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    Quetzalcoatl And The Galactic Jellyfish

    At 9:45pm on Wednesday (03-Jun-2009), I was pondering the manifestation of crop circles and how their remarkable glyphs might occur in other mediums/substances apart from cereal crop. I recalled there have been formations in snow, ice and water. I thought about sand. Earth. Like the Nazca lines. What about the sky? Air? As if to seek further inspiration, I looked up into the sky...

    A massive serpent hung in the air above me, composed of a stunning twist of deep orange vapor. It remained motionless as I watched it, until the sun finally set over the horizon and nothing more could be seen. One word echoed through my mind: Quetzalcoatl.

    Quetzalcoatl (pronounced ke.ʦal.ˈko.waːtɬ) is a Mesoamerican deity whose name comes from the Nahuatl language and means "feather-serpent". To the Mayans, the feathered serpent was known as Kukulcan or Ququmatz. To the Aztecs, Quetzalcoatl was related to gods of the wind (!), of Venus and of the dawn. He was also the patron god of learning and knowledge, this being reflected in his significance to the priesthood.

    The first depictions of the feathered serpent can be seen on Stela 19 at the Olmec site of La Venta (Tabasco, Mexico), showing a serpent rising up behind a person. Though the customary explanation suggests a symbolic shamanic ritual, it has always looked to me like a pilot in a cockpit, with various instrumentation.

    A consistent narrative of the mighty cosmic figure of Quetzalcoatl weaves its way through much of Mesoamerican history. All notions of unpleasant snakes and negative Christian satanic emblems can be discarded. The serpent form radiated knowledge, erudition, flight and transcendence.

    In Summer 2007, chemist and researcher Dr. Horace Drew proposed a connection between crop circles and Quetzalcoatl. He demonstrated how many crop formations frequently depict the serpent motif or signature, together with striking star maps laid down in the fields that indicate a possible home star location in close proximity to Epsilon Herculis (near the head of the Hercules constellation of stars). Drew feels that Quetzalcoatl is potentially a galactic traveller who visited ancient central America, but intriguingly, was perhaps based at that time in England or Europe. Drew also gave mention of Daniel Pinchbeck, who in turn had focused his attention on the feathered deity a few years ago, even indicating a personal connection with him.

    The appearance of the Qloudacoatl over my head got me thinking about the huge galactic jellyfish crop circle that was reported at Waylands Smithy, Oxfordshire, England on Friday 29th May 2009. This followed recent tales in the press of a giant jellyfish in Devon and thousands of jellyfish washed ashore in Cornwall. The macro resonating the micro.

    The media also recently published a number of stories concerning UFO sightings, particularly in Liverpool [1], [2] and Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire. The Liverpool incident was quickly followed up with a dubious military explanation, which was cleverly criticized in a humorous piece by The Register, which nevertheless contained some key facts. Come what may, these things don’t often make the headlines at all, let alone in so called quality newspapers like the Telegraph. It is a reflection of an emerging transpersonal meme.

    Taken together, these seemingly divergent experiences and observations serve to reinforce in me the idea that the external world IS the internal world. Or put another way, the division between what we perceive as 'out there' and what we consciously experience 'internally' is becoming less defined with each passing day. The two represent each other so closely, that such internal-external harmonics invite a healthy and timely upgrade of our perceptions. This is the dimensional shift in action. A convergence for some, a divergence for others.

    If we consider that the numerous dimensions are nested inside each other, like Russian dolls, we can then see how an event/pattern that occurs in one dimension, may necessarily emanate out into the others - fractally, so to speak. This is perhaps why our seemingly chaotic dustball is of such cosmic interest and importance; why higher intelligences still give a shit.

    The more we engage with the wisdom of fractality, non-locality and multi-dimensionality, the more it begins to sink in that we aren't really dealing with lots of objects separated out in space. Potential life harbouring star systems are not separated by trillions of light years when perceived from a fourth dimensional perspective, as time ceases to exert an influence in the 4D. Lots of time = lots of distance. Less time = less distance. No time = no distance. So it follows that advanced space travellers will also inherently be time travellers. Faster than light travel or space-folding (see Frank Herbert's novel Dune) involves the collapsing of the three customary dimensions into a single fourth dimensional plane, in which, when properly mapped, two points can be linked together and traversed instantly, regardless of distance. This may explain (a) how visitors can zip in and out of our space with relative ease, (b) the physics-defying movement and disappearance of UFOs, (c) why our chronological understanding of time (both subjectively and objectively) is so often messed up when dealing with off-world folk.

    Serpents in the sky and jellyfish in the fields seem less problematic to me in this context. Powerful consciousness can imprint its signature and narrative (its fractal impression), through any living energy system, articulating itself creatively according to the characteristics and properties of each particular system. At root, each energetic configuration - whether ice or wheat, stone or vapor - experiences consciousness and expresses life. This is the connectivity. This is what links the micro to the macro. The shaman sees life effortlessly flow through both man and beast, plant and rock, stream and mountain, sun and sky. An unbroken field of luminous sentience.

    In allowing consciousness to flow through us, we become connected and energized - we collaborate in the unfolding process. We are part of the art project. Doing our own unique thing in our own unique way, helping to articulate an expansive networked expression of growth. We manifest our art around us, in whatever meaningful and inspirational symbols are most appropriate. Everything is embedded with universal meaning, yet remains strangely personal to each percipient. The stronger the flow of consciousness, the more resonant the manifestation and the more beautiful the art.

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