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Just a friendly neighborhood prophet, sharing visions from the other shore. I enjoy video art, Sunday afternoons, the Tarot, my two cats, and kung fu.
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    Visioning Life in Space
    The National Space Society's art contest has announced its winning entries to illustrate the NSS 2009 Space Settlement Calendar.

    Grand prize went to:

    ...but it wasn't exactly my favorite. Here are some other good ones of the bunch, imho.

    Man, I really love daydreaming about the hunkered down, bunker filled landscape of Mars. Sometimes it gets claustrophobic, though, so I turn to the free-wheeling deep space fantasies instead:

    Either way, I think the key to dealing with cabin fever is the ability to look within. Have y'all read the Divine Invasion? Spectacular novel; opens with an exploration on solitary existence in a far off space colony.

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