, vanity, gross materialism and egomania. The fact that Simon Cowell and Paris Hilton exist at all is a sign that something has gone badly wrong. The depth gauge of extraordinary spiritual poverty has maxed out. The veneration of such avatars of emptiness is undoubtedly a daring plunge into the pit, a desperate attempt to counter the ascendant energies that are upon the Earth.

    They may be powerless to prevent the coming dimensional shift, but they can divert human attention and lower consciousness. The burning of Sodom and Gomorrah is being televised. Through this filter, the accelerating divergence of humankind becomes clearer each day. It’s like those old action films where a runaway train hurtles down the track to a junction point where there’s a guy frantically trying to pull the lever that will switch the train onto a safe, alternative track. The train gets faster and faster but the lever won’t budge. This is what is happening now. Pulling the lever is the ability to take responsibility for one’s own sovereign being, to live in integrity and to bring in higher and higher levels of consciousness within oneself. Without these things, the lever remains rusted and immovable. The runaway train will continue on its course and plunge into the abyss. So order your psychic lubricant now to avoid disappointment.

    There are those who cling to the old ways, and those who do not. We choose our path.

    “Choose life. Choose mortgage payments; choose washing machines; choose cars; choose sitting on a couch watching mind-numbing, spirit-crushing game shows, stuffing fucking junk food into your mouth. Choose rotting away, pissing and shitting yourself in a home, a total fucking embarrassment to the selfish, fucked-up brats you’ve spawned to replace yourself. Choose life. Well, I choose not to choose life. If the cunts can’t handle that, it's their fucking problem.”*

    The End Of The Fourth Age

    The end of the fourth age is here. Thank goodness. The shift is happening now, inside and out. It can be detected by observing the ripples in the pond: synchronicities increasing, matter becoming less dense, time compressing. There is nothing to be scared of. Quite natural and necessary for transformation. Nevertheless, it would be indefensible for the integral warrior to avoid indulging in the negative vortex of Control System debauchery, only to cosset himself in the intractable optimism of New Age tomfoolery.

    It is both unwise and harmful to believe that something will come down from the skies and make everything OK. Be it UFO, saviour, God, ancient astronauts or angelic moonbeams. As an aside, any UFO that arrives as a physical object is not from a higher intelligence. Centuries of persistent religious redeemer-victim melodrama have produced the polar opposite, in the shape of mutations like Archbishop Dawkins. Thankfully, it only takes a couple of firing neurons (out of 100 billion) to know that such atheistic indulgence is a shameful despoliation of consciousness and exposes the same kamikaze ignorance as that of any fundamentalist religious devotee.

    It’s easy to sympathise with the observance that the popular New Age renewal of ancient mystical teachings is actually an astute Control System manipulation. New Age fluff often blots out true individual empowerment by way of its preposterously doctrinaire practices and silly proscriptive hierarchies. All rather too reminiscent of those found at the aforementioned fundamentalist altars. As a rule of thumb, if there is a leader, dogma, hierarchy, or a reward based in the future… beware. The truth does not require any of these things. It is self-explanatory, open to all and bulletproof. You will certainly need to possess an expansive and flexible channel of consciousness to receive it, but it is there for those who genuinely seek its liberty and light.

    There’s no turn-by-turn satnav for individual evolution and transcendence. The landscape changes and morphs as we move through it. Every single journey for each individual is totally unique. No one terrain is the same for anyone. Navigation and progression are achieved by reaching boundaries, and it is at these points, where paradoxical artefacts are encountered. They herald the proximity of new realms of being. The monolith of 2001, the cowboy of Mulholland Drive, Miller in Repo Man, the crop circles in the wheat fields of England. The real formulation of paradox is a subjective one; it cannot be measured or expressed as a neat equation. Paradox laughs at equations - and then sets fire to them. No sleek mathematics or scientific instrumentation will help. It is only the experiential that matters. It is here where the entire internal-external fabrication of reality collapses, and in so doing, assesses the individual’s readiness for such psychic fractal implosion. This is the exit.

    In the territories of the visionary, the intellectual tools of the scholar are of little use. They cannot penetrate the membrane of the fractal stargate. Constructs of mind and self must be put to one side. Consciousness must be allowed to surrender itself back into merging with the sublime formlessness where all things exist at once. This is where the visionary seer (an impulse in all humans) becomes one with knowing. All is already in the field. All springs from and returns to the field. To be in the field is to become the information. Outside the field, the summoning of gnosis is the remembrance of simultaneous existence, both here and there. Self is but an anchor. Localized consciousness a dream.

    Paradox seeks to transcend duality. No time. Just being. Being aware of all, yet without any knowledge whatsoever. Being everywhere and existing nowhere. Exquisite harmonic wholeness.

    References & Footnotes

    * From the novel Trainspotting (Irvine Welsh, 1993). Scottish dialect in this quote has been internationalized for a global readership, who might otherwise find it rather baffling. Danny Boyle’s 1996 film of Trainspotting (containing a slightly watered-down version of this awesome dialogue) is compulsory viewing for those who have yet to sample its many delights.

    Great video intro to crop circles:-

    Great crop circle web resources (frequently updated with the latest glyphs):-

    Image 1: the monolith appears to Dave Bowman in Kubrick's 1968 film, 2001: A Space Odyssey. Image 2: the burning of Sodom, oil painting.

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    When the Control System needs to pull in the reins on its feverish denizens, when it wants to curb the opportunities for conscious discovery and just wants everyone to get back in line, it always does the same thing - it strikes fear into the hearts of men.

    Fear is a hardwired neurological response designed to get an organism out of trouble. Psychologist Robert Plutchik posited that human emotions are designed to accommodate adaptive survival strategies for reproductive success. In other words, they keep you alive so you can procreate. There are eight primary emotions: fear, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, acceptance and joy. Each emotion has a distinct role to play in the continued existence of the whole organism. Combinations of these produce more advanced emotions like optimism (anticipation + joy), remorse (sadness + disgust) and love (joy + acceptance). The principle is the same as mixing primary colours to obtain subtler secondary and tertiary shades.

    Whilst we must acknowledge that there are other, more profound and multi-dimensional energetic qualities to the emotions, for now we shall concentrate on their core organic function. For it is through understanding the mechanics of fear, and its potential uses, together with detaching from the unnecessary portals which promulgate its fake cognition, that the individual fear response can be defused and potentially deactivated altogether.

    The biological mechanics of fear look like this:-

    stimulus event (threat) —> cognition (danger) —> feeling state (fear) —> overt behaviour (escape) —> effect (safety)

    In a primal context, this is pretty clear-cut. You are confronted by an angry lion. You see the lion, hear its roar, try to control your bowels, then you scamper up a nearby tree as fast as possible. Stimulus, cognition, feel, act… and finally get to safety.

    In an intellectual context however, a powerful fear response can be derived from rather abstract constructs; threats that are not directly perceived, such as economic decline, a deadly virus, looming war, civil unrest, terrorist plots or radical social changes.

    What the unreality veil does so successfully, is to bypass the stimulus event altogether and deliver the cognition straight to you, ready for the automatic gut reaction.

    Consider the wording from just 20 headlines, 5 each from The BBC, The Guardian, CNN and Reuters in one single day (late March 2009). Expelled. Kills. Strikes. Attacks. Stress. Die. Fire. Accuses. Torture. Alert. Flood. Abuse. Dies. War. Embarrassed. Porn. Row. Target. Offensive. Death. Poorest. Protest. Looms. Killed. Demand. Swamped. Failure.

    Note the inordinate amount of negative words. All this from just one day; and it is the same every day. The content and context of the articles is immaterial to the subconscious mind. It is the montage effect of the trigger words that counts - and their corresponding emotional prompts that induce a primal response.

    Curiously, such fear memes are relatively absent from the tabloid press. It seems the Control System only deems it worthwhile to broadcast despair and fear to what it perceives as the ‘educated middle classes’. For the rest of the rabble, distraction is more the name of the game. The messaging is strikingly different in the tabloids: celebrities, sport, sex and gossip. It does occasionally seek to inflame the xenophobia and belligerence of the white Anglo-Saxon horde with headlines of immigration and paedophilia, but mostly, the front pages are all breasts and footballs.

    Archetypes And Avatars

    Why is the methodical dissemination of fear so vital? Fear keeps people stupid by instantly disconnecting the reception and transmission of higher frequencies in its deadening storm cloud of mental static. Without access to higher dimensional expressions like creativity, insight and spirituality, only the lower dimensional space of nuts and bolts remains. The machine, the animal. For this reason, as a psyops weapon, the ability to propagate deep fear is more valuable than any hardware or munitions.

    In the 21st century, with an increasingly sophisticated populous, the conjuration of false cognition has to be multifaceted to elicit optimal shadow emotions. On the surface, the same old style avatars of the history books arise… Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il Sung, Pol Pot, Bagosara, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Mugabe, Kim Jong, Tha Shwe, Bin Laden etc. But they are now augmented by a coordinated bombardment of asymmetrical warfare, fatal viruses, societal disintegration, flooding, super storms, volcanoes and dwindling natural resources. Overwhelming, by design.

    Historically, these things happen. Examples of all of them can be discerned in the ancient chronicles, stretching back for millennia. Sometimes, these challenges to the habits and routines of humankind naturally combine and arrive together, as they are doing now. This is indicated in Hopi and Mayan prophecy, marked by current solar-stimulated climate change, as our planetary system passes through exceptional levels of cosmic rays as it moves toward the centre of the galaxy. A grand seasonal change, the 26000 year precession. Galactic alignment, an evolutionary gear shift. This is so far removed from the sanctioned syllabus of consensus reality, that for most, rather than feelings of engagement or exploration, a profound trepidation sets in. This stems from systemic media brainwashing, lack of information and the simple fact that most citizens have been encouraged to slide backwards into cosseted sedentary consumers, with a critical dependence on a toxic system.

    The truth is, if you have shoes, a bank balance and a laptop, you are most probably in the top 1% of the whole planet, in terms of privilege and opportunity. It is incumbent on such freedom, as modest as it may be, to help envision and create better alternatives to what is currently failing most of the people on the planet, and indeed, the very body of Gaia herself.

    Intelligent, creative and compassionate people are already actively creating alternatives. Movements are arising to help consciously detach communities from the hopeless governments and mega corporations, neither of which could care less about the people. In the UK, organizations like Transition Towns and Parallel Community are growing steadily and offering a more resilient, sustainable, intelligent and human way of life to those with the will and courage to participate in these emerging enterprises. Check them out.

    It is very difficult for fear to overtly influence such places; their frequency is too dynamic for it to take hold.

    Amplified Illusions

    Belief precedes perception. If you believe the balloon is red, it is red. If a roomful of people also agree on it being red, then the consensus reality for the perception of that balloon is that it is red. Of course, in actuality, ‘redness’ is merely a particular wavelength of electromagnetic radiation hitting cone cells in the retina. There is no red. Nothing to see here, please move along. But if you zoom in even further, even the particulate atomic structure of the balloon is a theoretical construct. It has no inherent mass, there is nothing solid there at all. It’s just electromagnetic energy fizzing around a projected field of probability. The rubber we feel with our fingers is a particular range of electrical signals transduced via sense receptors, nerve endings, in our fingers.

    Everything is moving energy. The substantiality of a thing only has form in our mind. So understand that we are dealing in illusions here. Not things of substance. Delve deeper into quantum physics and this is confirmed again and again. So one’s encounter with fear only subsists within the spasms of the egoic survivalist mind.

    To make one illusion more prominent than another, it has to be amplified. One effective way to achieve this, is to control the context within which it is going to manifest. For example, in the diagram, the two orange circles are identical shades of orange and sit upon identical shades of grey square. However, due to deliberately confusing context (the three dimensional checkerboard, clever use of shadow and the green cylinder), we perceive both the orange circles and their grey squares as different shades. Even though they are identical. The mind is all too easily deceived.

    If a convincing context is created, a desired response can be drawn out, even though the stimulus that would naturally induce it is in fact nonexistent. So be vigilant of context when encountering abstract fears.

    Fear not only keeps people disconnected, it also serves as a fuel source. This brings us back to the emotions.

    Like everything else, emotions are vibrations. Specific configurations of moving energy. Each type of associated feeling (frequency) has a distinct composition, with its own unique energetic characteristics, which may be thought of as analogous to charge, gravitation and velocity. This goes equally for shadow emotions (negatively charged) like fear, hatred and despair, as it does for luminous emotions (positively charged) like joy, love and compassion. All of them energetic emanations, formations in the field, no less substantial or insubstantial than anything else that manifests. A voice, a rock, electricity, heat. Additionally, note that positive and negative charging does not signify good and bad. A negative ion is not bad. Negative polarity in a battery is not bad. It is just the reverse polarity of the positive.

    Just as a solar panel converts photons (sunlight) into electricity, emotional charge can also be harvested and converted into power. To explore the possibility further, let us hold the idea, for as long or as short as we wish, that certain entities in the locality of Earth, in a 3rd, 4th or 5th dimensional space, have power requirements that necessitate the accumulation of negatively charged energy. Though elements of such a process may naturally occur (animals often transfer energy symbiotically between species), the magnitude of the human yield has been greatly expanded through the suppression of conscious evolution and the constant synthetic stimulation of fear. This indicates intentionality does it not. The common man has been cut off from the solar source, unable to receive the galactic signal, ignorant of the integral experience of multi-dimensionality. As we know, all things are interconnected, at a metaphysical, quantum and spiritual level, everything is one flowing system. Fear then, is like an oil slick from a ruptured tanker, spilling thick black sludge into the pristine ocean. It spreads.

    From a shamanic perspective, we observe that the old narratives of light and shadow are fundamentally seeking integration and completion in their conflict. The micro amplified out to the macro. The disowned shadow asserts itself as the external other – demanding either insight or blood. Yet both are but reflections of a single body. There is nothing truly outside of us.

    By One’s Own Fair Hand

    Have you ever heard anyone justify their TV news or newspaper consumption by saying, “I like to know what’s going on in the world.”

    This is a sign of deep unconsciousness.

    It is not news. Not by a long chalk. Even the most fresh-faced neophyte on the inner journey will be aware that the news fails miserably to provide a balanced view of what is occurring here on planet Earth. It most certainly does not represent the felt experience of human beings. It is what someone else considers to be the ten most important headlines of the day. As such, whether broadcast from BBC, Sky, CNN or Fox, the news is comment and propaganda. And those who choose what makes the headlines, are most definitely not interested in informing, educating and enriching the minds of their audience. Quite the reverse. They aim to distract, shock and depress. Above all, to generate… you guessed it… fear.

    Switch off the TV and cancel the newspaper. The glossy messaging on the screens and pages is filtered, edited, airbrushed, packaged, owned and distributed by a tiny number of unhealthy, unelected and highly inequitable entities.

    Whilst there exists a few brave and maverick journalists who manage to squeeze their insights through the corporate cracks, this is becoming increasingly unusual. So, the information must be gathered by one’s own fair hand. Thankfully, this does not demand frenzied international travel as a multidisciplinary light-speed journalist. That won’t be necessary. Something a lot more convenient is at hand. It can be justly stated that the Internet has spawned definite channels of communication and knowledge for those seeking a clearer idea of what is occurring around us. Compared to the raging torrents of mainstream media, such channels are but tiny streams, trickling imperceptibly down the mountainside. But they flow. They exist. And they continue to grow.

    If you really want to know occurring in people's lives, communities and countries - you have to compile the news for yourself.

    An excellent way of quickly scanning multiple sources of information, from different perspectives around the globe, is to setup a screen of web feeds (RSS) in iGoogle, or Netvibes or My Yahoo etc. On a single screen, the feeds can represent news from local, national, international, mainstream, government, military, financial, independent, human rights groups, social justice groups, anarchist groups, charities, academia, survivalists and environmentalists. Whatever you wish. Naturally, you may not agree with many of the viewpoints. You may even feel a moral aversion to some. Nevertheless, this is a superb method for gathering intelligence and assessing news of world events. The ability to balance, compare and analyze right there in front of you. Setting up the whole thing should take no more than 30 minutes. Once this is done, the information at your fingertips will be much more representative of actual occurrences in the world and can be more justifiably considered news. One minute of reading over the headlines (which automatically update themselves) and you know 100X more than most people.

    Anyone who cannot be bothered to do this, and would prefer to simply watch the BBC or CNN as their primary news source, is evidently not interested in what’s going on in the world. They seek only to indulgently sedate themselves.

    Understand the fear mechanism. Understand its uses. Disassociate mainstream broadcasts from news. Fear loses its grip.

    The higher frequencies of being become available again. They were there all along, we just couldn’t reach them. With false cognition out of the way, they flow into us and we flow into them. We integrate the primal. Our dreams, imagination, consciousness and love begin to shape reality.

    As it should be.

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    Contemplate replacing the concept of believing with the concept of holding. It’s hard to drop a belief but it’s not hard to drop something you are merely holding. Similarly, a belief can be a heavy thing to carry around, whereas something that is just held, without believing in it one way or the other, remains as light as a feather. No egoic investment = no weight.

    Is belief necessary in the quest for wholeness, gnosis and integration? Is it a valuable tool for research and exploration? Though I still fall into the linguistic habit of saying “I believe this”, or “I don’t believe that”, I have in fact ceased to believe or disbelieve anything.

    I just stopped doing it.

    “A warrior is never under siege. To be under siege implies that one has personal possessions that could be blockaded. A warrior has nothing in the world except his impeccability, and impeccability cannot be threatened.” Don Juan Matus

    This applies equally to possessions of the non-physical kind. Beliefs are personal possessions. With no beliefs to carry, the speed, fluidity and expansion of the warrior’s spirit is greatly enhanced.

    Glimpsed Artefacts

    Can we prove the felt experience of the 4D plane of existence? Can we measure the reality of the life-forms encountered by entheogenically retuning consciousness? Can we substantiate the fact that Illuminist Control System elites are manipulating consensus reality? Can we account for the revelatory flashes of extreme gnosis that spontaneously download into the mind at highly synchronous moments? No, no, no and no. Should we care? No.

    Consider that all form vibrations arising from the ultrasoup* do not exist independently or separately from each other. There are no fundamental building blocks at any level, no innate mass and no ultimate particle – there is just energy moving multi-dimensionally throughout the cosmos, configuring, dispersing and reconfiguring. If you feel this to be true, then there can be no objectivity; objectivity being something essentially mind-independent and not emanating from a conscious entity. There can be no such wholly external reference. The illusory nature of the subjective and the objective is revealed. The dichotomy collapses because there is only subjective. Only felt experience and individual interpretation.

    Every widely accepted statement of fact, or body of evidence, is more accurately thought of as a subjective representation of a consensus belief. It may have achieved some form of accord because lots of people agree with it, like the Earth is flat or the Sun revolves around the Earth, which were realities for millions of people until very recently. However, whether in astronomy, a murder enquiry or an archaeological dig, the evidence to support a claim is always, in and of itself, neutral data. It is in the presentation of this data that the veracity of an assertion is expressed. Every mainstream academic, historian, lawyer, scientist and corporate plutocrat worth his salt knows this.

    A set of data may look compelling for a long time, more than an individual’s life time, or even for entire generations. It may serve its purpose, to send a man to the gallows or to turn a speculative theory into received wisdom, but like everything else, evidence is always open to discussion and disagreement, and over time, it is usually expanded upon, reinterpreted and in some cases, completely revised. ‘Empirical facts proven beyond doubt’ are merely good working theories. Pixelated artefacts glimpsed within the undulating fractal mesh. They should be remembered as such. Everything is an individual configuration. True for one, not for another. For those who seek to expand awareness and distil gnosis to spiritually evolve, time expended in proving a theory is time thrown away into a black hole. Better to spend it crystallizing a vision and testing its lucidity and meaning experientially. There is no better measure.

    If the filters through which incoming data passes are too rudimentary, i.e 'Yes or No', 'Fits my religious dogma or Doesn’t fit my religious dogma', 'Officially approved or Not officially approved', then the data will be processed equally crudely. Not much of any creative or spiritual value gets through. These basic filters (which come free courtesy of the Control System) are entirely useless. I suggest you discard them, if you have not already done so, and replace them with a more useful set. Examples include: 'Coherent or Incoherent', 'Harmonic or Dissonant', 'Gives energy or Takes energy', 'Dharmic or Karmic', 'Elegant or Inelegant', 'Clarifies or Obscures'. You get the picture.

    We may choose to say, “Consciousness is a non-local phenomenon,” or we may choose to say, “In my view, consciousness is a non-local phenomenon.” It is implicit that it is my view by virtue of the fact that I am saying it. There is no standard empirical reference viewpoint. There is only opinion. So we can usually dispense with the “I think” and “in my opinion” prefixes. For those who dare not utter a word lest it be later found to be false, get over it. You can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs. Unless you are toiling in the lower echelons of some putrid scientific/technocratic/corporate dictatorship, I advise you to stop worrying about tripping up from time to time. Making mistakes is good for the inner journey. It stimulates development. This is the licence of mankind, to try stuff out. To create, experiment and transform. Eventually the initial vehicle of expression is transcended altogether.

    This process can be accelerated by examining the most severely misunderstood aspect of the whole mind-psyche apparatus: the imagination.

    Unconscious Imagineering

    Imagination is the crucible of manifestation. With intent, and a combination of personal power and harmonic resonance (with complementary components), coherent imaginings become conscious experiences. Conscious experiences compose reality. Holding this concept, it follows that the contents of the internal imaginal palette construct reality. As the population remains unaware of the profound power of their imagination, with many not even consciously acknowledging its existence, hijacking this incredible holographic tool is made all too easy. All it takes is a little sorcery. Someone with the method, motive and opportunity.

    Watching TV shortens the percipient’s attention span by conditioning short-term focus using constant rapid cuts and edits - no single image remaining on the screen for usually more than a few seconds. With the eye constantly flitting from one image to another, following the gush of audio-visual artefacts, awareness is unable to rest on anything long enough to form a view or develop an independent response. Ingeniously, the desired feeling/response, the prescribed configuration of emotional energy, is delivered with the images. No thought or reflection required. Here’s a McSnotburger and here’s what you think about it… Yummy! As techniques get slicker and the media itself gets richer and broadcast in higher definition, the effect becomes even more insidious.

    Personal beliefs turned in on themselves to serve as conduits for Control System doctrine.

    More than ever, the media you choose to imbibe from the screen should be as thoroughly moderated and scrutinized as if it is food being fed into your mouth.

    Control System portals for imagination seeding do not just manifest in the mega blockbusters produced by avatars like Roland Emmerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow, and the forthcoming 2012, eugh). Home grown TV sludge is more than capable of distributing messages from Control System HQ and it reaches even more wide-open psyches.

    Consider this from the BBC alone. To spare you all the odious details, I’ll just provide the name of the programme, tagline and plot summary. 'Flood' - It's Coming Straight For Us. London is consumed by water. Chaos, social collapse and personal drama. 'Survivors' - One virus. Millions dead. A few survivors. World population decimated by deadly virus. 'Apparitions' - A terrifying journey into a world of possession and satanic conspiracy. A Jesuit priest helps exorcise people tormented by various supernatural terrors.

    Do these sort of productions have true value? Immense quality? Extraordinary beauty? Intelligent humour? Passionate art? No. None of the above. But they do induce trauma. Trauma fragments the mind. Themes are introduced into the defenceless fragments. Mind prep. Dis-ease and revulsion at ultra low frequencies. Control System psy-memes, triggers for pre-packaged scenarios and phenomena. The sleeping British population has ingested the flood seed, the virus seed and the supernatural seed. Alien invasion seed next. Unconscious fourth dimensional concurrence fully commissioned, demographically customized and ready to roll.

    The Control System is manufacturing its own dark reality tunnels by requisitioning the collective holographic power of the sleepers, all with their blurred but willing consent. Clever.

    Take The High Road

    How does one combat a system which holds such unyielding dominion over the low frequency vibrations of fear, desolation and suffering? By re-tuning the individual expression of consciousness - self - to empower, awaken and heal (as dealt with in Way Of The Infinite Explorer). In this way, micro resonances are amplified at the macro level [higher frequencies embed higher resolutions of data], sending luminous emanations out into each individual’s quadrant of the ecosphere and the unreality matrix, both 3D and 4D. These act as attractors for other high frequencies, other conscious beings. When a critical mass of consciousness is attained, the Control System mechanisms, which can only operate effectively at low frequencies, cease to exert any influence. They stop working.

    Still, millions of minds continue to evade their own inner truth, reflexively pouring emotional, financial and psychic investment into the yawning jaws of regressive political and military-industrial systems. Republican, Democrat, Conservative, Labour, Liberal, Capitalist, Socialist, Fascist, Communist. Simply different angles of a single Control System product. Puppet shows for the plebs. This is becoming increasingly self evident. In England, Tony Blair (Labour) was constitutionally even more destructive than the egregious Margaret Thatcher (Conservative). On paper, very different ideologies and principles, in practice they are identical. Both hell-bent on dismantling the better part of England’s self-governance, personal freedoms and national autonomy. Now all gone. England blurs into a European state. Is any of this worth investing in?

    What keeps people dutifully repeating the same futile investments? Why endow what one knows instinctively to be untrue with one’s very own lifeblood? It is a matter of high strangeitude indeed.

    A neophobe is someone who resists new ideas and chooses to suspend their own conscious evolution. Neophobia often sets in with the perceived responsibilities and social expectations of adulthood and parenting. Robert Anton Wilson employed the word in his book ‘Prometheus Rising’ to classify this ubiquitous phenomenon of self-imposed cerebral short-circuiting. The deep rooted compulsion to trudge and slave within the industrial matrix factory tends to induce an internal spiritual vacuum that arrests emotional, intellectual and spiritual development. Despite the explicable nature of such a psychic malaise, the neophobe is nevertheless consenting to a distinct and conscious disavowal of authentic being. It is a choice to sleep.

    The neophobic gravitation towards old systems, particularly in valuing the protestant work ethic and the incongruous pronouncements of government and scientism (the new Abrahamic religion), effectively disconnects the human mind from the greater universal field of consciousness. Unchecked, the neophobe automatically and comprehensively dampens all external novelty and spiritual insight. This is not the natural way for humans to live.

    The Control System reinforces the neophobic impulse in humans by binding warm, nostalgic fantasies of a fictional golden era to a bygone age. The repeated association creates a powerful thoughtform linking happiness to the past. By inference, the new brings disquieting uncertainty when viewed through such a horribly distorted super-reductionist lens. Another erroneous belief implanted.

    A friend of mine, after speaking to a neophobe, would walk back over to me shaking his head and say, “It’s no use, the shutters have come down.” Like a shop closed to new business, the steel shutters of the mind keeping the inside in and the outside out. Nothing new here, please stay away.

    Territories Of The Mind

    So it is that the neophobe imposes microscopic territories of mind upon himself. Mind always seeking delineation and division. A small square plot of mind with a picket fence all around. A garden with flowers, very nice. But don’t talk of venturing into the deep forests, the ice covered mountains, the vast sparkling oceans or the endless sapphire skies. They bring the unknown and the indeterminate. They evoke feelings that diminish the square plot of certainty. The presence of the infinite glimmering through the mirage of the finite.

    Fear transforms one’s own inner darkness into an external enemy. Appropriated beliefs can conjure this false adversary into being. At super dense levels, ordinarily quite invisible to the isolated mind, we are imaginatively complicit in the existence of such demons and their elaborate conspiracies. It is only by going within, into the unfathomable depths of one’s own mysterious caverns, that we can indentify and disperse the stagnant energies that fuel this counterfeit foe. This is the game of the grand spiral.

    Stop consuming. Reject hype. Stop watching mainstream news. Educate yourself. Read. Talk. Relax. Connect with and support like-minded souls. Go into nature. Have a big heart and be impeccable in your truth and your integrity. Bring deeper and clearer consciousness into every part of your life. Doing these things undermines the Control System unreality matrix more aggressively than by any other means, both personally and collectively.

    Words can darken the mind (the third eye portal, deep blue light). The heart is harder to deceive (the heart portal, green light). Words of integrity and intent can be felt. Their energy resonates clearly. There is no cunning, no persuasion. Just sincerity and natural meaning. Deep inside the ultrasoup, there is no differentiation between one form and another. All temporarily discrete components of the universe are facets of ourselves, of each other. In the face of every personal challenge, in both suffering and joy, the truth of this should be brought to mind.

    The integral growth of consciousness is not measured in volume, it is measured in resolution. The number of humans who understand what is occurring will perhaps always necessarily be few. Not all configurations of consciousness are ready to upgrade the bandwidth so radically. Not all are meant to. Furthermore, the Earth possesses a rich and diverse spectrum of consciousness; the human expression is but one of them. There are others. Many timelines, dimensions and destinies to unfold.

    For those who choose to cast off the shroud of inertia, those souls who would rather live outside the city gates, the privilege of the outsider is unbounded discovery.

    References & Footnotes

    *Ultrasoup; my shorthand term for an ancient mystical observance, that of the divine undivided whole, the oneness, from which all things emanate and to which all things return. If you’re not mystically inclined, just remove the word divine. It’s physics too.
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    How do you disempower a corrupt system? By empowering yourself. How do you awaken a sleeping population? By awakening yourself. How do you heal a toxic society? By healing yourself.

    The arcane chronicles of consciousness have been kept from man since the last reboot of civilization, a few thousand years ago. One of the many teachings hidden therein is the truth that every conscious entity in the universe is connected to all other conscious entities, wherever (and whenever) they may be. No thing is separate from any thing. Every intimate thought and subtle reflection is, in actuality, beamed throughout the entire ecosystem. In this way, deepening your awareness is the most noble and dedicated endeavour conceivable.

    It is futile to take it upon oneself to rouse a sleeping population, to attempt to rally the spiritually undead. Trying to connect unprepared minds to paradigm-cracking information is a vain indulgence. Those who prefer not to reflect upon their existence, who feel their needs, motivations and cultural references are fully served by the matrix, should be left alone. Leave them to their TV, evening news, shopping and sport. Drifting in the comfortable oblivion of the consensus trance. One day, they may eventually see through it and take their own first steps on the inner path. Maybe in a future lifetime.

    Philosopher and ethnobotanist Terence McKenna would often say, “find the others”. By this he meant be aware of and seek out those fine souls who are also on the inner journey. They are the ones we should give time to. They are the ones equipped to take in new information, eager for gnosis and prepared to evolve their psyches. Amongst the others, the wider tribe, communication can be free and deep. Share, support and learn from each other. In 2008, connecting with the others, through portals like this, through podcasts and radio shows like Red Ice, The C-Realm, The Psychedelic Salon (and many more), through conferences and gatherings, has never been easier. I encourage everyone to make the extra effort to reach out. There is usually a warm and encouraging welcome on the other side. The universe has a habit of extending its supportive synchronicities out to you in direct correlation with the amount of effort you put in.

    No single system or teacher has everything you need. Not the guy in the robes, or the guy with the bullhorn. Not the cross-legged bald guy or the bearded ponytail guy. No-one who walks the path of transcendent wisdom will ever ask you to follow them. Many who have been on the path for a long time agree on one thing: it is always somehow an essentially personal journey. Customized and unique. There are no shortcuts. Why would you want to curtail your own sacred journey?

    Higher Dimensions Require Higher Awareness

    Everything that is, vibrates. Each different configuration of vibration creates a form, and we give names to those forms. They are what Lao-Tzu called the ten thousand things. All the stuff of the world. Trees, cars, oranges, iPods. Some things are not things as we ordinarily think of them. Things like awareness, fascination, fear, love, joy, melancholy. But they are things all the same. Forms within the illusion. Vibrations within the matrix.

    The Illuminist labyrinth of conspiracy, black-ops and corporate corruption is a thing, a thing of low vibration. A time-loop of unconsciousness. Not somewhere to dwell in the long term. Giving enduring focus to it will eventually leave you resonating at the same super low levels and it will be a major feat to shake them off. The blade becomes blunt, the vitality fades. Live in Mordor too long and you come out looking like Gollum. Go in, do the reconnaissance and get out.

    We know the world government is moving from covert to overt control. No more skulking around in the shadows for them. This time it’s broad daylight in-your-face fascism. Global financial markets are being made to haemorrhage in order for national economies to credibly implode. Then, the Control System can implement its mandate of radical centralization. Militarization of key command structures will follow, ushered in by quasi-natural disasters, social unrest and false-flag terror. It's all there in the Control System official broadcasts (mainstream news) every day.

    Consider this statement from globalist sorcerer Henry Kissinger in 1991, “Today, America would be outraged if U.N. troops entered Los Angeles to restore order. Tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told that there were an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all peoples of the world will plead to deliver them from this evil. The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well-being granted to them by the World Government.”

    For researchers who anchor themselves exclusively to the unveiling process, it is a demanding time right now. Torrents of disclosure and revelation are manifesting in increasing volumes. Some observers have even fallen foul of sharing their personal visions in public arenas, either as dire prophetic warnings or glorious cosmic occurrences. Ill-advised in the extreme, regardless of intention. It’s deceptively simple to burn up all one’s conscious juice in charting the gloomy corridors of Illuminist corruption, hunting down that ever-elusive minotaur. But the minotaur is a phantom. It doesn’t exist. The enemy is within. No.6 is No.1.

    The main game is the dimensional shift. Not the spasms of the Control System. You must choose which to pour your energy into.

    A cautionary tale. Those dominated by their own unobserved egoic mind often wander into the conspiracy wilderness without the necessary equipment. They are predictably pounced on by the shape-shifting phantoms of paranoia, depression, anxiety, panic, messianic delusion and hostility. Maybe even accosted by actual agents of the Control System who spot them a mile off. Nevertheless, at a deep level, that are all conjurations that cannot exist without the consenting mind. In extreme cases, some individuals may develop a clinical condition referred to as a psychogenic fugue – a colossal existential breakdown. The fugue state is characterized in the individual by the wilful abandonment of previous identity, memories and personality. In short, the old life of misery is jettisoned and replaced with a new fantasy life. The subject transforms himself from Mr. Nobody into Mr. Somebody. Such serious and complex neuropsychological processes are usually triggered by the resurfacing of an intense earlier life trauma which threatens to induce unbearable distress. The fugue state can thus be considered an emergency armouring mechanism to protect a deeply damaged psyche from any further suffering.

    The Finger Pointing At The Moon

    Whether written or spoken, words can only suggest meaning.

    The eastern proverb of the finger pointing at the moon highlights this beautifully: “All instruction is but a finger pointing to the moon; and those whose gaze is fixed upon the pointer will never see beyond.” If you confuse the pointer with the thing that it is actually pointing to, your perception is short-circuited and flawed. You're looking at the wrong thing. Seems obvious? Consider science as an example of flawed perception.

    Science is a way of looking at the world. The description it offers is not reality itself, it is a representation of reality. A very useful and pragmatic one. Yet the larger part of the scientific community, and certainly the entire mainstream media, are serving up scientific description as reality itself. This is like confusing the sheet music that provides musical notation for a Mozart piano sonata with Mozart’s actual music itself. It is not the music. Perhaps only a handful of virtuoso pianists have understood the music at it was originally conceived. Truly felt it, become one with it and thus became an authentic conduit to express and realize it.

    Perceiving this simple but crucial distinction helps to pierce the consensus veil of unreality.

    Let us clarify some terminology used here. Consciousness. We become more conscious in the sense that we bring higher awareness into our living experience. Awareness of self, of others, detachment from the egoic mind and connection to the universal flow of consciousness that interpenetrates everything. Knowing not thinking. The ten thousand things lose their pull. So it follows that low consciousness, or even unconsciousness, indicates a lack of awareness, and a necessarily mesmerizing identification with the lower instincts of egoic materialism. For low consciousness people, the ten thousand things exert tremendous pull.

    In some circles, consciousness is what used to be called spirit. It is the sentience of the universe. The Tao. The holy spirit. The divine force. The mind conducts consciousness like music. It requires both technical and creative ability. Brain and heart. Too much of one or too little of another and it sounds all weird and discordant. Get the balance just right and you produce something truly exquisite. The conscious human experience is like this. From time to time, everything gears up for a new score. Seeking to move from the restraints of the current auditorium, which is becoming an impediment to the music, to a substantially larger dimensional arena. A natural progression to allow the music to expand and mature.

    This is echoed in the idea that our ancient ancestors did not experience consciousness in the same way we do. Perhaps not even at all.

    Julian Jaynes stated, in his magnum opus, 'The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind' (1976), that the ancients did not possess an introspective conscious mind space. Their conduct and communication was aligned with auditory and visual messaging from a non-local field. Jaynes called this mode of thinking the bicameral mind and suggests that a shift to individual consciousness occurred about 3,000 years ago. Jaynes reflected that the change was due to the development of symbolic language and the written word. I conjecture that this may also have coincided with significant earth changes and a natural differentiation of consciousness before the next integration stage. The oil and water separate. Divergence.

    Solutions to all matrix/NWO propaganda are inside. Not outside. In our being. Not anywhere else. There is nowhere else. The journey into the heart of one’s own being provides the solutions to all the matrix phantasms you can imagine. If you already know that, read on. If you don’t already know that, read on. If you find that hard to believe and don’t wish to consider any alternatives, go and watch TV and forget about it.

    Tracking Emergent Systems

    Scientists can only ever take the baton so far - Newton and Einstein took it a long way - but they can only run so far, for so long. Then someone else has to take things forward. Seems fair enough? Covering a good distance, furthering the knowledge and expanding the territory are the best and most noble achievements one can hope for. Yet expectations of universal theories and ultimate particles are naïvely and unconsciously pursued. This relentless delusion is much encouraged by the Control System as it keeps the people away from the glorious nature of the ever unfolding and deepening universe.

    In mainstream science, the implications of quantum theory have certainly caused the most trouble to classical empiricist thinking, rather than the actual findings themselves.

    A prime example is physicist Alain Aspect’s 1982 experiment in a Paris lab where he revealed that subatomic particles are able to instantaneously communicate with each other at vast distances. They communicate instantly, each particle knowing what the other is doing, regardless of physical separation. Nicknamed 'spooky action at a distance', Aspect’s findings indicated that basic assumptions about the physical makeup of reality might be wrong. Wrong all over. With spooky action, somehow each particle always seems to know what the other is doing - instantly. Even if they are separated by a billion miles. The problem with this is that it violates Einstein's long-held tenet that nothing can travel faster than the speed of light, as faster than light travel is effectively time travel (a disturbing prospect for reductionist minds). This daunting vision caused many physicists to desperately devise elaborate theories to explain away Aspect's findings. To box them off into the ‘Unknown: Leave well alone’ category. Happily, and much more constructively, it inspired others to offer up even more innovative explanations.

    For University Of London physicist David Bohm, Aspect’s work was further evidence that the world of objects, space and separation does not exist. It is all a hologram, or, as Bohm dubbed it, a holomovement. To help explain why Bohm can confidently make this startling assertion, let us pin down precisely what a hologram is.

    A hologram is a three dimensional photograph where the object to be photographed is bathed in a laser beam. A second laser beam is bounced off the reflected light of the first and the resulting interference pattern (where the two laser beams cross) is captured on film. When that film is developed, it looks like a meaningless swirl of weird lines. But when the developed film is illuminated by another laser beam, a three-dimensional image of the original object appears.

    When I was a kid, I would sometimes see little hologram stickers for sale in novelty/joke shops. When you turned them toward the light, the two dimensional surface would reveal what appeared to be a window into another world, in which a little rocket, or a face, or a guitar would sit in glorious three dimensional space. This fascinated me.

    As well as their dimension defying properties, holograms have another extraordinary characteristic; and this is the property that speaks of the construction of the whole universe. Let’s take the example of the little guitar hologram sticker. If I cut the hologram in half and then illuminate it with a laser, each half will still be found to contain the entire image of the guitar. Cut each piece in half again, and again and again, and still the fragment of film will always contain a smaller but complete version of the original image. Each fragment encoded with the design of the whole.

    This insight inspired Bohm to another way of understanding Aspect's discovery. Bohm believed the reason subatomic particles are able to remain in contact with one another regardless of the distance separating them, is not because they are sending some weird light-speed signal back and forth, but because their separateness is an illusion. He argues that at a deeper level of reality such particles are not individual entities, but extensions of the same fundamental entity.

    Bohm offers the following illustration to clarify this. Imagine an aquarium containing a fish. You cannot see the aquarium directly – all your knowledge about it comes from two television cameras, one directed at the aquarium's front and the other directed at its side. As you stare at the two television monitors, you might assume that the fish on each of the screens are two entirely separate entities. After all, the cameras are set at different angles and each fish appears to behave differently. One swims left to right, the other swims toward you and away from you. However, when you watch the fish closely, you eventually become aware that there’s a certain relationship between them. When one turns, the other also turns. Different angles but definitely corresponding. Without awareness of the aquarium and the cameras, you might assume that the fish must be instantaneously communicating with one another.

    For Bohm, this is exactly what’s occurring between subatomic particles in Aspect's experiment. Every particle is connected to every other. Part of one whole dynamic 4D membrane. Everything interpenetrates everything else. There is no separation. Ancient mystical traditions repackaged. All is one. Not only does each bit of the hologram contain the code for the whole, it also deepens to include the entire construct of what we call past, present and future. Everything is existent at once. Moving your laser of consciousness over it gives the appearance of the passage of time.

    The Attitude Of The Impeccable Warrior

    In November 2008, Stephan Dürr and a team from the John von Neumann Institute for Computing (Jülich, Germany) concluded that what we call matter is merely the energy from vacuum fluctuations*. That is, the apparently substantial stuff that makes up the world is actually no more than fluctuations in the quantum vacuum, the energy interactions from little theoretical particles popping in and out of our dimension.

    The apparent mass and density of atomic structures arises from virtual quarks and gluons fizzing away in the quantum vacuum. Strange how this wasn’t headline news with CNN, ABC, Fox, BBC, Sky etc. Instead the headlines were about money, murder and sport. The usual. Where this exciting physics did get mainstream coverage, the reporting was filled with patronizing wry smiles, condescending language and a sentiment that resonated ‘this is beyond your little world so shut the fuck up and watch Desperate Housewives instead’.

    The fantastic new observations are another clear illustration that there really is no concrete world out there. What we perceive is a dance of energy. Vibrations intoned by a myriad frequencies and wavelengths. It is similar to the spectral charts produced by mapping the acoustic properties of sound waves, particularly in music. See the attached picture I created from just looking at some beautiful guitar music through a spectral analyzer. Is this what music really is? Sacred use of entheogens gives inner explorers the vision to see music in this way. Reality is just the same.

    As Michael Talbot points out in his superb book, 'The Holographic Universe', many ESP type phenomena make perfect sense in the holographic model. People with more unhindered and free roaming lasers (of consciousness) are simply accessing different non-local pieces of information by focussing on non-ordinary parts of the hologram.

    Depending on social and cultural parameters, such trans-temporal non-ordinary holographic reading might be called magic, sorcery, or a miracle, or just a coincidence – depending on your belief system. People wrap their experiences in the most compelling and immediate cultural constructs available to them.

    Bohm: “Dividing the universe up into living and nonliving things has no meaning… Even a rock is in some way alive… for life and intelligence are present not only in all of matter, but in energy, space, time, the fabric of the entire universe.”

    The universe is seeking to bring deeper and fuller consciousness into itself. All energy configurations, all animal, mineral and vegetable entities contribute.

    This is the main game. The dimensional shift is another evolutionary augmentation in the divine cycle.

    This is what the Control System really doesn’t want you to think about. It undoes a lot of the hard work they've put into containing your thought. They’d much rather see you carrying banners around central London or downtown New York with anti-NWO slogans and giving out pamphlets. Ranting on radio shows. They love that. They look down from their penthouses smiling, smoking cigars, eating small rodents and wondering why the hell the dumb humans still haven’t gotten onto the real game.

    Want to fight the NWO? Unplug from the matrix? Then let nothing be a barrier to your own spiritual growth and transcendence. Work on yourself and be committed. Display the spirit of the impeccable warrior in every moment. Seek wholeness not fragmentation. Understand that the only thing that is real is your conscious experience. Do not resist change. Make change your change. Outdo them at their own game.

    The spiral of creation is not static. It is a living, evolving, emergent system of extreme creativity. Hence, gnosis is a moving target. Walking its path is a nomadic life. When night falls, you pitch your tent. In the morning, you pack it up, put it on your back and start walking again. Don’t pitch it anywhere permanently.

    Be the infinite explorer.


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    Twilight Of The Doomsayer

    Students of consciousness know that fear is a disconnecting frequency; it separates and diminishes with cold efficiency. Fear restrains consciousness by contracting it and binding it to the 3D, effectively isolating the individual from higher awareness. So it is that in these days of shifting paradigms, as the old hierarchies scramble to contain the effects of polarizing consciousness and wider galactic alignments, it is wise to be mindful of those who deal primarily in fear.

    We are born with only two innate fears: fear of loud noises and fear of falling. With training, these can be diminished or removed altogether. All other fears are habituated, social and mental constructs that we have imbibed from the matrix. Even pain is a conditional reflex, not a fear. I feel no fear when I burn my hand accidentally in a candle flame. Any anxiety that arises derives from the anticipation of pain or the frustration of an apparent misfortune. Consequently, though it may be explicable to feel fear in the veins when we observe the dystopian Control System framework being radically upgraded, it is a wholly synthetic response that we are activating, an erroneous software loop that has been conditioned into us.

    I am reminded of the Bene Gesserit litany from Dune (1965 Frank Herbert novel, 1984 David Lynch film). This was recited to help reduce the debilitating effects of fear.

    “I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is the little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

    This is Zen technique. It seeks to counter the prevalent tendency for humans to falsely identify with the egoic mind, believing that they are the thinking entity inside their heads. It is this basic misidentification that encourages persistent discursive thinking, thereby granting overall authority to the linear train tracks of survivalist logic at the expense of higher dimensional awareness. Crucially, the erroneous belief that we are the ego transforms the human psyche into a fear superconductor.

    Egoic Ascendancy

    The ego plays an important role in helping us to endure in the 3D world, yet its influence over the entire mind-complex has become artificially elevated over time. The mutation of the ego into a position of artificial primacy can perhaps be better grasped by understanding trauma-based mind control techniques. The mind is subjected to such intense negative experience (suffering/sensory overload) that, in order to survive, it fragments into a number of distinct compartments, some of which can be heavily conditioned, or programmed. Some alternative historians have suggested that immense and sudden earth changes can bring about a splintering of the mind on a mass scale, resulting in a spontaneous and dominant separation of the ego.

    Finding itself wearing the white peaked-hat of the Captain, the ego takes to the helm, even though it is patently not experienced or skilled enough to do so. As indicated, the real job of the ego is to focus on survival impulses like eating, drinking, reproducing, gathering, tribalism, fight or flight. It is not equipped to command a large and complex vessel. Consequently, it makes a lot of mistakes, takes wrong turns, gets lost, runs into heavy waters and collides with other egos, regularly inflicting damage on itself and others. In this mode, veering from one predicament to another, thinking can only achieve relatively crude results compared to the awesome and expert command of the higher self. Necessarily, one must persuade the ego to take a back seat.

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