Comment on Brief Inquiry into Vice, Balance, Motion

Olena Thu, Feb 17, 2011
Thanks dmitri, I'll check those out!

Man I have about an hour's worth of videos from SC to watch now... this place is dangerous in regards to consumption levels vs sleep hours :/

Maybe I shouldn't say anything before I read, but "happiness" automatically makes me wonder about all this because, again, it's one side of what I see to be a necessary balance. There's SO much out there right now about "how to be happy", it's in our freaking Constitution that we should pursue it... but it's such a construction. To the point where it's easy to feel guilty if you're not happy all the time. Or most of it. There was something I was reading recently about how we place so much value on happiness at the political level — how a country looks if its people are/are not happy. It's become more important than what's actually going on; it's more important to convey "happiness" by any means necessary than to expose something ugly but true. It's like the father who refuses to communicate in favor of giving the family a sense of security and project a certain image of his family for his neighbors, regardless of whether that's all BS. It's important for the network [community, then], right?

Anyway... I'm definitely interested in cyborgian ideas, regardless. Fascinating stuff.