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    Silly String Theory
    It's been an awful long time since I have been on this site or posted anything. So returning to this site, I figured I'd post a poorly written short story I wrote called SILLY STRING THEORY. I hope you enjoy it. It's a silly play on death and string theory.

    FLASH - and I shot through the atmosphere and into space. As I continued away from Earth, I saw the true view of the planet and it resembled a ball of multicolored yarn. I myself (whatever my name was, I don’t remember) travelled on a thin wire.
    I followed what I thought was a spider but as I drew closer I noticed it looked like spun twine. Tiny strings beneath it tapped at the wire and coasted forward.
    Earth and the solar system were far away now. We continued through our galaxy and curved away from the bright center of the Milky Way. Was the black hole feeding? I could not tell, but thousands of wires fell into the crushing light, as did stringy spheres that rode them. What were they doing? My wire wobbled and I looked forward. My companion shook the line again and it curved farther away from the black hole.
    “That is a party we’re not invited to. You need to be initiated to get into it.” My companion’s voice sounded like a small woman that sucked on helium. It was a bit annoying.
    We continued away from our galaxy and travelled on past other galaxies, but we kept a great distance from them. How fast were we going? They moved by us so quickly. Were they moving too? At times a supernova would pop and the energetic residue showered us. My body would shiver and calm and feel hot and cold. Or was it a tingle that rattled my core? Did I, was it… No, it couldn’t. It felt like billions of feathers tickled my privates and I, well… I looked down and found no love parts. What was I? I resembled my companion in form, just a bundle of glowing strings in the shape of a sphere and little nubs that tapped at the wire. What is this body and why aren’t I afraid? I nearly wobbled off the wire.
    “Focus forward and don’t look down!” My squeaky companion ordered.
    I listened to her, to it, and continued. The black of space began to change into spectra of color like some astronomical aurora borealis. I saw black turn to red and blue and yellow and green and in between and back again but then the colors faded. I went to speak but for some odd reason, I just couldn’t. It was as though my vocal chords had been tangled.
    I focused on my senses. I know I saw like eyes do, for I saw what I’ve said thus far. Feelings were spontaneous, hot and cold, sharp and soft, but I felt no fear, but I could have sworn I smelled some kind of soap, or was it bubble gum? Does space even have a smell or was I riding some bubble gum string? I tasted carbon. Or was it carbonation, like a sour pop with bursting bubbles? How could I have any senses without a nose, mouth, eyes or even fingers?
    More galaxies passed. They varied in size and shape. Some were spiral and some egg shaped and others like clouds. We came close to one galaxy that looked like a sunny side up egg but with a white yolk at its center. The central glow undulated like a weightless sea of milk. It grew brighter as I neared. I flowed forward in a trance, cutting through other wires as I did. A few wooly spheres yelled at me and one with what sounded like a strict New York accent shouted, “Don’t cross the streams pal!” But I couldn’t help it: the light was so beautiful. My wire zigzagged, angles sharp. It became taut and I felt unbalance but I was so close. I could hear laughter and cheers and, was that, the sound of drums and bass? Were they all dancing? Was the center of the galaxy where the wires and spheres converged? Suddenly my wire came to a point and I stopped short. I fell to the side but regained balance. Before me was a sphere of wooly yarn that changed colors like the cosmic borealis. It was enormous and towered over me and bobbed up and down on a wire as a road.
    “WELL, YOU LOST LITTLE PLUCKER?” Its voice was so loud it sounded like a thunderstorm swallowed a billion bears.
    I shook in fear and my twine unraveled and sagged.
    “There you are!” Came that holy voice of vinegar. “Sheesh, I’m sorry great Bouncer. He is new to his true form and tied up in the confusion.”
    “Oh, I’m showing him the Wrapper. But we’ll go back to our galaxy afterwards.”
    The great Bouncer ‘s color stopped at red, then faded into a soft green and blue.
    My companion nudged me and we began to move away.
    A curl of my partner twisted up. “Thanks again great Bouncer!”
    We fled away like cotton balls in wind. I looked back once more and saw Bouncer rush back down into the bright bloom of light, that Singularity party.
    “Never mind that now. You’ll get back to yours soon enough. Now stay focused on the path, and stay close behind me!” Her voice was so sharp that it nearly split my ends.
    Soon galaxies became sparse until there was nothing but stray atoms that danced like mosquitoes near us, attracted by our glow. Then we were there, at the end of the universe.
    “Well, here you go kiddo. The Universal Wrapper!”
    Before me was what looked like soundproof foam material that moved like a melting mirror. I drew closer and gazed at my reflection. I peered through my curls of glowing strings. There, deep in the fibers was my life, or what it was when I was alive, on Earth. It was my past, my love now gone, my family, friends, pains, broken dreams, and then – my death. I felt knots like muscle tense.
    “It’s normal to feel emotion. That’s what you are, a ball of energy, E-Motion, Energy in Motion, you in your purest form. But you never really die.” Her voice was suddenly softer. There was a familiarity about her, something familiar in her folds. Was she my sister? But I didn’t have one when I was alive.
    “No, I’m not what you think. I am your SuperPartner. I am what you never were and could have been.” A string of hers bent like a smile.
    I looked back at the Wrapper wall and went to touch it but a force held me back.
    “You can’t do that. “ Her voice returned to that whiny shriek. “That wall keeps us, all this noise in.” She waved behind us with a curl. “But once the noise calms and the lights expire, then the party is over and we’ll have work to do.”
    My strings twisted in a confusion.
    “You’ll understand, once we all calm down and the Wrapper fades. Then we’ll meet others beyond, in the other Multiverses and the real party begins. I’m talking quantum foam parties!”
    A ripple of excitement buzzed through me. I turned and there saw a complete view of the universe.
    “Wow,” rang my chords.
    “Really? That’s all you have to say?”
    All I could do was shrug a string.
    I looked closer at the universe. A super-clustered mass of stars formed a head. Smaller clusters formed eyes, a mouth that smiled and, were those stray stars pimples? The universe is only fourteen billion years old after all, still young and naïve.
    “We have to go.” She moved down our wire and I began to follow. “When we get back, we will dive into your black hole. It might look tiny, smaller than a pinhead, but it’s enormous, so unravel responsibly. Then you can party till the sun goes out… All of them!” She squirted a laugh that reverberated my elements. “We’ll have a quick drink at a neutron star before we head back.”
    She vanished down the wire and left a blur of light as a trail. I felt the wire tug and pull me and I was about to fly forward at light speed but before I did, I glanced at the universal face again, and I could have sworn I saw it wink.

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