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    Y'all are going to have to help out with this one. I certainly don't have all the answers.

    So I see this tree, and I think I can climb it. I don't know this absolutely, but at a glance it seems more likely than not. Nor do I know exactly how I will do it; I can't yet see how I will surmount it's limbs using my own. But I do know how I intend to begin. Or at least I thought I did, because as I get closer I see another approach that seems more feasible. And amidst deliberating I think (but quickly!), "Should I have just followed my original course, and not thought twice!?" Meanwhile I've already thought thrice, and there is less daylight to climb by...

    It seems to me that one would have to see the tree to be able to offer a sound opinion, and know a bit about my climbing skills as well. And it seems, as a general rule, that each is his own best judge of his abilities, notwithstanding some are completely unaware of them. I will leave the analogy for the moment, to be taken up later perhaps, maybe by another. What am I getting at? I don't know. I know where I want to be, and where I want others to be. I want us to be up in that tree. Together. Dancing. Seemingly perilously, yet ever sure-footed. Not digging holes in which to bury ourselves and others (I'm aware now that the analogy was picked right back up). I don't want to see people exhorting each other so constrainedly as they often do, as if the advice they offer should be followed. Allow for the unforeseen possibilities that another's genius may conjure. It is our eventual goal to know our places. And if your place is to put another in their place, please know that you might not be able to do so.

    How certain can a person be? I have been dead certain, but found myself dead wrong. And I have danced blindly in the dark, across canyons - on a thread. I can say much, much more that I believe to be of good use to the world, but much less imperatively than I spoke formerly. I would think that the coalescing of one's understanding would also fortify their will and intent. I find (and this may be purely personal) that as my understanding grows, my eagerness towards self-expression fades... The only thing I can truly say with real zeal is to try and love one another, always, without exception, unconditionally. And this I can't reason hardly at all. Riddle me this, and why are things so???
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