Comment on Time Travel, Simplified

BenRayfield Mon, Jul 19, 2010
Why haven't I won James Randi's Million Dollar Paranormal Challenge? Because I can't do all that stuff whenever I want (I'm not skilled enough to win it), and having more people around makes it harder to balance my mind, but I do plan to do something similar...

I expect most people to doubt me because I have not proven it, but I do plan to prove it, but not the way they expect such things would be proven. I recently created a thread on James Randi's website (I've posted there for many months) called I offer everyone the ability to do telepathy, a software design to make it happen and we are still arguing over why such a software design (later when I build it) would or would not cause its users to read eachothers minds and put thoughts into eachothers minds. As I wrote in that thread, I'm going to think about it and start explaining from the beginning why such a software would work, because the reasons are logically organized as I understand them and (if the reader accepts the existance of certain simple things I've seen with my eyes) then all thats left is to figure out how to explain it to people who have no intuition of how that stuff works or what it feels like to do it. There will be disagreements about if I saw certain things or not (some people can substitute their own experience if they had it, to understand what I'll write) but there will not be disagreements about what is logically derived from the existance of such events which will make the software design work (when I build it). Thats what I'm now thinking about how to explain on James Randi's forum.

What did you think about my non-paranormal mad-scientist theory I wrote above (about many overlapping and continuously blurred time-loops being the way physics works normally)? Its all 1 continuous universe between those things as I see it. I wrote some paranormal stuff here because advancing the science of spaceships will depend on accurate knowledge of physics, and most scientists have the arrogant idea that we've learned most of what we're going to learn about physics, but I know that we have not, and if we start trying to learn how paranormal things work in terms of physics equations then science will become more accurate and, bringing this back to the subject of this thread, such unified physics equations can be used to create warp-drive (faster than light) starships. The Beastie Boys know whats up. We're going Intergalactic.

I'll quote some of my other mad-scientist theories (and plans to use them to learn the laws-of-physics leading to the subject of this thread) from below, which are 2 of the many things I'm slowly planning, designing, and eventually creating as free open-source software:

Copy/pasting from:

Plugin for Schrodingers Network Router that chooses the next hop in the path through p2p net. Multiverse branch at even/odd millisecond packet is received (XOR the bit). Many pasts to many futures, aligning sometimes when Lisp code and data overlap

Statistically modifies random numbers generated by Global Consciousness Project, theoretically. They use quantum quality hardware to generate random numbers in many locations across the Earth, sent to Princeton University's computers. No direct connection. Just a change in the gradient of the wavefunction we call reality, caused by small changes in the electricity in the wires of the internet.

Based on the theory that the Kolmogorov-Complexity of the universe is 0, Lisputer will be a tool to statistically cause there to be more or less Newcomb-Paradoxes based on derivatives between Aleph-Numbers (similar to recursion on Cantor Sets) as different ways to view reality, and to write Lisp code to research the effects of those, as measured by Princeton's Global Consciousness Project (Noosphere) and self-measured from network packets received even/odd millisecond.

My intuition (just guessing here) is that if you used a Lisputer to do anything except change "random" numbers (like Princeton's Global Consciousness Project / Noosphere) then it would not work as well (or not at all?) because it would violate Heisenberg Uncertainty, but by using the Lisputer only to create patterns in "random" numbers, and having already decided to do things based on those "random" numbers, you have not violated Heisenberg Uncertainty because you went around it directly to the relevant place/time/thing you wanted to affect... like if you had gambled 10 dollars on Noosphere outputting more 1s than 0s.

Copy/pasting from:

Research framework for interactions between UDP packets as exponential amounts of uncertainty build up in divergently branching recursions (EQ XOR) through many computers on the Internet. Set AI goals more/less uncertainty for multiverse blur/sharpen

Small changes in timing of UDP packets generate random numbers.

Uses existing Internet hardware instead of expensive quantum physics equipment.

Most quantum scientists think wavefunctions collapse too fast to flow across the internet indefinitely, but that does not mean they can not reverse that collapse half a second later when you're not looking.

This research framework is basic access to low-level reality, below the level of space and time, based on the theory that the Kolmogorov-Complexity of the universe is 0. This software just provides access, not the software to interact with it. This is all based on the theory that the Kolmogorov-Complexity of the universe is 0. It has never been proven to be 0 or nonzero.