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    The Grand Scheme of Things
    This is a quick copy and paste of a post on my portfolio's blog. After I hit "Publish", I realized it would be *perfect* here.

    After watching this, I just thought of how insignificant I am in the grand scheme of things. That's not to say my existence doesn't matter but we are all but minuscule molecules in grains of sand compared to all that there is in space.

    What's even more amazing is that we've only been able to map out *half* of space, and that's just with our current instruments. Our nearest neighbors are hundreds of light-years away, probably watching a similar video and wondering if they'll ever meet an alien species. I'd like to say "of course we will" but man ... consider my mind blown.

    War, violence, unrest, your boss, and my next door neighbors don't even matter anymore. How could I focus on such things when there is an abundance of what we don't know?

    This is amazing, simply amazing.

    Thu, Dec 17, 2009  Permanent link

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