Comment on Becoming The Primal: Neutralizing The Fear Reflex

gamma Fri, Apr 3, 2009
You deserve a feedback. I would never go to London because I think that would be silly. It would endanger my visa? and I would meet citizens in a clash? When I saw that man hanging from a tree I thought to myself, but Swedes are such a nice people. Never mind.

Here's a task for you. I heard something like this and I'll try to explain in my own words. Let us presume that nature has many wonders - possibilities, but has left us alone without interaction with those wonders, because they are not intelligence. As a consequence children grow adapted to a specific set of experiences, for example, little bit of play around town, little school and little gaming/cartoons without super intelligent guides. Now, presume I want to organize a training to cover all situations which children do not have. I have to stimulate their senses, emotions and intelligence. However, there is a problem of missing context (missing reality) and practical realization. On that flower you gave, most of emotions are "bad" and some are "good". Bad ones are impossible to have: they are pain, unacceptable, lead to rejection and bad behavior. Hence, there are stimuli, experiences and who knows what else, that are undoable, untrained and even unthinkable by all means. By default, all synapses are not completely trained. What exercise do you propose for emotions without making problems in general?