Comment on Becoming The Primal: Neutralizing The Fear Reflex

gamma Thu, Apr 2, 2009
Have you ever heard anyone justify their TV news or newspaper consumption by saying, “I like to know what’s going on in the world.” This is a sign of deep unconsciousness.

I have never been so insulted here, practically at home. I WANT MY NEWSPAPERS, I WANT MY MONEY TOO. I don't care for Schmakistan, I select my own Daily Show and I myself make similar binding to the little news we CAN hear - because they are ugly and there is no time.

Coincidentally speaking of fear, last night I watched a horror movie "Låt den rätte komma in". It was said to be the best vampire movie film ever, and it was. I am feeling great all day.

After re-reading your post I feel tricked. If I noticed it was the OLD STUFF, I would ... write all the same, maybe not write. We already have qualification of "situation". It is far from concreteness. If "we" and "have" and "situation" - then bring me that life. I think people wake up - I wake up at real things. BBC had same programs about programs saying that same stuff you speak - and? It was a school of directing movies and montage. That's what it is right now. Want to go to school - organize the wealth, want to discuss "control systems", go out and fight against G80.

My neighbors are fine people. I simply watched a movie, part of my culture y'know.