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Just a friendly neighborhood prophet, sharing visions from the other shore. I enjoy video art, Sunday afternoons, the Tarot, my two cats, and kung fu.
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    MYTH and LOGOS
    This whole post is a response to a fascinating series of articles by space collective member Obvious on a very favorite subject of mine. Intuitive wisdom has been much disabused by the scientific establishment, to the drastic detriment of the species and culminating in our current state of possessing destructive power well beyond the wisdom required to wield it.

    I'd like to begin by asserting that myth and logos are two facets of the spinning jewel that is conscious experience. We perceive them as opposite or mutually exclusive because we are designed with an underlying bilateral symmetry. Our geometry flavors the manner in which we perceive the world - both physical and mental.

    Specifically, Myth and Logos are two facets of conscious experience as manifested by/in/through/with/as our brains at this juncture in time and space. Like everything else down here in the kingdom, they are constantly in flux and what we say about either today may or may not be true tomorrow. As space collective members, we have to be able to accept the reality of many animals in the zoo. There are stars which emit; there are black holes which absorb.

    Just so, there is Logos, there is rationality, there is Science and all that it may reason. There is also Myth, there is also narrative, there is also dreaming and shared dreams. One does not replace the other, like taking the next step on a set of stairs. The two facets function very differently, independent of each other.

    It is imperative that the sincere psychonaut/astronaut overcome simple dualism.

    I'd also like to reframe this discussion of myth because it's easy to lose our way. Scientific rationalism has flattened the world into bits of its and denies the existence of inner experience. This has been a disaster for mankind because it created in the 20th century a blissful blindness to mental reality, even as that mental reality inexorably worked its magic on every being.

    If science were to described by a single word, that word would be: explanation.
    If myth were to described by a single word, that world would be: revelation.

    It's easy to say that the only thing to do with myth is academically study those who believed in them in the past, like dissecting a frog. It's easy to look at myth and think "belief." But that misses the point. Myths don't function like scientific explanations, for which there is one supreme truth, each new and better explanation replacing the one before it. They're actualities, landmarks, and are very specific to time and place.

    Let's take a living myth. There are lots! But let's take one. Zombies. Zombies are mythical creatures. You can find some tenuous threads of physical existence - voodoun poisoning victims with what amounts to horse tranquilizer daily... but that's not really what zombies are about.

    Zombies are on the short list of things we like to think about.

    Zombies are a way to collectively discuss the horrors of modern life. They're a frame, an outline, onto which we may project communism, hippies, AIDS... or just generally fear, malaise, disconnection. To say zombies do not exist is to lie. The myth has extruded into physical reality in the form of books, films, songs, etc.

    But these traces are not the locus. Science is located down and out in the kingdom, the Malkut, the final stop of consciousness here in meatspace. Where the myth lives is up one level higher in Yod, the foundation, alive in the heart of each individual on earth. I don't really get to have my own science. There is one science and I may add to it, amend it, argue with others over what it is... but it is not mine. Myth is mine. You have your own as well. We don't turn to it to discover how the world works. We use it to articulate what our world is.

    Myths are conceptual entities we have run into out in the big ocean. Mind is like a vast ocean full of every critter imaginable. Literally. Each of us approaches it differently, attracted to this or that aspect, drawing from it what we need, creating what must be made, PARTICIPATING in that something which for now is called culture.

    In the future, technology will allow our myth-making function to transcend language and speak directly in the images provided us by our subconscious intuitive wisdom.

    This will be the turning point necessary to communicate with other forms of intelligence.

    Exercises like the Voyager update project are like touching your toes before you go run a mile. Reframing the myth of humanity will alter the dreams of our neighbors in ways we cannot imagine.

    The Zeus thing is played out. The All-Father in the sky thing is more or less done and we're just not INTO it. We don't have to kill it with mathematical proofs, and bullets in meatspace will accomplish even less. A myth dies when it's day is done, generally to be replaced BY A BETTER MYTH.

    Nature abhors a vacuum.

    I'm a geometry guy and I happen to believe that meaning is sewn into space-time. As we hurtle through space-time at 150 miles per second, we are covering territories of meaning which seek to express themselves through conscious beings. By refining our myth-making abilities, we are broadcasting to others throughout the universe the information they REALLY need in order to find us.

    Folks living around Betelgeuse have never heard of our sun, much less our moon, our tiny scrap of Terra. But they damn well remember their Zombie phase.

    On memes, which will help you think about myths
    (I meant to sew this link into the above, but I've been out of college for a minute now so my paper writing skills are for shit)

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