Comment on ESP, Mind-computing, & pseudo-science...

BenRayfield Sat, Dec 11, 2010
The influencing of events with one's mind ... the Copenhagen Interpretation indicates no such thing.

In other words, the Copenhagen Interpretation could be disproven by influencing events with one's mind. When there is a contradiction between observation and theory, the theory is supposed to lose. I find it very interesting that they said "the Copenhagen Interpretation indicates no such thing" instead of "You didn't influence events with your mind, which I looked for evidence about but found none".

Copenhagen cuts off branches of the multiverse. Infinitely manyworlds theory is smooth. Have you ever seen a corner or jagged edge in space or time?

Back to my question; I wonder if anyone here will be able to answer it: if it's correct to consider our universe as a synergistic system in which nothing is isolated (unlike the Newtonian view which allows for separate objects) then we are, in effect, the system observing itself... is it possible that we don't need the aid of tech tools to be "connected" and have influence, like the New Age writers claim?

I would think not; problems with "locality" arise (influence must be local), Heisenberg's uncertainty principle would seem to disallow for it, the energy required would seem too great...

Everything we can see through telescopes and on Earth is connected in a way so simple and obvious that most people overlook it... through 3 dimensions, time, mass, and energy. The existence of space does not mean space exists everywhere. Many parts of physics have been found to be made of simpler patterns. Either way, lots of stuff is connected through space without needing a direct connection.

Similarly, if infinitely manyworlds multiverse theory is true, then there is a continuous path between any 2 things through variations of what we call reality as continuous waves. That should solve the heisenberg problems you expected by avoiding the need for a direct connection. I've thought for a long time about why I can do some of the ESP things (this thread is about), and in my opinion, it has to be interaction between brainwaves and waves of variations of reality (multiverse) in a chaos-theory way, because brains normally make extremely unlikely (compared to random movements of atoms) things happen, so if brains have a very small connection to such multiverse things then brains would be able to amplify it exponentially.

We're connected through space and mass etc, but we're still individuals because of how much we're connected and in what ways. To answer your question, we are all connected in a similar way through infinite number of paths through the variations of reality in the multiverse, but because information only flows in useful ways through a small fraction of those paths, we're mostly individuals and a very small amount connected through the multiverse field. In that way, "we are, in effect, the system observing itself." The things that the multiverse/quantum physics equations describe are consciousness. Consciousness is real, most people will agree, so its reasonable for it to be some of the things science has observed. Its made of mass and energy and whatever else the equations describe. In some ways, we are the space, time, mass, and energy near this part of the universe, depending on what information flows between us and that part of the universe. ESP should be expected if that is true.

You're right about how they're using the mind reading computer devices. They're using it for existing products instead of researching ESP because thats where the money is. I don't think their devices are necessary to research ESP because any psychology-based interaction with software can access brains. I prefer the interaction between mouse movements and realtime generated music (played with the mouse, learning to sound better) as the user-interface for such research, but theres lots of ways to do it without their mind reading devices.

What I like most about infinitely manyworlds multiverse theory (the most infinite version of it) is that it beats Copenhagen at Ockham's Razor. Its the simplest of all the physics theories because it says the universe is the sum of all possibilities and averages to nothing. Like the yinyang, the universe is everything and nothing simultaneously, and theres no contradiction in that statement.

They should be using bayesian-network software to find and amplify ESP patterns between people using their mind reading computer hardware, using a feedback loop between each person and computer in the network. The theories I wrote about are testable that way. But all this is scary to people who build their infrastructure on secrets and nondisclosure agreements and insurance policies. Its scary in a different way to people who think the universe is organized into a hierarchy with "god" at the top. The universe is a peer-to-peer network, and that can be tested with current technology.

After we have internet access to that peer-to-peer network (using ESP as an interface), I think we should do a little experimental programming to get around that annoying speed of light limit. I want a starship. They say physics mostly fits the E8 shape which is permutations of a 57 dimensional shape in 248 dimensions, where each dimension is 1 of the quantum particles/waves... or something like that. The details are not important when done the general way through bayesian-network software accessing ESP. Lets simply program a few rotations of some variations of that, something other than 57 and 248, since theres an infinite number of dimensions and shapes available. Mostly E8, and a very small amount the other shape rotated in. In other words, use the bayesian-network to increase the chance that new particle types will appear, and use them to power the faster than light engine. You know how every particle appears to be made of a few smaller particles? If we do this, locally around the starship, and measure the quantum particles then theoretically they should be splittable into what will be called an E8 subquantum particle and a non-E8 subquantum particle which will appear to jump between quantum particles. I don't know, but in general particles that can't be found should be rotations like this, so maybe the Higgs boson is the side-effects of such a rotation? I'm sure it would take a lot of experiments to get it to work, but if infinite manyworlds multiverse theory is true, it will work.

You did ask for better uses of the mind reading devices than facebook.