Comment on Becoming The Primal: Neutralizing The Fear Reflex

nagash Tue, Apr 7, 2009
great ideas on this post... but everytime I saw the word FEAR I automatically remember the self-help pastiche character of Patrick Swayze on Donnie Darko, and his formula: accept love, reject fear.

I liked the emotional diagram very much, it's a nice model. but I can see the limb of fear and its saturated/desaturated instances takes only 1/8 of the chart. If we are going to apply a dualistic approach -light and dark, positive and negative- fear is just one of four negative "colors"of our emotions. fear is meant to protect you, it's coagula.

also, I don't think that "the men behind the curtain" wants deliberately to spread fear. they are also afraid, and if every mind expands(solve) they lose their power. they dont want it, so they prefer people to contract it's minds, and most people prefer it too. the world is the way it is by accident, not by design. of course there are bad people and manipulation in many levels, but there's not a real conspiracy. some people have ideas, sometimes bad ideas, but must people just don't have any.