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What happened to nature?
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    Olena’s project
    What happened to nature?
    How to stay in touch with our biological origins in a world devoid of nature? The majestic nature that once inspired poets, painters and...
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    From Olena's personal cargo

    I'll take the Universe, and nothing less.
    What are they for...
    pictures of stars,
    of people bursting into stars,
    stars coming out of people,
    humans with star-skin,
    the idea of being made of
    star stuff
    that all of these embody –
    actually, it's transcendence.
    A totally physical, 21st-century
    transcendence of the,
    escape from the
    bodies, lives, world, geo-centric, human-centric bubble
    we feel ourselves bound to.
    Transcendence upon realization that,
    actually, we really are something else,
    something lasting, infinite, beautiful,
    completely chaotic,
    but so much larger that it seems
    serene, to us;
    graceful, elegant,
    A way of surpassing finite bodies,
    finite experiences,
    since we've lost (for a large part)
    the "soul" and "god" ideas,
    we take solace in the particles,
    the subatomic world,
    the idea that, even when we die,
    we will be recycled,
    we will be eternal,
    even if we don't experience it the same way
    after the dismantling of the human structure
    we've been compiled into.
    So, bring it on!
    Let's dismantle!
    I don't care! I'm infinite!
    Even if I won't know it.
    It's still scary as Hell… to think about not "being"
    not "seeing" all this beauty,
    not… anything. Just moving, as little bits,
    and not even knowing it.
    That's really the worst part —
    loss of awareness, loss of our window….
    we have such a fantastic
    (amazing! awe-inspiring! magnificent!
    all the words that prompt the action, AH!
    a breath IN, life IN, live MORE, breath - chest -BIGGER!)
    ...such a great window, as humans!
    To sense the Universe in so many ways!
    The window is the thing worth living for.
    Realizing this, the dream becomes
    to expand that window, to keep pushing,
    keep living, extend ourselves, our lifespan,
    so we can keep looking, keep experiencing,
    keep playing with it… to be part of something
    so enormous,
    I want to extend myself into space,
    into the space around me,
    I want to become so MASSIVE
    that I become the space itself.
    Then, I'll be eternal, truly.

    This wasn't supposed to be and isn't a poem —
    it was only an inquiry about these pictures, this "obsession",
    what's trying to be said, by others and myself,
    about all this...
    but it's hard to get to it unless you throw out
    conventions, just enough so something is still understood but,
    those patterns we use for other things, more accessible things —
    they don't work for this.
    it just doesn't work until you go AH! And AMAZING!
    and BREATHE! And PUFF out the chest and see that
    you're just being a bird,
    getting bigger, getting excited,
    more life-like, moving more, more particle action,
    but not too much — don't get too hot,
    you'll upset the stability of the structure and maybe melt,
    and that's not really what we're going for,
    but eventually, yes,
    you do want to just explode and spread out
    and lose all your feathers.

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