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    Microgravity Experiments
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    Where forward thinking terrestrials share ideas and information about the state of the species, their planet and the universe, living the lives of science fiction. Introduction
    Featuring Powers of Ten by Charles and Ray Eames, based on an idea by Kees Boeke.
    Techno-fetishism, techno-romanticism, techno-sensuality, techno-pornography, techno-etc.

    We are man and women, for more than 5000 years on this planet, we always developed, driven by the utility of the new rise purposes, an from here technology emerged… Than, we reached the moment where technology became pornographic, we start to fetishise it and dream about it, always getting shivers when we see it or we fill it… we get excited by a bolt and dripping when we fill a cold metal surface… Where do all this come from ?

    Technology, a thing which might have fascinated the human kind before pornography or prostitution, was always driven by it's aim, objective or purposes. From developing stone cut hunting tools, to fighter jets and nuclear arms the human civilisation developed it's technological range step by step with it's cultural, social, political and spiritual evolution, it's needs, desires and purposes. Animals - surprisingly - didn't felt the need of developing to much of a technology around themselves.

    For human kind, this ability of controlling and adapting to the natural environment through the usage and knowledge of tools become a method of expanding their instincts and senses, which in the end proved to be nothing more that an alienation from the natural environment. It some how like a dog would put it self the collar.

    Digging for the etymology of this term (technology, not pornography) we see that strongly relates to: "arts" and "skills (as crafts)", but also to the idea of "logic", the idea of "study of something" [from the greek: technología (τεχνολογία) — téchnē (τέχνη) = "art", "skill" or "craft" and logia (-λογία) = the study of something].

    This idea of technology, being a methodological way of studying art, the crafted art, the materialised art, make us understand the term "design", as crafting the matter in an harmonious manner. And squeezing down the term a little more, we could state that technology mean: "the logic, of giving an artistic value to a crafted object". Technology means designing, technology means architecture and vehicles, technology means an augmentation of our bodies in order to adapt to our nature. Technology might be the collar.

    And because we can't ignore the term "science", which is much wider than "technology", I will underline that when we refer to "technology", we should refer to the "science of mechanical engineering", not the research of the origins of human kind and the absolute true (that's one of a theological nature).

    There for, attributing words as: "porn", "fetishism" and "romanticism" shows that technology has artistic values embedded in it, - even more - it could be consider a replacer for the golden section, Fibonacci sequence or the japanese tatami, making our senses react to the harmony, poetry and perfection of it's beauty. Even though, beauty by default is attributed to nature (oceans, mountains, women, etc.), "technology" (the science of mechanical engineering), seems to have the nature embedded in it, not only because it's made out of matter and react to the natural conditions, therefor, being part of the nature. It's just nature represented through physics which trigger us the mechanical love. Technology is nature.

    We start buying gadgets and devices, in an objectified hysteria not necessary that wee need them, but because we like them, we want them, we want to touch them, to surround us, to interact, to lick or just to look at them. We associate this man made achievement with an "approved natural creation". We don't want to recreate nature, we don't want to imitate nature, we just learned from it and developed our tools in relation with it's laws. Technology shouldn't become another religion (see "cargo cult" or "church of scientology"), it just unwillingly trigger emotions due to it's obedience to nature, and nature is our origin.

    We are obsessed by technology, by the beauty of a clean and nice welded pipe, and we will still be in the future to come. Some of us are still obsessed by the technology of a certain time (see steam-punk subculture) others by the technology which will come (see cyber-punk subculture) others by the technologies which came and are coming. Technology is changing, adapts, always going forward, but keeping the same appeal, always responding to new needs and finding harmonious solution to our, new needs, or needs which are still not conceived.

    To design, it is making technology or modelling nature, not necessary modelling matter as modelling nature through physics. All this adjectives (porn, fetishism, romanticism) added to the word "technology" are nothing more than a hint, showing the character of that technological piece in relation with it's consumer, always in a different relation. Those adjectives represent the "designed side" of that object, "the logic, of giving an artistic value to a crafted object".

    Technology always give you a wider view upon things, and that is evolution. It's not a spiritual attitude or a thing to venerate, it's just evolution and a natural adaptability to an evolutive society or culture. The problem is to be aware of this relations and know how to report to them. Where we start considering it "our existence", than we might have a problem.

    Technology is sensual, pornographic and romantic, and it's nothing to be amazed of.
    They are just natural instincts.

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