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    Becoming The Primal: Neutralizing The Fear Reflex

    When the Control System needs to pull in the reins on its feverish denizens, when it wants to curb the opportunities for conscious discovery and just wants everyone to get back in line, it always does the same thing - it strikes fear into the hearts of men.

    Fear is a hardwired neurological response designed to get an organism out of trouble. Psychologist Robert Plutchik posited that human emotions are designed to accommodate adaptive survival strategies for reproductive success. In other words, they keep you alive so you can procreate. There are eight primary emotions: fear, anger, sadness, disgust, surprise, anticipation, acceptance and joy. Each emotion has a distinct role to play in the continued existence of the whole organism. Combinations of these produce more advanced emotions like optimism (anticipation + joy), remorse (sadness + disgust) and love (joy + acceptance). The principle is the same as mixing primary colours to obtain subtler secondary and tertiary shades.

    Whilst we must acknowledge that there are other, more profound and multi-dimensional energetic qualities to the emotions, for now we shall concentrate on their core organic function. For it is through understanding the mechanics of fear, and its potential uses, together with detaching from the unnecessary portals which promulgate its fake cognition, that the individual fear response can be defused and potentially deactivated altogether.

    The biological mechanics of fear look like this:-

    stimulus event (threat) —> cognition (danger) —> feeling state (fear) —> overt behaviour (escape) —> effect (safety)

    In a primal context, this is pretty clear-cut. You are confronted by an angry lion. You see the lion, hear its roar, try to control your bowels, then you scamper up a nearby tree as fast as possible. Stimulus, cognition, feel, act… and finally get to safety.

    In an intellectual context however, a powerful fear response can be derived from rather abstract constructs; threats that are not directly perceived, such as economic decline, a deadly virus, looming war, civil unrest, terrorist plots or radical social changes.

    What the unreality veil does so successfully, is to bypass the stimulus event altogether and deliver the cognition straight to you, ready for the automatic gut reaction.

    Consider the wording from just 20 headlines, 5 each from The BBC, The Guardian, CNN and Reuters in one single day (late March 2009). Expelled. Kills. Strikes. Attacks. Stress. Die. Fire. Accuses. Torture. Alert. Flood. Abuse. Dies. War. Embarrassed. Porn. Row. Target. Offensive. Death. Poorest. Protest. Looms. Killed. Demand. Swamped. Failure.

    Note the inordinate amount of negative words. All this from just one day; and it is the same every day. The content and context of the articles is immaterial to the subconscious mind. It is the montage effect of the trigger words that counts - and their corresponding emotional prompts that induce a primal response.

    Curiously, such fear memes are relatively absent from the tabloid press. It seems the Control System only deems it worthwhile to broadcast despair and fear to what it perceives as the ‘educated middle classes’. For the rest of the rabble, distraction is more the name of the game. The messaging is strikingly different in the tabloids: celebrities, sport, sex and gossip. It does occasionally seek to inflame the xenophobia and belligerence of the white Anglo-Saxon horde with headlines of immigration and paedophilia, but mostly, the front pages are all breasts and footballs.

    Archetypes And Avatars

    Why is the methodical dissemination of fear so vital? Fear keeps people stupid by instantly disconnecting the reception and transmission of higher frequencies in its deadening storm cloud of mental static. Without access to higher dimensional expressions like creativity, insight and spirituality, only the lower dimensional space of nuts and bolts remains. The machine, the animal. For this reason, as a psyops weapon, the ability to propagate deep fear is more valuable than any hardware or munitions.

    In the 21st century, with an increasingly sophisticated populous, the conjuration of false cognition has to be multifaceted to elicit optimal shadow emotions. On the surface, the same old style avatars of the history books arise… Stalin, Hitler, Mao Tse Tung, Kim Il Sung, Pol Pot, Bagosara, Saddam Hussein, Idi Amin, Mugabe, Kim Jong, Tha Shwe, Bin Laden etc. But they are now augmented by a coordinated bombardment of asymmetrical warfare, fatal viruses, societal disintegration, flooding, super storms, volcanoes and dwindling natural resources. Overwhelming, by design.

    Historically, these things happen. Examples of all of them can be discerned in the ancient chronicles, stretching back for millennia. Sometimes, these challenges to the habits and routines of humankind naturally combine and arrive together, as they are doing now. This is indicated in Hopi and Mayan prophecy, marked by current solar-stimulated climate change, as our planetary system passes through exceptional levels of cosmic rays as it moves toward the centre of the galaxy. A grand seasonal change, the 26000 year precession. Galactic alignment, an evolutionary gear shift. This is so far removed from the sanctioned syllabus of consensus reality, that for most, rather than feelings of engagement or exploration, a profound trepidation sets in. This stems from systemic media brainwashing, lack of information and the simple fact that most citizens have been encouraged to slide backwards into cosseted sedentary consumers, with a critical dependence on a toxic system.

    The truth is, if you have shoes, a bank balance and a laptop, you are most probably in the top 1% of the whole planet, in terms of privilege and opportunity. It is incumbent on such freedom, as modest as it may be, to help envision and create better alternatives to what is currently failing most of the people on the planet, and indeed, the very body of Gaia herself.

    Intelligent, creative and compassionate people are already actively creating alternatives. Movements are arising to help consciously detach communities from the hopeless governments and mega corporations, neither of which could care less about the people. In the UK, organizations like Transition Towns and Parallel Community are growing steadily and offering a more resilient, sustainable, intelligent and human way of life to those with the will and courage to participate in these emerging enterprises. Check them out.

    It is very difficult for fear to overtly influence such places; their frequency is too dynamic for it to take hold.

    Amplified Illusions

    Belief precedes perception. If you believe the balloon is red, it is red. If a roomful of people also agree on it being red, then the consensus reality for the perception of that balloon is that it is red. Of course, in actuality, ‘redness’ is merely a particular wavelength of electromagnetic radiation hitting cone cells in the retina. There is no red. Nothing to see here, please move along. But if you zoom in even further, even the particulate atomic structure of the balloon is a theoretical construct. It has no inherent mass, there is nothing solid there at all. It’s just electromagnetic energy fizzing around a projected field of probability. The rubber we feel with our fingers is a particular range of electrical signals transduced via sense receptors, nerve endings, in our fingers.

    Everything is moving energy. The substantiality of a thing only has form in our mind. So understand that we are dealing in illusions here. Not things of substance. Delve deeper into quantum physics and this is confirmed again and again. So one’s encounter with fear only subsists within the spasms of the egoic survivalist mind.

    To make one illusion more prominent than another, it has to be amplified. One effective way to achieve this, is to control the context within which it is going to manifest. For example, in the diagram, the two orange circles are identical shades of orange and sit upon identical shades of grey square. However, due to deliberately confusing context (the three dimensional checkerboard, clever use of shadow and the green cylinder), we perceive both the orange circles and their grey squares as different shades. Even though they are identical. The mind is all too easily deceived.

    If a convincing context is created, a desired response can be drawn out, even though the stimulus that would naturally induce it is in fact nonexistent. So be vigilant of context when encountering abstract fears.

    Fear not only keeps people disconnected, it also serves as a fuel source. This brings us back to the emotions.

    Like everything else, emotions are vibrations. Specific configurations of moving energy. Each type of associated feeling (frequency) has a distinct composition, with its own unique energetic characteristics, which may be thought of as analogous to charge, gravitation and velocity. This goes equally for shadow emotions (negatively charged) like fear, hatred and despair, as it does for luminous emotions (positively charged) like joy, love and compassion. All of them energetic emanations, formations in the field, no less substantial or insubstantial than anything else that manifests. A voice, a rock, electricity, heat. Additionally, note that positive and negative charging does not signify good and bad. A negative ion is not bad. Negative polarity in a battery is not bad. It is just the reverse polarity of the positive.

    Just as a solar panel converts photons (sunlight) into electricity, emotional charge can also be harvested and converted into power. To explore the possibility further, let us hold the idea, for as long or as short as we wish, that certain entities in the locality of Earth, in a 3rd, 4th or 5th dimensional space, have power requirements that necessitate the accumulation of negatively charged energy. Though elements of such a process may naturally occur (animals often transfer energy symbiotically between species), the magnitude of the human yield has been greatly expanded through the suppression of conscious evolution and the constant synthetic stimulation of fear. This indicates intentionality does it not. The common man has been cut off from the solar source, unable to receive the galactic signal, ignorant of the integral experience of multi-dimensionality. As we know, all things are interconnected, at a metaphysical, quantum and spiritual level, everything is one flowing system. Fear then, is like an oil slick from a ruptured tanker, spilling thick black sludge into the pristine ocean. It spreads.

    From a shamanic perspective, we observe that the old narratives of light and shadow are fundamentally seeking integration and completion in their conflict. The micro amplified out to the macro. The disowned shadow asserts itself as the external other – demanding either insight or blood. Yet both are but reflections of a single body. There is nothing truly outside of us.

    By One’s Own Fair Hand

    Have you ever heard anyone justify their TV news or newspaper consumption by saying, “I like to know what’s going on in the world.”

    This is a sign of deep unconsciousness.

    It is not news. Not by a long chalk. Even the most fresh-faced neophyte on the inner journey will be aware that the news fails miserably to provide a balanced view of what is occurring here on planet Earth. It most certainly does not represent the felt experience of human beings. It is what someone else considers to be the ten most important headlines of the day. As such, whether broadcast from BBC, Sky, CNN or Fox, the news is comment and propaganda. And those who choose what makes the headlines, are most definitely not interested in informing, educating and enriching the minds of their audience. Quite the reverse. They aim to distract, shock and depress. Above all, to generate… you guessed it… fear.

    Switch off the TV and cancel the newspaper. The glossy messaging on the screens and pages is filtered, edited, airbrushed, packaged, owned and distributed by a tiny number of unhealthy, unelected and highly inequitable entities.

    Whilst there exists a few brave and maverick journalists who manage to squeeze their insights through the corporate cracks, this is becoming increasingly unusual. So, the information must be gathered by one’s own fair hand. Thankfully, this does not demand frenzied international travel as a multidisciplinary light-speed journalist. That won’t be necessary. Something a lot more convenient is at hand. It can be justly stated that the Internet has spawned definite channels of communication and knowledge for those seeking a clearer idea of what is occurring around us. Compared to the raging torrents of mainstream media, such channels are but tiny streams, trickling imperceptibly down the mountainside. But they flow. They exist. And they continue to grow.

    If you really want to know occurring in people's lives, communities and countries - you have to compile the news for yourself.

    An excellent way of quickly scanning multiple sources of information, from different perspectives around the globe, is to setup a screen of web feeds (RSS) in iGoogle, or Netvibes or My Yahoo etc. On a single screen, the feeds can represent news from local, national, international, mainstream, government, military, financial, independent, human rights groups, social justice groups, anarchist groups, charities, academia, survivalists and environmentalists. Whatever you wish. Naturally, you may not agree with many of the viewpoints. You may even feel a moral aversion to some. Nevertheless, this is a superb method for gathering intelligence and assessing news of world events. The ability to balance, compare and analyze right there in front of you. Setting up the whole thing should take no more than 30 minutes. Once this is done, the information at your fingertips will be much more representative of actual occurrences in the world and can be more justifiably considered news. One minute of reading over the headlines (which automatically update themselves) and you know 100X more than most people.

    Anyone who cannot be bothered to do this, and would prefer to simply watch the BBC or CNN as their primary news source, is evidently not interested in what’s going on in the world. They seek only to indulgently sedate themselves.

    Understand the fear mechanism. Understand its uses. Disassociate mainstream broadcasts from news. Fear loses its grip.

    The higher frequencies of being become available again. They were there all along, we just couldn’t reach them. With false cognition out of the way, they flow into us and we flow into them. We integrate the primal. Our dreams, imagination, consciousness and love begin to shape reality.

    As it should be.


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    gamma     Thu, Apr 2, 2009  Permanent link
    Have you ever heard anyone justify their TV news or newspaper consumption by saying, “I like to know what’s going on in the world.” This is a sign of deep unconsciousness.

    I have never been so insulted here, practically at home. I WANT MY NEWSPAPERS, I WANT MY MONEY TOO. I don't care for Schmakistan, I select my own Daily Show and I myself make similar binding to the little news we CAN hear - because they are ugly and there is no time.

    Coincidentally speaking of fear, last night I watched a horror movie "Låt den rätte komma in". It was said to be the best vampire movie film ever, and it was. I am feeling great all day.

    After re-reading your post I feel tricked. If I noticed it was the OLD STUFF, I would ... write all the same, maybe not write. We already have qualification of "situation". It is far from concreteness. If "we" and "have" and "situation" - then bring me that life. I think people wake up - I wake up at real things. BBC had same programs about programs saying that same stuff you speak - and? It was a school of directing movies and montage. That's what it is right now. Want to go to school - organize the wealth, want to discuss "control systems", go out and fight against G80.

    My neighbors are fine people. I simply watched a movie, part of my culture y'know.
    Neil_k     Thu, Apr 2, 2009  Permanent link
    Thanks for your feedback. Most people don't see that the news is not news, it is merely comment. That's the whole point. Additionally, many do not understand how fear is piped through the news and used against them. It starts with the mind. If you know everything, great, but not everyone does just yet. As to your words of "go out and fight" - that's exactly what they want. Part of the simulated narrative.
    gamma     Fri, Apr 3, 2009  Permanent link
    You deserve a feedback. I would never go to London because I think that would be silly. It would endanger my visa? and I would meet citizens in a clash? When I saw that man hanging from a tree I thought to myself, but Swedes are such a nice people. Never mind.

    Here's a task for you. I heard something like this and I'll try to explain in my own words. Let us presume that nature has many wonders - possibilities, but has left us alone without interaction with those wonders, because they are not intelligence. As a consequence children grow adapted to a specific set of experiences, for example, little bit of play around town, little school and little gaming/cartoons without super intelligent guides. Now, presume I want to organize a training to cover all situations which children do not have. I have to stimulate their senses, emotions and intelligence. However, there is a problem of missing context (missing reality) and practical realization. On that flower you gave, most of emotions are "bad" and some are "good". Bad ones are impossible to have: they are pain, unacceptable, lead to rejection and bad behavior. Hence, there are stimuli, experiences and who knows what else, that are undoable, untrained and even unthinkable by all means. By default, all synapses are not completely trained. What exercise do you propose for emotions without making problems in general?
         Sun, Apr 5, 2009  Permanent link
    To put it simply, news aggregation is definitely necessary if you want to form your own opinion on what's going on in the world with the least effort necessary (therefore freeing up time to do other stuff which matters). Paying attention to a few or less news sources is just bulimic knowledge - Most of it simply gets regurgitated.

    I like  for this.

    The optical illusion diagram is missing from this post, had to go to your blog to see it.
    Neil_k     Sun, Apr 5, 2009  Permanent link
    Included the optical illusion diagram now - thanks.

    Making a broad 'news' spread for oneself is important. To include all the views from not only mainstream of course - but liberty groups, anarchist groups, psychedelic groups, conspiracy groups, naturalists, environmentalists, ecologists, farmers, mothers, artists. A real wide spectrum. Only then, having access to all this, can the false egoic thinking mini-self start to truly comprehend that the fear meme is largely a perceptive mirage.
    nagash     Tue, Apr 7, 2009  Permanent link
    great ideas on this post... but everytime I saw the word FEAR I automatically remember the self-help pastiche character of Patrick Swayze on Donnie Darko, and his formula: accept love, reject fear.

    I liked the emotional diagram very much, it's a nice model. but I can see the limb of fear and its saturated/desaturated instances takes only 1/8 of the chart. If we are going to apply a dualistic approach -light and dark, positive and negative- fear is just one of four negative "colors"of our emotions. fear is meant to protect you, it's coagula.

    also, I don't think that "the men behind the curtain" wants deliberately to spread fear. they are also afraid, and if every mind expands(solve) they lose their power. they dont want it, so they prefer people to contract it's minds, and most people prefer it too. the world is the way it is by accident, not by design. of course there are bad people and manipulation in many levels, but there's not a real conspiracy. some people have ideas, sometimes bad ideas, but must people just don't have any.
    NoFavorite     Mon, Apr 13, 2009  Permanent link
    This is awesome.